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Migraine remedy.

Dear Dr. SerVaas,

Here's a suggestion for the lady who wrote that her friend Janice was miserable with migraines [Sept./Oct. '05].

About 10 years ago, my physician suggested taking six Motrin at onset of a headache. I didn't half-believe it would work--but it did! Generic ibuprofen also works, so I carry a bottle of ibuprofen with me just in case. In about a half hour, the migraine is alleviated by 95 percent or better, and I can continue my activities.

Migraines started with me when I was 20, in the '50s when the cure of the day was a doctor's visit and a shot of morphine. Either that or suffer it out. I would get them twice a week, mostly on the weekend. I am now 69 and no longer think about headaches. I may get them three times a year, but I'm not down and out.

Marilyn Davis

Eustis, Florida
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Title Annotation:MEDICAL MAILBOX
Author:Davis, Marilyn
Publication:Saturday Evening Post
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Date:Nov 1, 2005
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