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Travel to the Middle Ages in central Slovakia. Jul 30, 2022 438
Russia has been breaking agreements it signs since Middle Ages - Rinkevics. Jul 28, 2022 388
Club stepped into medieval times. Jul 15, 2022 388
MEPs blast "Middle Ages" conditions for Roma. Jul 14, 2022 425
Medieval Society members 'sickened' by costumes and car theft. May 1, 2022 415
Take a trip back in time to Middle Ages; THREE pages highlighting the important events in the lives of our readers. Apr 28, 2022 747
PojskiA: Inhabitants of today's BiH have the same genes as their ancestors from the Middle Ages. Apr 3, 2022 630
Europe loses 90 percent of Middle Ages' manuscripts: Where did the literary works go? Mustafa Marie Mar 28, 2022 340
Official ale taster wanted to toast town's 750th anniversary celebrations; The Cheshire market town is reprising the role that dates back to Medieval Times when the charter was granted by Henry de Lacey in 1272. By, Helen Carter & Brett Gibbons Feb 6, 2022 424
Official ale taster wanted to toast town's 750th anniversary celebrations; The Cheshire market town is reprising the role that dates back to Medieval Times when the charter was granted by Henry de Lacey in 1272. By, Helen Carter & Brett Gibbons Feb 6, 2022 424
Official ale taster wanted to toast town's 750th anniversary celebrations; The Cheshire market town is reprising the role that dates back to Medieval Times when the charter was granted by Henry de Lacey in 1272. By, Helen Carter & Brett Gibbons Feb 6, 2022 424
Man obsessed with middle ages has GoT themed wedding and builds medieval man cave; Wayne has filled his man cave with around 430 items of medieval memorabilia that he had spent the past 30 years collecting, and had previously been displayed around the house. By, William Lailey & Alice Peacock Oct 18, 2021 719
Study shows cancer was a killer in Middle Ages too; DM1ST FRIDAY 27.08.2021 DAILY MIRROR 39 Dr Miriam Stoppard. Dr Miriam Stoppard Aug 27, 2021 420
Study shows cancer was a killer in Middle Ages too. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Aug 27, 2021 416
200 skeletons discovered in coastal church in Britain spanning back to Middle Ages. Mustafa Marie Jul 6, 2021 199
Time for the folk to storm Denny's medieval fort for fun days again; It almost seems like it was the middle ages when Duncarron Fort last staged an event but the massive wooden gates will open to the public later this month. James Trimble Jun 2, 2021 247
'Face mask' decor dates back to medieval times. May 11, 2021 230
And the show must go on Medieval Times, Six Flags reopen this week. Eric Peterson and Doug T. Graham Apr 22, 2021 774
And the show must go on Medieval Times, Six Flags reopen this week Thrills: 'I just want to get out there'. Eric Peterson and Doug T. Graham Apr 22, 2021 771
The thrill is back: Medieval Times, Six Flags reopening this week. Eric Peterson and Doug T. Graham Apr 22, 2021 785
Picturesque cathedral city 110 minutes from London home to 'one of the wonders of the medieval world'; Looking for a new day out destination? By, Dan Wiggins Apr 14, 2021 410
Medieval Times set to reopen by late April. Padar, By Kayleigh Mar 23, 2021 225
"The Justinianic Plague": The Effects of a Pandemic in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages. Gardan, Gabriel-Viorel Dec 22, 2020 4675
Couple shocked to discover 'witches den' with animal skulls under their stairs; Bleddyn and Kerrie Jackson were renovating their 16th century farmhouse in North Wales when they discovered items thought to have warded off witches and demons in Late Medieval times. By, Nathan Bevan Nov 27, 2020 620
Nobody knew about it for centuries. The forest hid the remains of a middle-ages church. Nov 1, 2020 586
Nobody knew about it for centuries. The forest hid the remains of a middle-ages church. Nov 1, 2020 685
Experiencing the Desert in Early Medieval England. Lawrence, Ryan Critical essay Sep 22, 2020 8787
'My Lady Queen, the Lord of the Manor': The Economic Roles of Late Medieval Queens. Seah, Michele Essay Jul 1, 2020 13794
The Life and Medieval Times of Kit Sweetly. Welch, Sarah May 1, 2020 272
What We Are Reading Today: Peace and Penance in Late Medieval Italy. Arab News Apr 7, 2020 247
Brief Notes on The Byzantine Insular Urbanism in The Eastern Mediterranean Between Late Antiquity and The Early Middle Ages (Ca. 650 - Ca. 800 CE)/Dogu Akdeniz'de Gec Antik Cag ile Erken Orta Caglar Arasinda Bizans Izolatif Kentciligi Uzerine Kisa Notlar (Yaklasik 650 - Yaklasik 800 CE). Zavagno, Luca Report Mar 22, 2020 5751
Diversity and the Middle Ages: Medieval studies scholars struggle against Eurocentric focus in the field. Rut, Jessica Mar 5, 2020 1832
A Medieval Book On Manners For Children! K., Christina Mar 4, 2020 686
The Rise of Neo-Feudalism: The private capture of entire legal systems by corporate America goes far beyond neoliberalism. It evokes the private fiefdoms of the Middle Ages. Kuttner, Robert; Stone, Katherine V. Mar 1, 2020 5855
Courthouse's wedding day is busier when it's Feb. 14 Weddings: 47 couples renew vows at Medieval Times. Susan Sarkauskas Feb 15, 2020 604
Renew your vows at Medieval Times' Valentine's ceremony. Submitted by Medieval Times Feb 13, 2020 300
You can renew wedding vows at Medieval Times on Valentine's Day. Submitted by Medieval Times Feb 8, 2020 159
Constable: Where do you go after being king at Medieval Times? Jan 7, 2020 689
Expediency versus Ethics: The Problem of Bribery in Late Medieval England. Hole, Jennifer Jan 1, 2020 9981
The Materiality of Manuscript Charms in Late-Medieval England: Ink and Writing Surface. Hindley, Katherine Storm Jan 1, 2020 8633
Medieval Times knights slice and smash through last remnants of Halloween. Madhu Krishnamurthy Nov 5, 2019 227
Medieval Times to collect post-Halloween pumpkins. Submitted by Medieval Times Oct 26, 2019 140
Tests confirm remains date from 14th Century; Archaeology: Human bones dug up in Kingussie belong to Middle Ages. RITA CAMPBELL Oct 19, 2019 298
Scottish Narratives of Sovereignty in the Later Middle Ages: Re-imagining 'Fredome'. Manion, Lee Sep 22, 2019 9634
Ganja gates. Masterpiece of Middle Ages craftsmanship. Aug 23, 2019 347
After Lives: Considering Disembodied Costume via Medieval Copes and Nick Cave's Soundsuits. Lee, Janet; Merrey, Jo Jul 1, 2019 10864
Medieval Studies in Australia: Some Thoughts on 'Relevance'. Lynch, Andrew Jul 1, 2019 1483
What Future Can the Middle Ages Have? Choices and Connections. Young, Helen Jul 1, 2019 2367
Explore medieval England through Northumberland's castles. May 17, 2019 985
Roisin Cossar. Clerical Households in Late Medieval Italy. Stevens, Ellie Emslie Book review Mar 22, 2019 818
Voicing Identity, Community, and Diversity in The Second Shepherds' Play: Polyphony as Dramatic Experience in the Medieval World and Our Own. McGerr, Rosemarie Jan 1, 2019 18150
Conjuring the past: Kathleen Bickford Berzock on African art in the Middle Ages. Berzock, Kathleen Bickford Jan 1, 2019 1081
Emperors ruled through ordinances in medieval times. Dec 11, 2018 410
ON NORTH-WESTERN CONTACTS OF PERM FINNS IN VII-VIII CENTURIES. Goldina, Ekaterina; Goldina, Rimma Dec 1, 2018 5791
Sacred spot from Middle Ages is surrounded by legends even today. Nov 12, 2018 627
Jousting.. it's the perfect skill to master in your middle ages. Aug 5, 2018 619
Factory food? Not for this farming family. They're winning customers with an ethical approach going back to medieval times. Jul 27, 2018 1419
Spiegelungen in Dandin's Mirror: A Comparative Pursuit in the Translatability of Narrative Modes, Historicity, Prose, and Vernacularism across French and Asian Medieval Historiography. Kragh, Ulrich Timme Critical essay Jul 1, 2018 17477
Teaching the Global Middle Ages through Technology. Amer, Sahar; Ramey, Lynn Report Jul 1, 2018 6186
Inchinnan burial stones 'go back beyond medieval' DISCOVERY Find at ancient church site delights archaeologists. Jun 14, 2018 504
Medieval Europe. Teisch, Jessica Recommended readings May 1, 2018 3146
Medieval Latin Lives of Muhammad. Book review May 1, 2018 138
The Economy of Medieval Hungary. Book review May 1, 2018 155
A Matter of Geography: A New Perspective on Medieval Hebrew Poetry. Brief article May 1, 2018 124
A Companion to Medieval Genoa. Brief article May 1, 2018 143
Animal Rationality: Later Medieval Theories, 1250-1350. Brief article May 1, 2018 109
crossbow thug is jailed for attack; Judge tells yob: This is not medieval times. Mar 27, 2018 169
Medieval Jewish Perspectives on Human Rights. Bland, Kaiman P. Essay Mar 22, 2018 8528
THE POWER & PURPOSE of Western Civilization. Behreandt, Dennis Column Dec 18, 2017 5424
PM Modi taking India back to medieval times: Rahul Gandhi. Dec 16, 2017 291
After 35 years of kings, a queen is taking Medieval Times' Schaumburg throne. Dec 8, 2017 695
Nothing has changed since Middle Ages; Views of Wales. Jul 21, 2017 130
The Prisoner's Voice in Conflicting Narratives of Loyalty and Political Legitimacy in Late Medieval England. McVitty, E. Amanda Essay Jul 1, 2017 10447
"Play, utopia or anguish"? Accounting for the persistence of the discourse against slander from the Middle Ages to the early modern period. Parageau, Sandrine Essay Jun 22, 2017 8699
Destination: Middle Ages: Your Guide to the Arts in the Middle Ages. O'Brien, Cynthia Book review Jun 1, 2017 431
'Legends Of Tomorrow' EP Reveals What Nate Thinks Of Medieval England In Season 2, Episode 12 Featurette. Feb 21, 2017 365
Balancing Form, Function, and Aesthetic: A Study of Ruling Patterns for Zodiac Men in Astro-Medical Manuscripts of Late Medieval England. Witherden, Sian Critical essay Jan 1, 2017 10357
The Construction of Vernacular History in the Anglo-Norman Prose Brut Chronicle: The Manuscript Culture of Late Medieval England. Roberts, Jane Book review Jan 1, 2017 1334
The Justification of Wealth and Lordship versus Rulers' Exploitation in Late Medieval England. Hole, Jennifer Essay Jan 1, 2017 10849
Johan Huizinga, The Waning of the Middle Ages, and the writing of history. Moran, Sean Farrell Report Aug 24, 2016 6824
Blumenfeld-Kosinski, Renate, The Strange Case of Ermine de Reims: A Medieval Woman between Demons and Saints. Bonzol, Judith Book review Jul 1, 2016 876
Jervis, Ben, Lee G. Broderick, and Idoia Grau Sologestoa, eds, Objects, Environment, and Everyday Life in Medieval Europe. Hollis, Stephanie Book review Jul 1, 2016 823
O'Doherty, Marianne, and Felicitas Schmieder, eds, Travels and Mobilities in the Middle Ages: From the Atlantic to the Black Sea. Stoessel, Jason Book review Jul 1, 2016 886
Sanchez-Pardo, Jose C., and Michael G. Shapland, eds, Churches and Social Power in Early Medieval Europe: Integrating Archaeological and Historical Approaches. Leggett, Samantha Book review Jul 1, 2016 721
Schrock, Chad D., Consolation in Medieval Narrative: Augustinian Authority and Open Form. Cropp, Glynnis M. Book review Jul 1, 2016 780
Truitt, E. R., Medieval Robots: Mechanism, Magic, Nature, and Art. Gilmore, Shannon Emily Book review Jul 1, 2016 814
Burgess, R. W, and Michael Kulikowski, Mosaics of Time: The Latin Chronicle Traditions from the First Century BC to the Sixth Century AD. Volume I: A Historical Introduction to the Chronicle Genre from its Origins to the High Middle Ages. Stewart, Michael Edward Book review Jul 1, 2016 442
Johnson, Holly, The Grammar of Good Friday: Macaronic Sermons of Late Medieval England. Daintree, David Book review Jul 1, 2016 469
Medieval Models of Female Friendship in Christine de Pizan's The Book of the City of Ladies and Margery Kempe's The Book of Margery Kempe. Verini, Alexandra Essay Jun 22, 2016 11315
Sadrist Movement Preacher describes the current government as corrupt that wants to return Iraq to the eras of the Middle Ages. May 20, 2016 268
Location and the making of identity in The Romance of Horn. Duzgun, Hulya Tafli Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 5391
The Muslim Middle Ages. Feb 8, 2016 683
Nuns' Literacies in Medieval Europe: The Kansas City Dialogue. Miles, Laura Saetveit Book review Jan 1, 2016 1431
At the crossroads of history; Berwick is preparing for a blood-stirring annual lecture on the subject of the town's turbulent history in the middle ages - a time when the town changed hands between the English and Scots a total of 13 times. Once the principal port of Medieval Scotland, it was beseiged, stormed, sacked and burned. Here Dr Richard Moore explains all in the secpond part of his special report. Nov 10, 2015 1196
Heading off the enemy... Once the principal port-city of Medieval Scotland, Berwick was besieged, stormed, sacked, burned, massacred and even sold in the middle ages. Dr Richard Moore describes how the town witnessed a grisly new use for Medieval siege weaponry. Nov 9, 2015 978
When Africa civilised Europe. Ankomah, Baffour Nov 1, 2015 3076
... what impartial European historians said. Ankomah, Baffour Quotation Nov 1, 2015 1572
Talk at Blackfriars in Newcastle to examine the healthy diet of the medieval poor; Little meat and no sugar for most Middle Ages folk to be explored at event in partnership with Durham University's Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies. Oct 28, 2015 793
It is no surprise to find the great religious wars of the Welsh contributing to the middle ages, the crusades. Oct 26, 2015 2391
Ricardus Tertius Dentatus: textual history and the king's teeth. Huber, Emily Rebekah Essay Sep 22, 2015 10956
Step back to medieval times at castle. Aug 10, 2015 126
New library project brings medieval times to life. Aug 6, 2015 403
Medieval times brought to life. Aug 5, 2015 162
Medicine in the Middle Ages; NORTH TODAY. Aug 4, 2015 105
AkzoNobel helps rebuild a Wonder of the Medieval World. Aug 1, 2015 314
Historic Middle Ages footpath re-opened. Jul 7, 2015 390
An acoustical approach to the study of the wagons of the York Mystery Plays: structure and orientation. Lopez, Mariana Jul 1, 2015 7386
A taste of the Middle Ages. Jun 19, 2015 388
Chance to experience medieval life in North East. Jun 13, 2015 606
Town takes a step back to the Middle Ages. May 4, 2015 195
Northumberland town Berwick takes step back in time to the Middle Ages; A Northumberland town stepped back to the Middle Ages for the Bank Holiday weekend. May 4, 2015 187
A look at the medieval world. Mar 17, 2015 323
TIME ETRAVELS; From a journey through medieval England to modern history, an escorted tour can bring the distant - and not so distant -past to life. Mar 8, 2015 942
Prof /Nancy Edwards from Bangor University DIGGING DEEP TO UNEARTH HIDDEN Welsh history; Grant aid for professor to research medieval times. Jan 27, 2015 571
The Side: Pictures of one of Newcastle's most historic streets - then and now; Two views of The Side in Newcastle, which dates back to medieval times, and is now home to popular bars and restaurants. Jan 20, 2015 142
The Side dates back to medieval times. Jan 16, 2015 651
Preaching rhetorical invention: Poeta and Paul in the Digby Conversion of St Paul. Hubert, Ann Critical essay Jan 1, 2015 9065
Tracing neurological disorders in the handwriting of medieval scribes: using the past to inform the future. Thorpe, Deborah Jan 1, 2015 2886
Saudi women referred to terrorism court for driving is 'return to Middle Ages': ANHRI. Dec 28, 2014 205
March into middle ages. Nov 28, 2014 340
Medieval Lives: Birth, Marriage, Death. Video recording review Sep 1, 2014 156
Medieval and early modern emotional responses to death and dying. McNamara, Rebecca F.; McIlvenna, Una Essay Jul 1, 2014 4389
The sorrow of soreness: infirmity and suicide in medieval England. McNamara, Rebecca F. Essay Jul 1, 2014 11384
Girdles, belts, and cords: a leitmotif in Chaucer's General Prologue. Besserman, Lawrence Critical essay Jun 22, 2014 1411
Revealed: City's nightlife hub in medieval days. Jun 6, 2014 212
Tin and tinned dress accessories from medieval Wroclaw (SW Poland). X-ray fluorescence investigations/ Tinast ja tinatatud roivaste aksessuaarid keskaegsest Wroclawist (Edela-Poola). Rontgenfluorestsents-spektromeetrilised uuringud. Miazga, Beata Report Jun 1, 2014 6015
Parents go for medieval baby names. Apr 23, 2014 130
Doctor Who heads to the Middle Ages. Apr 19, 2014 183
Medieval Mysteries. Brief article Mar 1, 2014 237
A history of claims adjusting--Part 2: insurance in the Middle Ages. Brownlee, Ken Feb 1, 2014 1668
Echoes of the middle ages; SWAINBY AND WHORLTON: 21/2 MILES. Jan 24, 2014 528
Translated vs. original literature: religious mentalities mirrored in medieval texts in the Romanian area. Marinescu, Valeriu Report Jan 1, 2014 3808
The phrase dharmaparyayo hastagato in mahayana buddhist literature: rethinking the cult of the book in middle period indian mahayana buddhism*. Apple, James B. Essay Jan 1, 2014 16144
Practical and productive knowledge in the twelfth century: extending the Aristotelian Paradigm, c. 1120-c. 1160. Nederman, Cary J. Essay Jan 1, 2014 7746
Since feeling is first: teaching royal ethics through managing the emotions in the Late Middle Ages. Zahora, Tomas Critical essay Jan 1, 2014 12262
'The hours that they ought to direct to the study of letters': literate practices in the constitutions and rule for the Dominican sisters. Smith, Julie Ann Essay Jan 1, 2014 10503
Fashionable beards and beards as fashion: beard coats in Thomas Malory's Morte D'arthur. Clark, Laura Critical essay Jan 1, 2014 6635
Reassessing 27 Henry VIII, c.25 and Tudor welfare: changes and continuities in context. Brodie, Nicholas Dean Case study Jan 1, 2014 12083
"Aucuns de ma langue": language and political identity in late-medieval France. Delogu, Daisy Dec 22, 2013 8724
Byrne's stuck in the middle ages; Life begins at 40 they say, just tell that to Irish comic Ed Byrne, who appears to be nothing but irritated by it, as Emily Lambert discovers. Nov 15, 2013 627
Netanyahu: 'Israel marches toward future, radical Islam marches to dark middle ages'. Nov 1, 2013 473
Comedy with real history; Blackadder and Baldrick laughed and plotted their way from the Middle Ages to Britain's future. Marion McMullen checks out three decades of sex, lies and historical mishaps. Oct 31, 2013 783
Comedy with real history; NOSTALGIA Blackadder and Baldrick laughed and plotted their way from the Middle Ages to Britain's future. Marion McMullen checks out three decades of sex, lies and historical mishaps. Oct 28, 2013 783
Comedy with real history; Blackadder and Baldrick laughed and plotted their way from the Middle Ages to Britain's future. Marion McMullen checks out three decades of sex, lies and historical mishaps. Oct 28, 2013 783
Gul warns of dark Middle Ages in Muslim world. Oct 5, 2013 1011
Gul warns of dark Middle Ages in Muslim world. Oct 4, 2013 989
Medieval hospital which kept the poor out of alms way; History Quine History under your feet and on your doorstep The stories behind StThomas's and how it helped those less fortunate. Sep 19, 2013 725
City's remarkable collection of glass is still under wraps; HISTORY Medieval treasures from Coventry have never been fully displayed in the city since they were removed during the SecondWorldWar, writes Chris Upton. Aug 15, 2013 907
Midlands glazier created this medieval masterpiece; HISTORY One of the triumphant achievements of the Middle Ages was created in the Midlands, writes Chris Upton. Aug 8, 2013 963
Women Who Cough and Men Who Hunt: Taboo and Euphemism (kinaya) in the Medieval Islamic World. Naanian Erez Jul 1, 2013 17827
"Age Inflation and Deflation" in Medieval China. Chen, Sanping Jul 1, 2013 4082
The servants of the devil. The demonization of female sexuality in the medieval patristic discourse. Martin, Yolanda Beteta Author abstract Jul 1, 2013 8652
Thinking about Magic in Medieval and Early Modern Europe. Adams, Tracy; Olsen, Kerryn; Smith, Michelle A. Essay Jul 1, 2013 4250
Material magic: the deliberate concealment of footwear and other clothing. Randles, Sarah Essay Jul 1, 2013 9667
Castration and Culture in the Middle Ages. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 257
Journey back to Middle Ages; Yousay IN YOUR OPINION... Jun 27, 2013 141
Mystery in drop of leprosy during middle ages solved. Jun 14, 2013 351
Medieval weekend for the Guides. Jun 13, 2013 152
Scientific Detective Work Solves Sudden Drop In Medieval Leprosy. Jun 13, 2013 440
Propiedades de una dama y sumision sociolinguistica en la sociedad del ingles medieval tardio: uso de la negacion condicionado por genero en John Paston I y Margaret Paston. Hernandez Campoy, Juan Manuel Report Jun 1, 2013 8544
Medieval times return to Mold. May 30, 2013 190
Esthetic qualities, conventions, and aspect-switching: medieval Hebrew poetry in the perspective of modern theories of reading. Einat-Nov, Idit Critical essay Mar 22, 2013 5748
Shavarsh Kocharyan: Baku's destructive policy that reminds one of the Middle Ages will sooner or later lead to international recognition of Nagorno Karabakh. Mar 1, 2013 282
Knights Of Malta, A Remnant Of The Middle Ages, To Open Shelters, Soup Kitchens, Across Europe. Feb 6, 2013 870
A journey to the Middle Ages. Jan 24, 2013 301
Magi and Angels: charms in Plimpton Add. MS 02. Harrington, Marjorie Essay Jan 1, 2013 10402
The body of the virgin and the body of the beast: reflections on medieval monstrosity. Zimmerman, Susan Essay Jan 1, 2013 5941
Rethinking humanism: animals and the analogic imagination in the Italian Renaissance. Schiesari, Juliana Essay Jan 1, 2013 3773
Humanistic and technical education in antiquity and the middle ages. Krasic, S. Report Jan 1, 2013 14190
Humanistic and technical education in antiquity and the middle ages. Krasic, S. Report Jan 1, 2013 14475
The Brigata's overarching tale: rewriting the Christian Middle Ages. Cervigni, Dino S. Jan 1, 2013 22545
The effect of astrological opinions on society: a preliminary view. Mozaffari, S. Mohammad Report Dec 1, 2012 4330
Aspects of the economical life and holy architecture in S. Maria la Fossa during the middle ages. Bova, Giancarlo; Alpopi, Cristina Report Dec 1, 2012 3807
The flavors of the past: Humors, class and religion ruled medieval 'epicurean paradise'. Malcolm, Teresa Reprint Nov 23, 2012 1168
BACK TO THE MIDDLE AGES; Planners set to give Medieval village attraction approval. Nov 16, 2012 428
Home built on medieval castle ruins; THESOLAR. Nov 8, 2012 245
' I was deeply shocked that a stone's throw from the Olympic Stadium I found people living in conditions unacceptable in the Middle Ages ' Richard Madeley Meets The Squatters. Oct 21, 2012 420
Yggorasil and the stave church. Murphy, G. Ronald Essay Sep 22, 2012 10166
Elegant facade shields a real wealth of history; With its origins in medieval times, it's all in the details at this fine country home - Alison Jones reports. Sep 13, 2012 910
Grand melee gives crowds look at medieval life. Aug 20, 2012 179
Medieval Lingerie in 600-year-old Castle 'Rewrites Fashion History'. Jul 17, 2012 205
World was much warmer in Roman and Medieval times than it is now. Jul 12, 2012 492
Shafiq: Under Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt will return to middle ages. Jun 4, 2012 287
Visions of the afterlife: ideas pertaining to hell and the afterlife were frequently and graphically depicted during the Middle Ages. These vivid and idiosyncratic images conceptualise hell in a number of intriguing ways, as an exhibition opening this month at the J. Paul Getty Museum reveals. Schwarz, Martin May 1, 2012 3487
MEDIEVAL MISCHIEF. Apr 30, 2012 120
Dress to impress for medieval banquet. Mar 27, 2012 189
Regulation goes medieval; the federal Credit CARD Act is a setback for the rights of young people. Schwartz, Andrew A. Mar 22, 2012 4874
Anticipating modernity: the Jewish 'welfare state' in biblical and medieval times. Borowski, Allan Report Mar 22, 2012 8860
Medieval village campaigners take their battle to the council. Mar 8, 2012 238
MEDIEVAL MAYHEM; The past comes alive. Feb 20, 2012 169
Oatcake has right recipe for success; The Staffordshire oatcake's origins stretch back to the Middle Ages. Chris Upton enjoys a tasty look at the development of this local speciality. Feb 16, 2012 898
Hunting a sport from Middle Ages; Views of the North. Jan 2, 2012 304
Legal language and criminal conversation in medieval society and legends. Magiru, Anca; Magiru, Ionel Report Jan 1, 2012 3279
Medieval madness: Opicinus de Canistris and Geschwind Syndrome. Maizels, Michael Critical essay Jan 1, 2012 5284
From courtesy to urbanity in late medieval England. Foster, Michael Essay Jan 1, 2012 8665
The German migration to Livonia in the middle ages: some critical remarks/Saksa migratsioonist liivimaale keskajal: kriitilisi markmeid. Raudkivi, Priit Dec 1, 2011 7857
France meets leader of SNC in Paris--wants a humanitarian corridor for Syrians fleeing unrest--EU Mulling New Sanctions--Turkey says bloodshed puts Muslim world into "darkness of middle ages". Nov 24, 2011 1923
Deadly Sins on show in church; Medieval murals uncovered after 460 years. Nov 23, 2011 484
Incognita: the incredible shrinking continent. Mawer, Granville Allen Essay Nov 1, 2011 1606
Abbesses Great religious women of the early Middle Ages. Hansen, Mary Cover story Oct 1, 2011 1431
Archaeologists uncover slate 'that kept evil spirits at bay' CASTLE DIG SHEDS LIGHT ON MEDIEVAL LIFE IN WALES. Sep 30, 2011 621
Pomp and pageantry as castle travels back to the Middle Ages. Aug 15, 2011 264
Law and government in medieval Europe. Paraschiv, Elena Report Jul 1, 2011 2251
Crazy Bread. Infante, Judith Poem Jun 22, 2011 360
Jousting knights thrill crowds as castle returns to Middle Ages. Jun 20, 2011 174
Why the Dark Ages weren't really dark. Jun 1, 2011 536
Get a true taste of life in medieval times over two great weekends; What a fortnight! Apr 22, 2011 178
Museum recreates medieval melodies. Apr 9, 2011 205
A city dyed in the wool; Chris Upton examines what made Coventry one of the most important medieval cities in England. Apr 7, 2011 912
'A clear mirror, reflecting the wild and trackless places we passed' Gerald of Wales is best known for his Journey through Wales - an account of his travels around the country in 1188. Dr Charles Kightly discusses whether it truly held up a mirror to the medieval nation. Mar 25, 2011 689
Foreigns in "Terra di Lavoro" during the middle ages. Bova, Giancarlo Report Mar 1, 2011 1893
Taste of medieval life in city centre; Restaurant to dish up banquets in restored historic hall. Jan 29, 2011 331
A FEAST FIT FOR ROYALTY! Youngsters tuck in to medieval banquet. Jan 14, 2011 305
In Gerald's footsteps; Dr Barry Morgan, Archbishop of Wales, takes on a presenting role in a new S4C series. He goes in search of the medieval clergyman and travel writer Gerald of Wales. Here he talks about his quest. Jan 8, 2011 1040
"Middle" Ages. Jan 1, 2011 1262
Life in Scotland during Middle Ages 'not as bad as popularly portrayed'. Dec 28, 2010 351
Hizbullah official: Tribunal akin to Middle Ages court. Dec 11, 2010 218
Wenger says Fifa World Cup bidding process is from 'Middle Ages'. Dec 4, 2010 289
The word made image: the current exhibition of history manuscripts at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, highlights the complex interplay between text and illumination in medieval books and the values and aspirations cherished by their original audiences. Morrison, Elizabeth Dec 1, 2010 3012
Pavage grants and urban street paving in medieval England, 1249-1462. Harvey, Edward Dec 1, 2010 7174
An insight into medieval life. Nov 29, 2010 143
Was the medieval church in Wales really corrupt? Sep 24, 2010 387
Pretty ruins now, but what's the truth behind the medieval monasteries ofWales? The religious houses of medievalWales: small, remote, inward-looking - or were they? Sep 23, 2010 341
National Identity in Medieval Wales - Welsh or British? Devolution has the potential for creating a Welsh civic identity, regardless of ethnic background. But how was Welsh identity seen in the past? Can its origins be traced back to the middle ages? Was there even such a thing as national identity in medieval Wales? Sep 22, 2010 167
Medieval nationhood in the modern world. Sep 22, 2010 524
Medieval pizza; weird WORLD. Sep 1, 2010 101
Panther Called in for Medieval Inspections at Salisbury Cathedral. Aug 22, 2010 485
Take a journey back in time; Knights, minstrels and jesters will be descending on Wallington as the clock is turned back to the Middle Ages. Jul 23, 2010 439
Space and place in medieval contexts. Cassidy-Welch, Megan Essay Jul 1, 2010 4984
Medieval and renaissance French studies in the New Zealand universities. Cropp, Glynnis M. Essay Jul 1, 2010 7247
Ramon Llull and the Teaching of Foreign Languages in the Late Middle Ages. McCarthy, Joseph M. Report Jun 17, 2010 269
The destruction of the medieval castle of otepaa in the light of written and archaeological sources/otepaa piiskopilinnuse havimisdaatumist kirjalike ja arheoloogiliste allikate valguses. Mall, Jaak Report Jun 1, 2010 2920
About the destruction date of the medieval castle of Otepaa/Otepaa linnuse havimisdaatumist. Maesalu, Ain Report Jun 1, 2010 4828
Coin find from the medieval castle of Otepaa/Otepaa linnuse mundileid. Kiudsoo, Mauri Report Jun 1, 2010 924
Making a martyr: William of Norwich and the Jews: the murder of a 12-year-old boy in Norwich in 1144 inspired Thomas of Monmouth, a monk from the city's cathedral, to create an anti-semitic account of the incident. his influential work reveals much about life and belief in medieval England, argues Miri Rubin. Rubin, Miri Jun 1, 2010 3139
Take a walk around Cosmeston to find out about medieval life. May 11, 2010 117
The History of the Medieval World. Book review May 1, 2010 97
Measles in antiquity and the Middle Ages. Retief, Francois; Cilliers, Louise Apr 1, 2010 1943
Museum review: Miri Rubin explores the recently reopened medieval galleries at the V&A and the British Museum. Rubin, Miri Apr 1, 2010 748
The Time Traveler's Guide to Medieval England. Book review Apr 1, 2010 106
Cybersecurity: as far back as the middle ages, historians will attest that any well-traveled footpath was rife with thieves and thugs. These hoodlums would lurk in the ditches or woods and await their chance to steal or hurt unsuspecting souls along the route. Brown, Rachel Mar 1, 2010 2066
Medieval European pharmacy offers cure for broken hearts! Feb 13, 2010 140
Grade II country house steeped in historic status; Alison Jones reports on a timber-framed home, with Medieval origins and many historical features. Feb 4, 2010 528
Lost pioneers of science: medieval scholars were the first to make the connection between maths and science and anticipated the discovery of inertia long before Newton. So why have their discoveries been forgotten. Hannam, James Jan 1, 2010 1062
History section. Vance, Tom Author abstract Dec 22, 2009 3304
Medieval studies. Renna, Thomas Author abstract Dec 22, 2009 700
Bones analysis shows British women in medieval times were really tough. Dec 20, 2009 314
Outer archipelago fishing as a resource in the societies of the late iron age and middle ages/Kalastamine valissaarestikus kui hilisrauaaja ja keskaja uhiskondade elatusallikas. Norman, Peter Dec 1, 2009 7357
Jewish settlers and the return to the Middle Ages. Nov 4, 2009 1476
Remains of 1,000 people recovered from one of Ireland's largest medieval cemeteries. Nov 2, 2009 435
Medieval battle scenes in the Valleywood mud; Very little has happened at the Dragon International Studios complex near Llanharan since it was unveiled by actor and producer Sir Richard Attenborough in 2001. But, eight years later, the cameras have finally started rolling for a new film called Ironclad. EMILY WOODROW went on set to meet the cast and crew... Oct 24, 2009 614
Mayor's medieval move. Oct 1, 2009 159
Staying the royal sword: Alcuin and the conversion dilemma in early medieval Europe. Stofferahn, Steven Sep 22, 2009 9155
Illuminated manuscripts: colorful mirrors of the middle ages. Stern, Fred Sep 1, 2009 1484
Knight's tale: the recent discovery of J.H. Nixon's watercolours of the Eglinton tournament underscores the importance of medievalism in British life. Stamp, Gavin Sep 1, 2009 1158
Christian medieval Europe bad. Sep 1, 2009 105
Indo-Pacific warm pool may have been as hot during medieval times as it is today. Aug 28, 2009 436
A BLUFFERS GUIDE TO... The Grand Medieval Melee. Aug 14, 2009 248
Secret life of Peterborough during medieval times found under Cathedral Square. Jul 31, 2009 330
Back in touch with the Medieval times. Jul 22, 2009 249
Medieval merriment's galloping back again. Jun 19, 2009 531
Medieval marvels restored to life; It's bit of a mystery why it ever ended, but now a centuries-old tradition makes a return to Durham - and local people can play their part. Barbara Hodgson reports. Jun 13, 2009 772
In the medieval moment: the past is more than a set of events with an inevitable outcome. Historians must strive to capture it in all its fascinating strangeness, argues Chris Wickham, as he ponders the problems of writing about the Middle Ages. Wickham, Chris Jun 1, 2009 1521
Medieval literacy in the writing center. LeCluyse, Christopher Jun 1, 2009 2867
Between history and town-planning: Danitis, Maccabees, Sadducees, Medicis, Suricis, Christians and Marranos in Terra di Lavoro in the Middle Ages. Bova, Giancarlo Report May 1, 2009 4053
Illuminating tradition: the Saint John's Bible recreates a medieval tradition. Purvis, Connie May 1, 2009 436
Feast of medieval activities in store. Apr 13, 2009 214
Don't fall foul of medieval church law; Homes near churches may look attractive, but buying one could land you with some unexpected bills. Property law solicitor Claire Simmons explains why. Apr 11, 2009 510
Medieval warming 1000 yrs ago was a result of natural climate mechanism. Apr 4, 2009 444
Badger cull like 'medieval witchhunt'. Apr 2, 2009 218
Seals to shed light on life in Wales in Middle Ages; EDUCATION WALES Researchers will study thousands of examples in collection at National Library. Report Mar 19, 2009 630
A Persian Love Poem from Jerusalem of the Middle Ages. Mar 11, 2009 355
We love telly: Blumen beastly - PICK OF THE DAY - HESTON'S MEDIEVAL FEAST C4, 9pm. Mar 10, 2009 266
Future ball is going medieval. Jan 22, 2009 226
3am: 35... it's the Middle Ages! Happy 35th Birthday Kate. Jan 17, 2009 109
DNA analysis may shed light on origins of medieval books. Jan 13, 2009 358
GARDENING: Go back to the Middle Ages, start growing some herbs! Jan 10, 2009 648
Letter: Medieval Glamorgan was not anglicised. Jan 10, 2009 399
Youngsters put to the sword! CHALLENGE: Troubled children to learn medieval skills. Jan 2, 2009 337
The saints' guide to politics: you think today's politicians are less than perfect? Medieval politicians got away with murder and still became saints. Gallagher, Patrick Jan 1, 2009 1390
Medieval sword fights could be just the thing for 'difficult' pupils. Jan 1, 2009 326
Spice and status. Jan 1, 2009 473
Joust the way to learn; EDUCATION: Medieval fun. Dec 19, 2008 359
Castles return visitors to the Middle Ages. Nov 1, 2008 508
Mishandled vessels: heaving drinks and hurling insults in medieval Welsh literature and law. Cichon, Michael Sep 22, 2008 7017
Achievement and innovation in the Middle Ages: students compare civilizations. Kaio, Aaron; Gilbert, Katie Sep 1, 2008 1624
Place & past in medieval England: Nicholas Orme asks what sense medieval English people had of the land they lived in, and what ancient sites and natural wonders did they visit. Orme, Nicholas Jul 1, 2008 4099
Past, present, future perfect: paradigms of history in medievalism studies. Dell, Helen Critical essay Jul 1, 2008 9264
Deconstruction and the medieval indefinite article: the undecidable medievalism of Brian Helgeland's A Knight's Tale. D'Arcens, Louise Critical essay Jul 1, 2008 8048
Medievalism and convergence culture: researching the middle ages for fiction and film. Trigg, Stephanie Critical essay Jul 1, 2008 8150
What the trumpet solo tells us: A response. Matthews, David Critical essay Jul 1, 2008 3913

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