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ActionAid: Livelihood the main driver of internal migration. Aug 18, 2020 525
Travelling public advised to complete documents before coming to Cebu port. Aug 2, 2020 557
Record 50 million people displaced internally: monitors. Jul 14, 2020 513
THE PLACE OF EMPIRICAL STUDIES. Buckley, F.H. Mar 1, 2020 7193
State policy aimed at reduction of internal migration in regions affecting families -- press secretary. Jan 9, 2020 182
Rising internal migration next crisis for Pakistan. Nov 26, 2019 698
Millennial magnet: REPORT NAMES NH 10TH MOST POPULAR PLACE FOR YOUNG PROFESSIONALS. Feingold, Jeff Report Aug 30, 2019 371
Time to address needs of Africa's migrants. Unah, Linus Mar 1, 2019 997
NJ's chief export is people, new study finds. Munoz, Daniel J. Jan 4, 2019 394
Oxen FUELED THE WESTERN MIGRATION. Moore, Sam Jan 1, 2019 1153
High-speed trains may help reduction of internal migration in Kyrgyzstan, MP suggests. Dec 3, 2018 158
The Changing Configuration of Rural-Urban Migration and Remittance Flows in Vietnam. Luong, Hy V. Report Nov 1, 2018 15934
Report: New York among top states for outward migration. Oct 8, 2018 397
Snap Poll: Why leave New York? Taxes. Oct 4, 2018 1743
"Undesirables Entering the Town to Look for Good Times": Banff Confronts Its Counterculture Youth Scene, 1965-1971. Bradley, Ben Report Sep 22, 2018 15400
More Taxpayers Fleeing Illinois Than Any Other State. Jun 18, 2018 343
Climate change will cause mass internal migration. Brief article May 1, 2018 226
UNITED VAN LINES. Brief article Jan 1, 2018 109
Francophone intergroup attitudes and readiness for interprovincial migration in Canada. Sioufi, Rana; Bourhis, Richard Y. Report Mar 22, 2017 9421
Internal migration in developing economies: an overview of recent evidence. Lucas, Robert E.B. Report Oct 1, 2016 13053
Old-age pension and extended families: how is adult children's internal migration affected? Chen, Xi Oct 1, 2016 8795
Assessing the significance of internal migration in drought affected areas: a case study of the Murray-Darling Basin. Vidyattama, Yogi; Cassells, Rebecca; Li, Jinjing; Abello, Annie Report May 1, 2016 5651
On the move. Todd, Mary Column Jan 1, 2016 572
Upward mobility stalls. Bloxham, Eleanor Jan 1, 2016 609
Occupational licensing and interstate migration. Mulholland, Sean E.; Young, Andrew T. Critical essay Jan 1, 2016 5153
The family way: Mongolia's nomads may be switching to a more urban-based existence, but as Geordie Torr discovered, making the transition away from a rural lifestyle is beset with difficulty. Torr, Geordie Dec 1, 2015 2283
Interregional migration flows in Indonesia. Wajdi, Nashrul; van Wissen, Leo J.G.; Mulder, Clara H. Report Jul 1, 2015 5500
Interregional migration flows in Indonesia. Wajdi, Nashrul; van Wissen, Leo J.G.; Mulder, Clara H. Report Jul 1, 2015 11990
Retention efforts underway in Hearst. Kelly, Lindsay Feb 1, 2015 498
Migration and health-care access: Barriers to access government health services by migrant tribal community living in an eastern Indian city. Mishra, Suchismita; Kusuma, Yadlapalli S.; Babu, Bontha V. Report Jan 1, 2015 6963
Circular migration: a reflection from KBK districts, Odisha. Behera, Narendra K. Report Jan 1, 2015 5912
Current demographic trends and their geopolitical and strategic repercussions. Stoica, Ionel Abstract Oct 1, 2014 4614
The impact of rural-urban migration on gender relations of rural-urban migrant households in China. Zhang, Chuanhong; Gao, Qijie Report Jul 1, 2014 9221
Happy to be here: survey finds less than a quarter of residents want to leave N.H. Callahan, Kathleen Brief article May 16, 2014 254
Half in Illinois and Connecticut Want to Move Elsewhere; Montana, Hawaii, Maine boast lowest rate of residents wanting to leave. Saad, Lydia Apr 30, 2014 1321
Experts for halt to climate-change driven migration. Brief article Mar 9, 2014 157
The gang's not all here. Brief article Mar 7, 2014 162
Will "expansion" states be overrun? Brief article Feb 1, 2014 279
African American education facilitating migration, 1865-1920. Goodin, Brett Jan 1, 2014 8446
De la banlieue a la ville centre: determinants de la mobilite residentielle des banlieusards de Montreal. Marois, Guillaume; Belanger, Alain Report Dec 22, 2013 8636
Stay put, young man. Noah, Timothy Nov 1, 2013 3504
Migration patterns for Medicaid enrollees 2005-2007. Baugh, David K.; Verghese, Shinu Report Oct 1, 2013 5696
Migration and Montana's changing demographics. Young, Douglas J.; Zimmerman, Grant Sep 22, 2013 1350
Migration 'complex and controversial'. Aug 1, 2013 1031
381 Million Adults Worldwide Migrate Within Countries; U.S. one of the most mobile countries in the world. Esipova, Neli; Pugliese, Anita; Ray, Julie Survey May 15, 2013 990
Internal migration of nurses in the United States: migratory prompts and difference in job satisfaction between migrants and non-migrants. Siow, Elaine; Ng, Jeffrey Report May 1, 2013 5794
State sees migrant influx. Brief article Mar 15, 2013 146
Those elusive scouts: pioneering peasants and the Russian state, 1870s-1950s. Siegelbaum, Lewis Essay Jan 1, 2013 12372
The First Americans: Migration From Asia Occurred In Three Waves. Report Jul 12, 2012 353
"Same as a Nigger on an Excursion": Memphis, black migration, and white flight in sanctuary. Lester, Cheryl Mar 22, 2012 9458
Heart of Texas. Chandler, Adam Feb 17, 2012 1129
Staying put. Jan 1, 2012 446
State of Uncertainty: Nepal and its capital, Kathmandu. Henley, Elizabeth Essay Jan 1, 2012 1385
Domestic migration and its impact on Ohio. Venkatu, Guhan; Fee, Kyle Jan 1, 2012 1076
Discourse, identity, and China's internal migration; the long march to the city. Book review Dec 1, 2011 115
Cuba eases clamp on domestic migration. Nov 23, 2011 349
The regulation of migration in a transition economy: China's hukou system. Bao, Shuming; Bodvarsson, Orn B.; Hou, Jack W.; Zhao, Yaohui Report Oct 1, 2011 10799
Trouble in paradise: Dillwyn Parrish, Praise the Lord!, and religious fervor in Southern California in the 1930s. Parmelee, Stephen F. Critical essay Sep 22, 2011 8997
Mexico: issues for congress. Seelke, Clare Ribando Report Sep 1, 2011 21985
Goal of cutting Tehran's populace about 98% short. Aug 19, 2011 701
African-Americans moving South in droves. Goffe, Leslie Jul 1, 2011 2294
Bureaucratic migrants and the potential of prosperity in upland Laos. Singh, Sarinda Brief article Jun 1, 2011 11544
Migration and marginality: a sociological insight of Kashmiri Pandits. Gandotra, Hema Report Jun 1, 2011 7721
Women, youth caught in crossfire in Ciudad Juarez. Chavez, Armando May 27, 2011 497
Preliminary evidence on internal migration, remittances, and teen schooling in India. Mueller, Valerie; Shariff, Abusaleh Report Apr 1, 2011 7181
Churches closing in Sudan. Brief article Mar 1, 2011 158
Dealing with demographic change: regional policy responses. Ferry, Martin; Vironen, Heidi Report Jan 1, 2011 14183
Internal migration patterns in Pakistan--the case for fiscal decentralisation. Mahmud, Mahreen; Musaddiq, Tareena; Said, Farah Report Dec 22, 2010 6639
With new reforms, state could lose control of migration. Portela, Armando H. Oct 1, 2010 986
Winner of the 2009 graduate student competition: "my God, they must have riots on those things all the time": African American Geographies and bodies on Northern urban public transportation, 1915-1940. McCammack, Brian Report Jun 22, 2010 7833
Tracking 'go-getters' across America: where do young workers want to live? Watkins, Tate; Yandle, Bruce Jun 22, 2010 2660
New framework for immigrant-owned business development. Gambetta, Ricardo Apr 5, 2010 811
American history play: trapped. Brief article Mar 22, 2010 240
Document-based questions: "The throbs of hope, the depths of despair". Mar 22, 2010 677
Migrant Christians: believing wanderers between cultures and nations. Ekue, Amele Adamavi-Aho Report Dec 1, 2009 5516
GM's money trees: on Brazil's Atlantic coast, people with some of the world's smallest carbon footprints are being displaced--so their forests can become offsets for US corporations. Schapiro, Mark Nov 1, 2009 3206
Dek inter and the "other": Thai youth subcultures in urban Chiang Mai. Cohen, Anjalee Report Oct 1, 2009 8235
The seventies shift: when Michael Barone began his career as a political observer, Los Angeles was like Des Moines by the sea and America was transfixed by the Vietnam War and the counterculture. Nobody saw the deeper forces that were beginning to transform the nation. Barone, Michael Sep 22, 2009 3589
The British myth of the local community. Deakin, Quentin Sep 22, 2009 3278
Attracting the power cohort to the Tenth District. Edmiston, Kelly D. Statistical data Sep 22, 2009 7324
Migration theory in the domestic context north-south labor movement in Brazil. Jones, Terry-Ann Report Sep 22, 2009 4535
The poverty of Chinese farmers' migration rights. Hong, Zhaohui Essay Sep 22, 2009 6063
Internal migration Developers 'should become more realistic'. Sep 17, 2009 748
Effect of migration on children's educational performance in rural China. Chen, Xinxin; Huang, Qiuqiong; Rozelle, Scott; Shi, Yaojiang; Zhang, Linxiu Report Sep 1, 2009 8690
Immigration, internal migration, and local mobility in the U.S. Book review Aug 1, 2009 161
The uncommitted: something in the way he moves. Bates, Stephen Brief article Mar 22, 2009 248
The editor's column. Editorial Jan 1, 2009 4398
Managing migration and challenges of Romania for asylum applications. Diaconu, Ava Report Jan 1, 2009 1488
Health in the age of migration: migration and health in the EU. Maffia, Cath Aug 1, 2008 3610
The determinants of actual migration and the role of wages and unemployment in Abania: an empirical analysis. Cattaneo, Cristina Report Jun 1, 2008 13065
Spain grabs low-skilled workers. Brief article Jun 1, 2008 89
The cliff-dwellers: the Four Corners region of southwestern USA is littered with the remains of the ancestral Puebloan people and their antecedents, who inhabited the region for more than 10,000 years before mysteriously migrating south. But, as Geordie Torr discovers, this unique archaeological legacy is under threat. Torr, Geordie May 1, 2008 2473
Piot, personhood, place and mobility in Lihir, Papua New Guinea. Hemer, Susan R. Report Mar 1, 2008 11079
County-to-county migration data. Brief article Jan 1, 2008 115
State-to-state migration data. Brief article Jan 1, 2008 112
County-to-county migration data. Brief article Sep 22, 2007 120
State-to-state migration data. Brief article Sep 22, 2007 112
Water justice and democracy: from dream to reality. Price, Nancy Sep 22, 2007 1758
Migrant workers: poor economic conditions encourage migrants to leave their homes, attracted by good conditions (or the hope of them) abroad. Many take terrible risks on the journey and find a cold welcome when they arrive. Brief article Aug 1, 2007 280
County-to-county migration data. Brief article Jun 22, 2007 120
State-to-state migration data. Brief article Jun 22, 2007 113
Internal migration dynamics of a Canadian immigrant gateway: Toronto as an origin, way-station and destination between 1991 and 2001 */La dynamique de la migration interne d'une porte d'entree canadienne : Toronto en tant qu'origine, etape et destination entre 1991 et 2001. King, Karen M.; Newbold, K. Bruce Jun 22, 2007 8518
County-to-county migration data. Brief article Mar 22, 2007 120
State-to-state migration data. Brief article Mar 22, 2007 112
Snapshots of our Urban Future. Mar 1, 2007 4783
County-to-county migration data. Brief article Dec 22, 2006 124
State-to-State migration data. Brief article Dec 22, 2006 112
Vete sano, regresa sano/go healthy, return healthy. Nov 1, 2006 900
Un adios a David--a goodbye to David. Duran, Moraima Nov 1, 2006 645
Did you know? Survey Nov 1, 2006 264
Migration continues to rise. Brief article Nov 1, 2006 176
Climate change planning call for 'sea change' regions. Macaulay, Craig Oct 1, 2006 631
Chinese migrants: refreshing reporting about a longtime trend: concerns arise about the Chinese government's limits on news coverage of migrant protests and worker abuse. Magistad, Mary Kay Sep 22, 2006 1374
County-to-county migration data. Brief article Sep 22, 2006 124
State-to-state migration data. Brief article Sep 22, 2006 112
NEIGHBOURHOOD POLICY UP FOR REVIEW. Brief article Jun 26, 2006 115
The new pioneers: Rural America is hemorrhaging its native population, clearing the way for newcomers who see in its wide open spaces and plentiful menial jobs a land of opportunity. And small-town life is changing forever. Bloom, Stephen G. Jun 22, 2006 4394
County-to-county migration data. Brief article Jun 22, 2006 124
State-to-state migration data. Brief article Jun 22, 2006 112
Domestic migration. May 1, 2006 617
The mobility myth: pundits love to fret about our "increasingly mobile society," but Americans are actually more likely than ever to stay put. Wellner, Alison Stein Apr 1, 2006 2720
County-to-county migration data. Brief article Mar 22, 2006 124
State-to-state migration data. Brief article Mar 22, 2006 112
Using the census bureau's public use microdata for migration analysis. Salling, Mark; Cyran, Ellen Report Jan 1, 2006 3594
Human migration analysis of the Austin-round rock and San Antonio, Texas, economic areas. Sherrouse, Ben C.; Hester, David J. Report Jan 1, 2006 4547
New neighbors in the 'hood: where do they come from? Sylvester, James T. Dec 22, 2005 893
Thirty-somethings escaping from the city. Edwards, Chris Brief Article Dec 1, 2005 299
West and southeast gain in appeal. Sep 1, 2005 474
Internal migration determinants: recent evidence. Cebula, Richard J. Aug 1, 2005 4019
Tax-free youth. Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 93
United Van Lines. Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 164
We will survive: rural Americans are increasingly abandoning their bucolic birthplaces, seeking out more urban experiences, and forcing rural community colleges to reposition themselves and tap into new student markets. Boulard, Garry Jan 3, 2005 2532
Bush amnesty/nonamnesty proposal still a priority. Benoit, Gary Dec 13, 2004 870
Townie invasion spurs growth. Edwards, Chris Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 131
'You don't want to be a check-out chick all your life': the out-migration of young people from Australia's small rural towns. Alston, Margaret Aug 1, 2004 6135
Lifetime interprovincial migration in Canada: looking beyond short-run fluctuations. Liaw, Kao-Lee; Qi, Mingzhu Jun 22, 2004 17655
Le travail politique necessaire de la Grande Migration. Idealisme et pragmatisme a Gary, Indiana (1919-1924) (1). Ouellet, Nelson Apr 1, 2004 18714
International migration and the growth of households in Sydney: a response to Curnow. McDonald, Peter; Temple, Jeromey Apr 1, 2004 1786
Exodus to Suburbia continues, but a little slower. Thompson, Vincent B. Mar 22, 2004 987
Consumer migration--2004. Doyle, Mona Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 264
The hypermobile, the mobile, and the rest: patterns of inclusion and exclusion in an emerging North American migration regime (1). Gabriel, Christina; MacDonald, Laura Jan 1, 2004 8442
Disaggregating the Indo- and African-Caribbean migration and settlement experience in Canada. Plaza, Dwaine Jan 1, 2004 8647
Moving in or moving out? Migration patterns vary by age and region. Young, Douglas J.; Martin, Lucanus Dec 22, 2003 943
Thunder Bay's net migration improves, yet still negative. Brief Article Dec 1, 2003 98
Investing in the rural rebound. Steen, Tom Oct 1, 2003 568
Population on the move: Montanans follow opportunities for education, jobs, and happiness. Sylvester, James T. Jun 22, 2003 2132
Cultivating new local futures: remittance economies and land-use patterns in Ifugao, Philippines. McKay, Deirdre Jun 1, 2003 10320
Migration to and from Ohio. Jun 1, 2003 945
Migration and development: the case of Turkish migration to Germany. Sari, Ozlem L. Essay Apr 1, 2003 6900
New migration data now available. (New Report Published). Brief Article Mar 22, 2003 268
Newcomers: a plus for Montana? Polzin, Paul F. Mar 22, 2003 2342
Among the Uighurs : Uighurs Under Communism. Kurlantzick, Joshua Mar 1, 2003 462
Net interstate population growth rates and the Tiebout-Tullock hypothesis: new empirical evidence, 1990-2000. Cebula, Richard J. Dec 1, 2002 3603
Cross-cultural communication: a program addressing the effect of migration on South African education. Bredenkamp, Esther Brief Article Jun 22, 2002 3663
Steinbeck's myth of the Okies. Windschuttle, Keith Critical Essay Jun 1, 2002 5482
Migrant subjectivities and narratives of the kampung in Malaysia. Thompson, Eric C. Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 8934
Indiana's population tops 6.1 million. Besl, John Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 744
"Between belonging": habitus and the migration experience. Marshall, Joan; Foster, Natalie Mar 22, 2002 14694
The rights of internally displaced children: selected field practices from UNICEF's experience. Mahalingam, Subajini; Narayan, Geeta; van der Velde, Esther Feb 1, 2002 8343
African American migration to the North: New evidence for the 1910s. Maloney, Thomas N. Jan 1, 2002 6140
Measuring the impact of interstate migration on Federal individual income tax receipts. Francis, Brian; Gross, Emily Brief Article Dec 22, 2001 188
Migration in the U.S. Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 261
Mexico's immigrant communities ... on the Web. (Mexico on the Web). Mader, Ron Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 625
Khadiga Elsayed Saeed (1999) the impact of male out-migration on women's role and status in Sudan. M.Sc. in gender and development. Ahfad University for Women. (Research Notes). Al, Mahasin Abdel Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 681
United Van Lines. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 108
"Ever-More-Rooted Americans.". Brief Article Mar 22, 2001 345
Determinants of internal migration in Pakistan: evidence from the labour force survey, 1996-97. Khan, Aliya H.; Shehnaz, Lubna Survey Dec 22, 2000 6331
The Road to Bo Ra: Travel, Settlement and Contact on a Vietnamese Upland Frontier. HARDY, ANDREW Sep 1, 2000 14264
The effects of internal migration on the relative economic status of women and men. Jacobsen, Joyce P.; Levin, Laurence M. May 1, 2000 6484
ON THE MOVE. Brief Article Apr 1, 2000 109
Libecap and Hansen. Brief Article Mar 22, 2000 174
An Expanding Aboriginal Domain: Mobility and the Initiation Journey. Peterson, Nicolas Mar 1, 2000 9368
Welfare Reform and the Race to the Bottom: Theory and Evidence. Brueckner, Jan K. Jan 1, 2000 12848
The Risks and Uncertainties of Migration: an Exploration of Recent Trends amongst the Wosera Abelam of Papua New Guinea. Curry, George; Koczberski, Gina Dec 1, 1999 9976
Migration and British cities in the 1990's. Champion, Tony Oct 1, 1999 9400
The determinants of household migration patterns in Kenya. Agesa, Richard U.; Sunwoong Kim Jun 1, 1999 469
LONG AND FAR IN THE TOOTH. Mar 1, 1999 323
Migrating to magnetic Colorado. Krza, Paul Feb 1, 1999 1194
Gains and losses of migrants and income through intercounty migration in the U.S., 1992-1993. Manson, Gary A.; Groop, Richard E. Jan 1, 1999 4051
Motives for migration: a study of Montana newcomers. Reichert, Christiane von; Sylvester, James T. Dec 22, 1998 1995
Voting for the new south. Sep 22, 1998 355
On the road: marriage and mobility in Malaysia. Smith, James P.; Thomas, Duncan Sep 22, 1998 12139
The new great migration to the south. Chappell, Kevin Sep 1, 1998 1393
Environmental motivations for migration: population pressure, poverty, and deforestation in the Philippines. Amacher, Gregory S.; Cruz, Wilfrido; Grebner, Donald; Hyde, William F. Feb 1, 1998 4758
Population dynamics in Montana. von Reichert, Christiane; Sylvester, James T. Dec 22, 1997 3026
China's floating population and its implications. Chai, Joseph C.H.; Chai, B. Karin Jul 1, 1997 6583
Was there a nineteenth century welfare magnet in the United States?: Preliminary results from New York City and Brooklyn. Kauffman, Kyle D.; Liesling, L. Lynne Jun 22, 1997 3070
Population increases by county. Sylvester, James T. Jun 22, 1997 301
Shifting the imbalance: the impact of structural adjustment on rural-urban population movements in Northern Nigeria. Meagher, Kate Jun 1, 1997 4990
Development in the English countryside. Wedd, George Jan 1, 1997 3937
The internal migration of immigrants: Israel 1969-1972. Beenstock, Michael Jan 1, 1997 7525
A kinder, gentler ethnic cleansing. Jan 1, 1997 92
'But it is a fine place to make money': migration and African-American families in Cleveland, 1915-1929. Phillips, Kimberley L. Dec 22, 1996 10929
Occupational change and differing returns to migration by gender. Krieg, Randall G. Dec 1, 1996 2810
Maintenance of polygenic variation via a migration-selection balance under uniform selection. Phillips, Patrick C. Jun 1, 1996 4199
Choice locations. Mar 1, 1996 81
Favorable self-selection and the internal migration of young white males in the United States. Gabriel, Paul E.; Schmitz, Susanne Jun 22, 1995 4087
Interstate return migration: a comment. Lester, David Oct 1, 1994 778
Internal migration, earnings, and the importance of self-selection. Ahmed, Ather Maqsood; Sirageldin, Ismail Report Sep 22, 1994 7509
Inter-provincial migration in Pakistan 1971-1981 *. Perveen, Azra Report Dec 22, 1993 4451
The demographic heart of Texas, 1850-1990. Davies, Christopher S.; Brazile, Frank Dec 1, 1993 1686
Intercounty net migration in Ohio, 1980-90. Mehdizadeh, Mostafa Sep 1, 1993 406
Unproductive migration reconsidered: a stochastic frontier production function framework for analyzing internal migration. Morrison, Andrew R. Jul 1, 1993 8253
Socio-economic determinants of labour mobility in Pakistan. Ahmed, Ather Maqsood; Sirageldin, Ismail Report Jun 22, 1993 6810
A theoretical and empirical analysis of family migration and household production: U.S. 1980-1985. Shields, Gail M. Apr 1, 1993 7596
The determinants of interdistrict labour in-migration in Pakistan, 1971-1980. Barkley, Andrew P. Report Sep 22, 1991 7640
A dynamic interregional theory of migration and population growth. Mathur, Vijay K.; Stein, Sheldon H. Aug 1, 1991 4101
Houshold ho! Whither they go? Safir, Andrew Aug 1, 1990 699
Karachi - largest city of Pakistan. Manzoor, Nayyer Jul 1, 1990 807
No more iron rice bowl: China's new labor market. Sturdevant, Saundra Nov 28, 1988 2194

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