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Miika Adamov.

Boardslides, 50-50s, 5-Os, there's a short list of warm-up tricks that most of us rifle off when feeling out a new ledge or rail. This is commonly referred to as testing the waters. Miika Adamov, however, chooses to dive headfirst into uncharted oceans. Safety stays locked in the car, secure in its child's seat when unknown territory crosses Miika's path. Instead of feeling out a spot, he immediately unleashes a technical assault, firing off what most would consider enders in the time that an average human would need to work up the courage to jump on a rail. For most, this would be a foolhardy approach to skateboarding resulting in unnecessary breaks, sprains and bruises. Perhaps Miika's blood courses with the power of Estonian Vikings allowing him to charge into battle on a second's notice and come out clean on the other side. Or perhaps he's just really fuckin' good at skating. Either way, the Lunatic Fringe is the perfect perch for Miika to sit and survey the desecrated terrain that lies in his wake. Slay away, Adamov!

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Title Annotation:LUNATIC FRINGE
Date:Oct 1, 2014
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