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Microwave Foods - New Product Development.

This text provides the reader with some of the history of the microwave oven in the foodservice area. Originally the author started to write up this material a full decade ago but such has been the pace of development since that it has been added to and brought up to date on a continuous basis since then. Hence the historical background that will allow readers to learn what has been tried and ensure new avenues of research are opened up.

The treatment in this book is not all that technical because it is assumed that those involved in new product development will be fully conversant with their own subject area. In reality, the microwave oven is another method of heating and it is really a matter of visualizing the opportunities such a unit presents to industry.

The chapter titles reveal the scope of the book very neatly and they are as follows: History of the microwave oven; Fundamentals of microwave heating; The microwave oven; Packaging food products for the microwave oven; Browning and the microwave oven; New product development for the consumer microwave oven market; Nutrition; and Microbiological considerations.

As the author says, the first chapter is important because few of the original participants remain. In the third chapter matters like safety are discussed because to understand this aspect enables proper reheating or cooking instructions to be formulated. The pack, as most readers will know, is at nearly as important as the product in microwave terms and to achieve the correct results it must be carefully designed. The sixth chapter sketches out what has been done so far and may save considerable time by ensuring research work does not cover ground that has already been explored. It is also interesting to note that microwave techniques seem to have little effect on nutrients present in the food.
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Date:Mar 1, 1993
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