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Migrants stop freight train.

EUROTUNNEL services were hit by delays after migrants boarded a freight train headed for the UK.

Eurotunnel tweeted that the train was "stopped in the tunnel" when the migrants were spotted at about 3.54pm.

A spokesman said: "The alert was raised and the train stopped and searched before it could travel to the UK through the Channel Tunnel.

"The search was conducted by the Police aux Frontiers and security staff. The migrants found have been taken into custody by the French Police aux Frontieres in France, and the train set back to the SNCF yard at Frethun."

Eurotunnel said the incident shows "migrants are seeking new routes to cross to the UK" now that security at the site has been increased.

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 24, 2015
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