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Midwest Plastic Fabricators unveils new products.

New large PVC Junction on Boxes.

One of the more innovative products now available is a line of NEMA 4X large dimension screw cover PVC Junction Boxes. A combination of modern UL listed materials and patented cutting-edge technology combines for easy installation and reduced life cycle cost.

The large junction boxes come in sizes up to 48 inches to provide access for wire pulling and connection for conduit system and remote service equipment. The shoebox-style lid has a UL listed gasket and is attached with factory supplied stainless steel fasteners.


PVC offers less resistance than metal in cutting holes for conduit entrance. In addition, as non-conductive material, PVC eliminates potential shock hazard. Its non-corrosive properties offer longer life and environmental integrity.

The manufacturing method uses CAD/CAM and CNC technology to make enclosures, cabinets and boxes for conduit and control systems. Materials are UL94V-0 flame rated, are tested to UL50, and are ETL listed.

Super conjoint PVC couplings.

Since the 1980s, hundreds of thousands of uniquely strong deep socket couplings have solved conduit connection challenges for utilities - Arizona Public Service, Memphis Light Gas & Water, Salt River Project, and Tampa Electric Company are among users of these couplings.

These couplings are now made from PVC conduit with an embossed size and listing mark, using a patented automated manufacturing process developed by Midwest Plastic Fabricators. This creates a coupling with superior impact strength at a cost effective price.

The couplings have deep tapered sockets providing more surface contact for stronger solvent weld joints. For example, a 6-inch diameter coupling has a 10 inch overall length (standard coupling OAL is 6.375 inches).The deep socket allows more joint deflection for cold field bending than injection molded couplings and Standard socket depth couplings. The benefit of the deep socket coupling design is that it can endure stress from field bending without the coupling shattering, or the joint pulling apart from stress. The coupling can withstand the curvature of the conduit when flexed rather than the joint failing or pulling apart. The lengthening of bell ends on PVC conduit are a direct result of over 25 years of higher performance by these deep socket couplings. The couplings are available in 2- to 6-inch diameters.


The products are ETL and UL listed and meet UL 651, UL514 and NEMA standards.

Midwest Plastic Fabricators: 330.995.0992,
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Publication:Underground Construction
Date:Nov 1, 2010
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