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2 Choice Of Experts To Support The Beneficiary Of The Project Entitled. "the Development Of Nursing Competencies" In The Conduct Of Audits Evaluating The 13 Universities Specialized In Nursing And / Or Midwifery, Part 1 2, Proceed Mark Zzp-76/16. Nov 10, 2016 148
Gibraltar : Nursing and Midwifery Conference an 'Outstanding Success'. Conference news Oct 18, 2016 325
Midwifery research highlights pressure on maternity services. Oct 1, 2016 557
Design, Implementation In 2016. And Service In The Years 2017-2020 Internet Platform University Of Nursing And Midwifery Within The Framework Of The Project Development Of The Competence Of Nursing. Sep 29, 2016 189
Strengthening Midwifery in Bangladesh. Sep 2, 2016 178
Connecting globally: identifying future directions and challenges for nursing and midwifery was the focus of a recent conference in Glasgow. MacGeorge, Jane Conference news Sep 1, 2016 990
Event says 'thank you' to midwives. Aug 15, 2016 167
CHI Franciscan Health opens the only outpatient midwifery birth center on a hospital campus in Washington state. Aug 8, 2016 672
Provision Of New Skills In Nursing And Midwifery. Aug 3, 2016 432
Provision Of New Skills In Nursing And Midwifery. Aug 3, 2016 434
Provision Of New Skills In Nursing And Midwifery. Aug 3, 2016 433
Provision Of New Skills In Nursing And Midwifery. Aug 3, 2016 381
Provision Of New Skills In Nursing And Midwifery. Aug 3, 2016 366
Provision Of New Skills In Nursing And Midwifery. Aug 3, 2016 433
Provision Of New Skills In Nursing And Midwifery. Aug 2, 2016 208
Provision Of New Skills In Nursing And Midwifery. Aug 2, 2016 209
Provision Of New Skills In Nursing And Midwifery. Aug 2, 2016 173
Provision Of New Skills In Nursing And Midwifery. Jul 29, 2016 378
Provision Of New Skills In Nursing And Midwifery. Jul 29, 2016 382
Provision Of New Skills In Nursing And Midwifery. Jul 29, 2016 379
Provision Of New Skills In Nursing And Midwifery. Jul 29, 2016 177
Provision Of New Skills In Nursing And Midwifery. Jul 29, 2016 403
Provision Of New Skills In Nursing And Midwifery. Jul 29, 2016 413
Provision Of New Skills In Nursing And Midwifery. Jul 29, 2016 387
Provision Of New Skills In Nursing And Midwifery. Jul 29, 2016 392
Provision Of New Skills In Nursing And Midwifery. Jul 29, 2016 366
Provision Of New Skills In Nursing And Midwifery. Jul 29, 2016 385
Implementation And Interpretation Of Ecg For Nurses And Midwives. Jul 29, 2016 384
Provision Of History And Physical Examination For Nurses And Midwives. Jul 28, 2016 435
Nursing specialization and professional Career bylaw is step to strengthen the profession, minister. Jul 27, 2016 531
TrendCare updated to reflect maternity workloads. Jul 1, 2016 409
National Consultative meeting on Vision 2025 for nursing and midwifery. Jun 10, 2016 452
Sian Thomas, chair of the Consultant Nurse, Midwife and Allied Health Professionals (CNMHP) Cymru, explains why the role of the consultant practitioner is so valued. Jun 6, 2016 464
Princess Muna Al Hussein launches Strategic Directions for Nursing & Midwifery 2016-2020. Jun 4, 2016 323
Breast is best hope for midwifery programme. May 13, 2016 122
HMC celebrates Day of the Midwife 2016. May 10, 2016 311
Australia : Wage Justice for Nurses: Better, Safer Care for Patients. May 6, 2016 497
Helen: I'll help with midwifery. May 1, 2016 155
Nurses and Midwives Board online registration now open. May 1, 2016 216
University honour for Dame Lorna; MIDWIFERY CAREER IS RECOGNISED. Apr 22, 2016 242
Strengthening midwifery services in south sudan. Apr 19, 2016 490
UHW's midwives make the shortlist for award. Mar 21, 2016 299
Birth center gives women numerous options for delivery. Mar 20, 2016 846
Why it's vital to recognise work of nurses; Coventry University's head of nursing, midwifery and healthcare practice Steve O'Brien tells FIONNUALA BOURKEwhy it is important to recognise exceptional work of nurses as the education institution backs our Pride of Nursing Awards for a second year. Mar 16, 2016 492
Hiring of a Partner University to establish a university partnership that engages the Faculties of Stomatology , Nursing and Midwifery , and Faculty of Allied Health Sciences. Feb 26, 2016 507
Community Midwifery programme to be expanded across KPK. Feb 19, 2016 334
Expect nothing but best from top midwife. Feb 8, 2016 441
RT386 Provision of Toxicology Services to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). Jan 24, 2016 288
A change of birthing plan; Modern mums-to-be are demanding exactly what they want in labour, according to new research. Lisa Salmon takes a look at the new trends for giving birth. Dec 10, 2015 945
Recruitment timebomb looms in midwife staffing. Nov 16, 2015 283
Last delivery time for Laura; Midwife who has overseen hundreds of births retires. Nov 4, 2015 531
Interior skills lab and purchase educational material for the training nursing and midwifery. Nov 1, 2015 132
Midwifery subject matter expert. Oct 27, 2015 128
PMAV Training Service for Pre-registration Nursing and Midwifery Students. Oct 21, 2015 170
Nursing regulation set for biggest ever change. Oct 12, 2015 481
Labour of love; A new PS95m North East hospital has just welcomed its 700th baby - and it hasn't even been open for three months yet. Health Reporter CRAIG THOMPSON spends a busy day with staff on the region's newest maternity ward. Oct 5, 2015 1186
Your questions to Betsi chief; Angela Hopkins, head of nursing and midwifery at Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board, answered readers' questions in a live webchat. Oct 1, 2015 535
Manual Handling Service for Pre-registration Nursing and Midwifery Students. Sep 23, 2015 164
Occupational Health Service for Pre-registration Nursing and Midwifery Students. Sep 23, 2015 164
The ROOT Midwifery Set To Open In Noe Valley, San Francisco on August 29. Aug 26, 2015 494
Doctoral these in nursing and midwifery: challenging their contribution to nursing scholarship and the profession. Wilkes, Lesley; Cummings, Joanne; Ratanapongleka, Mayryl; Carter, Bernie Brief article Aug 1, 2015 252
The design and delivery of leadership development programmes for senior nurse & midwifery managers (don, adon, cnm3) in the dublin north region. Jul 31, 2015 124
Midwives' training and supervision come under investigation. Jul 22, 2015 422
Campaigners 'sceptical' at nursing review timing; 'They're influencing people's thinking'ahead of maternity consultation. Jul 22, 2015 573
New Model Of Midwifery Care Enables Faster And Safer Births, Low Cesarean Section Rates. Jul 13, 2015 666
10th anniversary marked at hospital's midwifery unit. Jul 6, 2015 886
Filmmakers reflect a diverse profession. Jun 1, 2015 380
Childbirth is a labour of love for dedicated midwives; woman RECORD. May 16, 2015 1144
Celebrating unsung heroes; Today marks the International Day of the Nurse. Health Reporter CRaIg THompsoN joins Newcastle Hospitals' annual Nursing and midwifery Conference to speak to those on the frontline of our NHs. Conference news May 12, 2015 1434
Upgrading the self recording video units in the clinical skills labs for the nursing and midwifery dept of the university of limerick. May 12, 2015 316
International Midwifery Day observed. May 9, 2015 237
HMC celebrates International Midwifery Day. May 8, 2015 296
So important to honour our great nurses; Coventry University is proud to be the headline sponsor our Pride of Nursing Awards. STEVE O'BRIEN, head of department for nursing, midwifery and healthcare practice, reveals how the university is producing high-quality nurses who can meet the demands of a healthcare career in the 21st century. Apr 24, 2015 628
Stress forcing midwives to leave profession. Apr 22, 2015 244
Preparing nurses for 21st century challenges; Coventry University is proud to be the headline sponsor of the Coventry Telegraph Pride of Nursing Awards. Steve O'Brien, head of department for nursing, midwifery and healthcare practice, reveals how the university is producing high-quality nurses who can meet the demands of a healthcare career in the 21st century. Apr 9, 2015 847
Hunger Games job market for new grads: first year graduate Ciara Rafferty equates applying for nursing jobs with being a character in the Hunger Games--a gladiatorial fight to survive. Apr 1, 2015 842
Is midwifery the key to laborist model success? Two studies differ on the impact of laborist models on cesarean delivery rates. Worcester, Sharon Mar 1, 2015 959
NMC issues updated code for nurses and midwives. Brief article Mar 1, 2015 270
United Kingdom : Public health nursing and midwifery leadership transfers to PHE. Jan 30, 2015 342
Rwanda : RWANDA College of Medicine and Health launches International Conference to Enhance Nursing, Midwifery. Conference news Jan 28, 2015 202
Gambia : GAMBIA HEALTH Minister introduces latest State of World Midwifery Report 2014 in Banjul. Report Dec 29, 2014 261
Nursing and Midwifery Council: 'regulation of professions is evolving'. Conference notes Dec 1, 2014 471
Protest as Nursing and Midwifery Council votes to increase registration fee. Nov 1, 2014 440
Thank Medicare for little Jack: for Annie Butler, assistant federal secretary of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation, the birth of grandson Jack brought home the importance of Medicare. Nov 1, 2014 508
Giving careers a healthy boost; ADVERTISING FEATURE Jobs fair offers thousands of nursing and midwifery posts. Oct 16, 2014 462
'Call the midwife' is a celebration of life. Pacatte, Rose Oct 10, 2014 1207
Older workers suffer Hockey's uncaring budget: the Abbott government's decision to raise the pension age will hurt people working in physically demanding jobs like nursing and midwifery the most. Oct 1, 2014 832
Welsh midwife helps improve care in Ethiopian villages; Sep 2, 2014 369
Turning solitude into solidarity: Montana midwives co-op helping to improve conditions for workers and clients. Clostio, Sharise Sep 1, 2014 622
Purchased with phantom supply for the department of nursing and midwifery. Aug 27, 2014 165
Ebix, Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation plan online continuing professional development courses for members. Aug 19, 2014 266
'Being a nurse gave me great material as a crime writer. I have seen the very best and the cruellest of human nature through my work in the NHS' Having witnessed countless gory operations, deaths and even fights on the wards during her long medical career, perhaps it's no surprise that Yvonne Peters would one day turn to crime writing, as Abbie Wightwick reports. Aug 19, 2014 1358
Diversity in midwifery care: working toward social justice. Burton, Nadya; Ariss, Rachel Report Aug 1, 2014 11200
Meet Nevada nurse Martha Drohobyczer, MSN, RN, CNM. Aug 1, 2014 710
Midwife who admitted her failings banned. Jul 12, 2014 358
Nepotism alleged in midwifery exam in Bamyan. Jul 4, 2014 157
Failed midwife still wants to be a nurse. Jul 4, 2014 578
Midwifery pivotal in saving lives during pregnancy. Jun 23, 2014 282
Reconstruction and extension of transfer branches of gynaecology and midwifery. May 22, 2014 223
Evaluation level of internet addiction among nursing and midwifery students in Iranshahr 1389. Pejmankhah, Shiva; Karamzaie, Tahmineh; Pejmankhah, Shida Report Apr 15, 2014 3859
EvergreenHealth Midwifery Care Welcomes 500th Baby. Mar 31, 2014 784
Leading Independent Midwife Awarded 'Midwife Of The Year' Forced to Give up Practice Following Govt Legislation Change. Mar 10, 2014 1715
Debra K. of the Journey Into Wellbeing Partners with Frontier Nursing University to Educate on Midwifery as a Health Care Option. Mar 8, 2014 683
Study Demonstrates Misunderstanding About the Role of Midwives in the UAE. Mar 5, 2014 540
Study shows mothers think midwives in UAE should be given more control. Mar 3, 2014 363
Midwifery and nursing--a shared history. O'Connor, Teresa Mar 1, 2014 1020
Staffing woes cut hospital midwives to the core: increasingly heavy workloads--caring for mothers and babies with more health problems--are leaving core midwives stressed and exhausted. Stodart, Kathy Mar 1, 2014 1781
DHBs employ 54 per cent of mid wives. Mar 1, 2014 416
Committed leader in midwifery revolution: from delivery suite in the 1970s to College of Midwives leadership in the new century, Sue Lennox has taken part in a revolution in the care of mothers and babies. O'Connor, Teresa Mar 1, 2014 1592
Meeting the needs of birthing women: as the health needs of birthing women change, and sometimes become more complex, the demands on the midwifery workforce increase. Weston, Kate Essay Mar 1, 2014 1262
00086020 Rehabilitation of the Haiti National School of Midwifery with funding from the Government of Canada. Feb 18, 2014 210
no MIDWIFE, no scans, and no help? Would you choose to give birth With... This woman did. After having her first child, Melissa Thomas, 28, decided she didn't want any scans, tests or midwife checks, as well as having an unassisted birth. It's called 'freebirthing', and it's not illegal. Feb 2, 2014 1316
MPs urge Nursing and Midwifery Council to raise public and professional profile. Feb 1, 2014 409
United Kingdom : Health Minister updates Assembly on Nursing and Midwifery Workforce Planning. Jan 29, 2014 458
Perinatal mental health midwifery services expansion plan. Brief article Jan 1, 2014 195
Female monastic healing and midwifery: a view from the Vinaya tradition. Langenberg, Amy Paris Report Jan 1, 2014 9736
United States : Nurse-Midwives, Physicians Collaborate for High-Quality Maternity Care. Dec 27, 2013 455
A Sustainable Rural Midwifery Model. Dec 11, 2013 166
Aboriginal midwifery toolkit launched. Dec 1, 2013 146
West End to sharp end; Jessica's 'dramatic' change from stage to midwifery. Nov 19, 2013 355
United Kingdom : Princess Royal gives Lagan Valley Midwifery Unit Royal Seal of Approval. Nov 14, 2013 223
United Kingdom : Princess Royal gives Lagan Valley Midwifery Unit Royal Seal of Approval. Nov 14, 2013 223
Bribery or a bonus for mums to breastfeed? JANET TANSLEY speaks to the head of midwifery at Liverpool Women's Hospital. Nov 13, 2013 678
Why recruit abroad when British midwives are on the dole? Nov 12, 2013 943
Making the most of our empathy: New South Wales' Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer Susan Pearce says she had a "light bulb moment" while being a patient in ICU. Conference news Nov 1, 2013 524
Bringing all midwives together. Brief article Nov 1, 2013 223
Midwifery in Canada. Mah, Connie L. Nov 1, 2013 1770
Giving careers a healthy boost; ADVERTISING FEATURE 3000 nursing and midwifery posts up for grabs at jobs fair. Oct 10, 2013 413
Midwifery care at a freestanding birth center: a safe and effective alternative to conventional maternity care. Benatar, Sarah; Garrett, A. Bowen; Howell, Embry; Palmer, Ashley Oct 1, 2013 7293
Most nurses and midwives fail to take advantage of tax relief on NMC fees. Brief article Oct 1, 2013 228
A labour-intensive role with life-affirming outcomes! Careers in midwifery Sue Kelbrick on a career suited to those who can remain calm under pressure! Sep 26, 2013 451
Moonlighting midwife cost NHS thousands. Sep 17, 2013 683
Moonlighting midwife avoids jail for cheating on NHS job; RESPECTED NURSE TOOK ON EXTRA WORK AFTER 'EXPENSIVE' DIVORCE. Sep 17, 2013 728
Australia : Nursing and midwifery agreement reached. Sep 17, 2013 414
Patients could be involved in nurse checks; THREE-YEARLY APPRAISALS PUT FORWARD BY GOVERNING BODY. Sep 7, 2013 638
South Sudan - Strengthening midwifery services in South Sudan. Aug 6, 2013 286
'SHE CAN'T DO AGAIN WHAT SHE DID TO US' Tragic Noah's parents express relief after his midwife is struck off. Aug 3, 2013 732
Noah's parents relieved as midwife struck off; PANEL TOLD OF TWO OTHER ERRORS IN HER PRACTICE. Aug 3, 2013 689
'WE CAN'T LET BIRTH HORROR HAPPEN AGAIN' Midwife found unfit to practise following 'deplorable' failures which led to death of couple's first baby. Jul 13, 2013 821
'We can't get Noah back - but we can't allow this tragedy to happen to any other child' MIDWIFE UNFIT TO PRACTICE AFTER 'DEPLORABLE' FAILURES. Jul 13, 2013 660
Situational Midwifery: Confessions of an UnCool Midwife. Jul 5, 2013 536
Birthing choice is both a feminist and a fiscal issue! Reddy, Allyson Jul 1, 2013 1299
New book shares traditional birthing stories with midwifery students. Arndt, Sandy Jul 1, 2013 811
Serious devotion to midwifery. Houghton, Donna-Lee Letter to the editor Jul 1, 2013 253
Midwifery training begins in Uruzgan. Jul 1, 2013 234
A midwife who knows me: women tertiary students' perceptions of midwifery. Newick, Lisa; Vares, Tiina; Dixon, Lesley; Johnston, Jessica; Guilliland, Karen Report Jun 1, 2013 5245
Midwifery and assisted reproductive technologies. Allot, Lynley; Payne, Deborah; Dann, Leona Report Jun 1, 2013 3769
Nurturing the next generation: midwives' experiences when working with third year midwifery students in New Zealand. James, Liz Report Jun 1, 2013 3764
The shaping of midwifery education in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Gilkison, Andrea; Giddings, Lynne S.; Smythe, Liz Report Jun 1, 2013 5837
Stress in the wake of changes to midwifery service. May 1, 2013 439
Vote for nursing heroes. Apr 10, 2013 241
First Nursing and Midwifery Conference inaugurated. Conference news Mar 21, 2013 238
Matrons lead our fight to provide best service; Helen started her NHS career as a nurse and midwife. She is a registered nurse and registered midwife and holds the advanced diploma in midwifery and the midwife teachers' diploma and also achieved an MA in Leading Innovation and Change and lives with her family in Lindley. Feb 21, 2013 363
Princess Haya chairs Nursing and Midwifery Council's meeting. Feb 4, 2013 237
Karen Draddy: 21 December 1951-2 January 2013. Edgley, Jacqui In memoriam Feb 1, 2013 363
Perinatal data collection: current practice in the Australian nursing and midwifery healthcare context. Craswell, Alison; Moxham, Lorna; Broadbent, Marc Report Feb 1, 2013 5628
Uni students call the midwives. Jan 28, 2013 223
MORE PEOPLE HEAR CALL OF THE MIDWIFE; 13 per cent surge in applications at university. Jan 16, 2013 388
NMC launches new standards for midwives. Brief article Jan 1, 2013 116
Patterns and influences of interprofessional communication between midwives and CAM practitioners: a preliminary examination of the perceptions of midwives. Diezel, Helene; Steel, Amie; Wardle, Jon; Johnstone, Kate Report Jan 1, 2013 5024
The Kaiwhakahaere comments ... Nuku, Kerri Dec 1, 2012 506
Matching care to patient demand: nurses and midwives could make better use of patient acuity systems like TrendCare--they are the best tools nurses and midwives have to make their work visible and help manage workloads. Oakes, Rebecca Dec 1, 2012 823
Nursing's Pacific future: cultures, languages, beliefs and practices may vary across the Pacific, but the strength gained from sharing common nursing bonds was much in evidence at last month's South Pacific Nurses Forum in Melbourne. Manchester, Anne Conference notes Dec 1, 2012 841
Strengthening nursing education standards. Dec 1, 2012 362
Nurturing Pasifika midwives. Brief article Dec 1, 2012 283
No safe place for childbirth: women and midwives bearing witness, Gaza 2008-09. Wick, Laura; Hassan, Sahar Report Nov 1, 2012 6371
United Kingdom : Government offers Au20 million grant to the Nursing and Midwifery Council. Oct 16, 2012 454
Emirati helps welcome babies to the world. Oct 14, 2012 660
South Pacific Nurses Forum to debate future of nursing and midwifery. Brief article Oct 1, 2012 158
Poor maternal outcomes: a factor of poor professional systems design. Schoon, M.G.; Motlolometsi, M.W.A. Oct 1, 2012 1597
Beyond the theory: thoughts on midwifery teaching in the context of HIV. Sunderland, Judith Report Sep 22, 2012 2113
New NMC Chair appointed amidst ongoing fee rise debate: the Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, has asked the Nursing and Midwifery Council to reconsider the regulator's decision to raise registration fees for health visitors, nurses and midwives to 120[pounds sterling] per year, an increase of 58%. Sep 1, 2012 828
Parental experiences of cleft lip and palate services. McCorkell, Gillian; McCarron, Catherine; Blair, Sylvia; Coates, Vivien Aug 1, 2012 4106
Midwife brings her whole-of-life experience to give the best care: a hospital midwife, on a casual shift, finds her life experiences are just what are needed to help a young woman in her care, who has complex health issues and has just become a mother. Bryant, Jeni Viewpoint essay Aug 1, 2012 2015
I want a fair go! de Bock, Cecile Letter to the editor Jul 1, 2012 443
Letter. Broadhurst, G. Jul 1, 2012 528
NMC to consult on 58% registration fee hike: health visitors and community nurses have reacted with horror to proposals announced by the Nursing and Midwifery Council for a 58% increase in registration fees. Jun 1, 2012 400
NZCOM journal goes electronic. Gilkison, Andrea; Dixon, Lesley Jun 1, 2012 962
Discerning which qualitative approach fits best. Smythe, Liz Report Jun 1, 2012 7429
What evidence supports the use of free-standing midwifery led units (primary units) in New Zealand/Aotearoa? Dixon, Lesley; Prileszky, Gail; Guilliland, Karen; Hendry, Chris; Miller, Suzanne; Anderson, Jacqui Report Jun 1, 2012 8198
Women's experience of the abdominal palpation in pregnancy; a glimpse into the philosophical and midwifery literature. Blee, David; Dietsch, Elaine Report Jun 1, 2012 5030
Developmental mentoring: new graduates' confidence grows when their needs shape the relationship. Lennox, Sue; Foureur, Maralyn Report Jun 1, 2012 6866
International Midwife Day/ Ceremony. May 6, 2012 215
Socio-economic improvements and health system strengthening of maternity care are contributing to maternal mortality reduction in Cambodia. Liljestrand, Jerker; Sambath, Mean Reatanak Report May 1, 2012 6366
Using community-based research to shape the design and delivery of maternal health services in Northern Nigeria. Doctor, Henry V.; Findley, Sally E.; Ager, Alastair; Cometto, Giorgio; Afenyadu, Godwin Y.; Adamu, F Report May 1, 2012 6636
Assessing skilled birth attendants and emergency obstetric care in rural Tanzania: the inadequacy of using global standards and indicators to measure local realities. Spangler, Sydney A. Report May 1, 2012 5585
State of the World's Midwifery 2011: Delivering Health, Saving Lives. Report May 1, 2012 1840
Midwife-led units, Cape Peninsula, South Africa. May 1, 2012 394
Midwife and health visitor: precarious, problematic ... but possible?: in December 2007 the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) announced that specialist community public health nurses could no longer appear solely on the third part of the register. one health visitor explains how this has altered her working life and aspirations for the future. Stevens, Stephanie May 1, 2012 1545
Sudan,United Kingdom : University of Southampton develops a midwifery programme to lower maternal and neonatal mortality rates in South Sudan. Apr 26, 2012 443
Ex-midwife cautioned over leaving patient to give birth alone; GUILTY OF MISCONDUCT OVER LACK OF CHECKS. Apr 6, 2012 555
Former midwife found guilty of misconduct; Hearing told accused was bullied and worked under duress. Apr 6, 2012 425
Midwives can be mums too! Mar 27, 2012 331
Midwives Welcome Opportunity to Lead New Birth Centres in Ontario. Mar 20, 2012 1022
National Conference on Nursing and Midwifery. Mar 3, 2012 277
The expectations of fathers concerning care provided by midwives to the mothers during labour. Sengane, Malmsey L.M.; Nolte, Anna G.W. Report Mar 1, 2012 8898
Turmoil continues as NMC faces another review: the largest nursing regulator in the world, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), will undergo a CHRE strategic review following a turbulent few months that has seen two high-profile members of staff resign, as well as concern at the backlog of fitness to practise cases. Mar 1, 2012 859
Midwife Julie sees support as her job; Recently our TV screens have shown a wealth of programmes based on midwifery and childbirth such as Call The Midwife and One Born Every Minute, which have enjoyed massive popularity and captivated audiences. KAREN WILSON and BROOKE CHANDLER meet the North East midwives who all have a tale to tell. Feb 24, 2012 705
American Midwifery Certification Board Certifies 398 New CNM/CMs. Feb 10, 2012 397
Changes to the Crimes Act: from next month, failure to protect a vulnerable child or adult could be deemed a criminal offence. Nurses and other health workers must know how best to protect their patients. Barnett-Davidson, Margaret Feb 1, 2012 1079
American Midwifery Certification Board Ensures U.S. Certificants Meet/Exceed Worldwide Standards Set for Midwifery Care. Jan 25, 2012 399
A MIDWIFERY leader has expressed [...]. Jan 16, 2012 153
Wirral PCT the first to link up with private midwifery service. Dec 6, 2011 524
Midwives in Missouri who's who? Bader, Valerie Dec 1, 2011 1191
'Significant' shortage of midwives in Wales could force birth centres to close their doors as birth rates continue to soar. Nov 23, 2011 557
THERE is a widening gap [...]. Nov 21, 2011 256
Global review of midwifery and the situation in Senegal. Brief article Nov 1, 2011 290
Nursing program aims to train minority students for service in rural areas. Cooper, Kenneth J. Oct 27, 2011 779
Stress on strengthening midwifery programme. Oct 27, 2011 471
Handing over the reins - an evolving Editorial Board. Gilkison, Andrea; Dixon, Lesley Editorial Oct 1, 2011 1976
Being with women with risk: the referral and consultation practices and attitudes of New Zealand midwives. Skinner, Joan Report Oct 1, 2011 3985
Qualitative research in midwifery and childbirth: phenomenological approaches. Crowther, Susan Oct 1, 2011 463
New English language skills registration standard: Nursing and Midwifery Board revises standard for testing registrants' knowledge of English. Oct 1, 2011 519
Midwifery cuts storm. Sep 29, 2011 122
More midwives are a necessity; Yousay IN YOUR OPINION... Sep 24, 2011 320
Birth of a caring career; Careers in ... midwifery Helping deliver babies is a fulfilling job. Emma Thompson finds out more. Sep 15, 2011 426
Nursing practising certificate restored. Weaver, Shirley Letter to the editor Sep 1, 2011 471
Oregon has some of the strictest guidelines on midwifery. Sep 1, 2011 865
Uni help for midwife in Cambodia; Funding support for Hinchliff's key work. Aug 20, 2011 522
One born every minute ... Aug 3, 2011 637
Two nominees for nursing and midwifery advisory committee. Brief article Aug 1, 2011 170
Adjunct Professor Debra Thoms is the Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer with NSW Health and has held that position since May 2006. Brief article Jul 1, 2011 127
The value of combined nursing and midwifery skills: when is a nurse not a nurse and what makes midwifery so different? A midwife, qualified in both professions, argues the case for dual registration. Weaver, Shirley Jul 1, 2011 2118
'Midwives trained in Wales going abroad as posts being left empty' DOCTORS' UNION HEARS CLAIM NHS CLINICAL STAFF BEING CUT. Jun 28, 2011 606
Midwives at breaking point as risks rise in maternity wards; When Solihull maternity unit was controversially downgraded last year, health bosses insisted it would make labour wards safer. Since then midwifery services have been pushed to breaking point and staffing levels may have contributed to the death of a baby at Heartlands Hospital. Health Correspondent Alison Dayani report. Jun 23, 2011 1008
Midwifery council for Emiratisation. Jun 18, 2011 383
UAE to Establish Nursing, Midwifery Education Strategy. Jun 18, 2011 544
Worries for mums over cut in midwife numbers. Jun 9, 2011 497
Salma Bsat: Sidon's last practicing midwife. May 25, 2011 689
UAE hospital raises awareness on maternal mortality. May 8, 2011 388
Loving life: lessons learned in Malawi. Hoekstra, Elleana Travel narrative May 1, 2011 936
Discussion platform between midwifery educators and health professionals in the Free State province. Schoon, M.G. May 1, 2011 1950
Having a baby in Australia: women's business, risky business, or big business? Donnellan-Fernandez, Roslyn Report May 1, 2011 8500
Creating and critiquing knowledge. Skinner, Joan Editorial May 1, 2011 1444
Do low risk women actually birth in their planned place of birth and does ethnicity influence women's choices of birthplace? Hunter, Marion; Pairman, Sally; Benn, Cheryl; Baddock, Sally; Davis, Deborah; Herbison, Peter; Dixon Report May 1, 2011 7783
Quantity or quality of postnata length of stay? A literature review examining the issues and the evidence. Cuncarr, Christina; Skinner, Joan Clinical report May 1, 2011 4558
Experiences of midwives' leaving Lead Maternity Care (LMC) practice. Cox, Paula; Smythe, Liz Report May 1, 2011 5496
Comment on the Evers et al., (2010). Perinatal mortality and severe morbidity in low and high risk term pregnancies in the Netherlands. Gilkison, Andrea; Crowther, Susan; Hunter, Marion Clinical report May 1, 2011 3093
Midwifery posts rise with births; YourSay. Apr 8, 2011 263
Midwife jobs slashed in pounds 6m cost cuts at hospital. Apr 7, 2011 485
MIDWIVES AXED TO SAVE pounds 6m. Apr 7, 2011 370
A lot to learn: midwifery in Malawi is a beautiful challenge for a young missionary. Hoekstra, Elleana Apr 1, 2011 737
Working collaboratively: RNs & registered midwives - necessary for the provision of high quality care to childbearing women and their babies. Figler, Shauna Mar 22, 2011 412
HIV and pregnancy: past, present and future. Wilson, Sharon Mar 22, 2011 1824
Midwife labelled a danger is spared a life ban; 'LACK OF COMPETENCY' LEADS TO A YEAR'S SUSPENSION. Jan 29, 2011 550
A year-long suspension for midwife. Jan 29, 2011 402
Midwife alleged to have put lives at risk. Jan 25, 2011 496
THE Government's planning of midwifery [...]; HEALTH IN BRIEF... Jan 24, 2011 110
TV quiz technology wins midwifery training honour. Jan 24, 2011 155
Research and Markets: In November 2010, Abu Dhabi's First Midwifery Training Programme Was Officially Unveiled By Corniche Hospital and the Higher Colleges of Technology. Jan 21, 2011 654
Born by the woman, caught by the midwife: the case for legalizing direct-entry midwifery in all fifty states. Stover, Sarah Anne Jan 1, 2011 17970
Critical care nursing in the United Arab Emirates: formation of the nursing professional practice group--critical care/Enfermeria en cuidado critico en los Emiratos Arabes Unidos: formacion de un grupo de ejercicio profesional de enfermeria--cuidado critico. Peetz, Brigitte Report Dec 22, 2010 1436
Birth of a new service. Nov 17, 2010 434
If we don't know where we came from we won't know where to go! Skinner, Joan Editorial Nov 1, 2010 771
Auscultation--the action of listening. Maude, Robyn; Lawson, Justine; Foureur, Maralyn Report Nov 1, 2010 6024
Midwives have life-saving role. May 4, 2010 261
The vaginal examination during labour: is it of benefit or harm? Dixon, Lesley; Foureur, Maralyn Report May 1, 2010 6016
The place of research in the quality and safety of midwifery care. Skinner, Joan Editorial May 1, 2010 768
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Do we need a second midwifery scope? Would a second-level scope of practice for midwifery help solve the midwifery shortage and what would the effect be on the profession as a whole? NZNO members have their say. Weston, Kate Feb 1, 2009 921
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ICM - keeping our members in touch: ICM Secretary General Kathy Herschderfer writes on lessons learned, looks forward and gives midwives some questions to consider in her farewell message. Herschderfer, Kathy Dec 1, 2007 803
The Partnership co-ordinates a new and urgent initiative. Dec 1, 2007 361
Rural midwifery and the sense of difference. Patterson, Jean Oct 1, 2007 3985
A hermeneutic analysis of the rise of midwifery scholarship in New Zealand. Smythe, Liz Oct 1, 2007 7407
Glasgow, Scotland: a city of culture, industry and strong communities--be there in 2008! Elizabeth Duff introduces the city of Glasgow while Canadian Joyce Barnes tells of life there in the 1960s for a midwife and the families she knew. Duff, Elizabeth; Barnes, Joyce City overview Sep 1, 2007 1830
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Barbaric custom and colonial science. Boddy, Janice Dec 1, 2006 10913
Midwifery education in Jordan: history, challenges and proposed solutions. Abushaikha, Lubna Report Nov 1, 2006 4212
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International confederation of midwives. Sep 1, 2005 516
Office bearers of the ICM, newly elected by Council. Jul 1, 2005 401
Keynote speeches at the Brisbane Congress from Canada, Malawi, the UK and Australia: four renowned midwives gave inspirational addresses on the Congress themes of history, professionalisation, current ways of knowing and future pathways. Jul 1, 2005 1749
New representatives have been elected by regions at Council and they join the ICM Board: the four new representatives from America, Africa and Central and Southern Europe introduce themselves and pledge to take forward the work of the ICM. Jul 1, 2005 873
ICN and ICM Regulators Forum. Brief Article Jul 1, 2005 146
Miller. Brief Article Jun 22, 2005 104
International speakers at Midwifery forum. Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 173
Welcome to the ICM Congress in Brisbane!/Bienvenue a Brisbane/Bienvenides a Brisbane. Weaver, Caroline May 1, 2005 977
The International Day of the Midwife: 'midwives & women: a partnership for health': reports of celebrations of the International Day of the Midwife have arrived from every region, and from midwifery associations both new and longstanding. Currie, Sheena May 1, 2005 732

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