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Midwestern Shooting Supplies.


MIDWESTERN SHOOTING SUPPLIES 150 Main Street Lomira, Wisconsin 53048

SI: Lee, what's selling right now? LS: We're selling a lot of the Browning A-bolts. Some of the Browning 10 gauge pumps. We're really getting into the field guns and all because hunting season is coming up.

SI: Okay, in what calibers are the Browning A-bolts selling for you?

LS: Well our three big calibers are normally .270, .30-06, and 7mm Mags.

SI: Why is the Browning A-bolt selling so well for you?

LS: Well I think, first of all, it's a good quality product for the money. If you take the standard A-bolt it sells just a touch under $370, it comes with a clip in it, and the bolt throw is 60 degrees. A clip is real importantto hunters who get in and out of vehicles all the time. It is an excellent feature from Browning.

SI: And in shotguns what seems to be doing well right now?

LS: Well, in over and under, it's Browning for us. A few of the Berettas thrown in, a few of the Rugers. Those are the three over and unders that we normally carry. In a pump, it's the Remington 870 and the Browning BPS are our big sellers.

About the Dealer . . .

Midwestern Shooting Supplies is about 50 miles north of Milwaukee. They display 350-400 long guns and about 50-75 handguns and keep about 2000 guns in stock. They sell a lot of MEC reloaders, primers, wads, powder and other reloading supplies. Shooting Industry talked with Lee Schmidt.
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Title Annotation:interviews with firearms dealers on the hottest guns that are selling
Author:Smith, Kerby C.
Publication:Shooting Industry
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Date:Sep 1, 1991
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