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Microware Announces David V.2.0 Real-Time Operating System for Interactive Television; New Version of Industry Standard OS Enables Interactive Applications to be Transported and Accessed Across Any Network.

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 27, 1995--Microware Systems Corporation, at the opening of its DAVID Developers' Conference, today announced version 2.0 of its DAVID real-time operating system, the current standard for interactive television (ITV).

DAVID v2.0 gives the ITV industry the ability to author an application once, store it on any server, send it across any broadband network and run it on any DAVID-based digital network device.

DAVID (Digital Audio/Video Interactive Decoder) is an open operating system software standard for interactive digital television devices based on the OS-9 real-time operating system created and licensed by Microware. DAVID can be used in telephone, cable television and wireless networks and is licensed by a majority of manufacturers for use in early ITV trials and deployments, both in the United States and abroad.

"DAVID v2.0 builds on the tremendous acceptance of DAVID v1.1 in the interactive television industry," said Steve Johnson, executive vice president and general manager of New Media Systems at Microware. "Scalability, cross-platform interoperability, compatibility with emerging digital video industry standards and support for multiple digital network systems - including broadband telephone and cable, MMDS and digital Direct Broadcast Satellite - are some of the outstanding features of DAVID that make it the de facto standard for ITV networks."

DAVID Version 2.0 Features

DAVID v2.0 is a common platform for network operators, information service providers and content developers. As an open system, DAVID v2.0 features significant enhancements and third party software support to enable true application interoperability for interactive television networks. These enhancements include:

ITEM: ITEM (Integrated Telecommunications Environment for Multimedia) is Microware's open communications API for network-specific protocols and applications used for channel mapping, network navigation, establishing session connections and downloading consumer applications.

UPLINK: Microware's Uplink provides a full range of file support and isochronous stream support and allows for application portability across multiple server architectures. It is completely independent from any network and proprietary server protocol and will be DSM-CC compliant.

MAUI: MAUI (Multimedia Application User Interface), Microware's high-speed and hardware independent open graphics interface. Modular and compact in design, MAUI provides an extensive set of low-level graphical and communications services to satisfy the most demanding applications.


QuickTime/QuickDraw: DAVID v2.0 will also support Apple Computer's powerful QuickDraw and QuickTime multimedia authoring layers. QuickDraw provides 32-bit color graphics and font support through a common API. QuickTime brings to DAVID v2.0 the multimedia industry's most popular API for storage and synchronized playback of numerous media assets.

Moreover, DAVID v2.0 supports MPEG-2 digital audio/video compression for higher picture quality and sound. SPF (Serial Protocol File) Manager for DAVID v2.0 is a unified network communications package and has been expanded to support ATM, TCP/IP, UDP/IP and ADSL protocols for wired or wireless broadband networks. DAVID v2.0 is available for PowerPC, 68xxx and Pentium/x86 computing platforms.

Manufacturers Adopt DAVID

More than 20 manufacturers -- including General Instrument, NEC, IBM, Philips, Samsung, DiviCom, Mitsubishi, Stellar One and Goldstar -- have adopted the DAVID platform for use in decoder products in current and future network deployments. DAVID-based decoders are deployed in Bell Atlantic's Stargazer Video-On-Demand trial and Hong Kong Telecom's ADSL trial. DAVID-based decoders have also been selected by Cox Cable, Telecom Italia, Telstra, Singapore Telecom, Korea Telecom and New Brunswick Telecom. The DAVID system is also supported by leading video server providers such as NEC, Fujitsu, N-Cube, DEC and IBM; and is being targeted by popular authoring tool and graphics companies like Apple, Macromedia, Oracle, Scala and Sybase, thereby assuring end-to-end solutions for interactive television.

DAVID Developers Association Launch

Along with the v2.0 launch, Microware announced the formation of the DAVID Developers Association (DDA). The DDA is an organization sponsored and administered by Microware that will provide members with technical and business information for creating and marketing DAVID applications and tools. Charter members of the DDA include market leaders from all facets of the ITV industry: ACT/Technico, Apple Computer, Bell Atlantic Network Services, Broadband Applications Development Company, Digital Media Studios/Digital Equipment Corporation, DiviCom, FutureVision, General Instrument, Macromedia, MicroMall, Oracle, Philips Digital Videocommunications Systems, Stellar One and Sybase.

Company Background

Microware's mission is to provide dependable intelligence for smart products. Its modular OS-9 operating system, I/O support and sophisticated development tools have enabled the company to become a "total solution" supplier and extremely well suited to the entire spectrum of embedded products. It is the first and only real-time operating system company to receive ISO 9001 Total Quality Management Certification. The company was founded in 1977 and is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa. Microware has offices in San Jose, California; Tokyo, Japan; Burnham, England; and Aix-en-Provence, France. In addition, the company has authorized distributors worldwide.

CONTACT: Microware Systems Corp.

Deb Fry, 515/224-1929


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Dean Rodgers, 415/638-3400
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Date:Sep 27, 1995
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