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Microtec optimizes VRTX real-time operating system for i960 processor development; increased performance and functionality ideal for data communication applications.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 11, 1995--Microtec Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTEC) a leading supplier of software development tools and operating systems for embedded applications, today announced support for the Intel i960 microprocessor with the VRTX real-time operating system and Spectra cross-development backplane.

The VRTXsa real-time kernel has been finely tuned to the i960 architecture to provide increased speed and functionality.

With the availability of these products, the i960 developer now has a complete development solution from Microtec that also includes an advanced ANSI C compiler package, XRAY for Spectra debugger with simulator, and the XRAY MasterWorks productivity tools. This gives i960 developers a highly integrated development solution.

"The i960 Cx processor is positioned to excel in advanced data communication applications, such as routers, bridges, and hubs where real-time performance and functionality are critical features," said Gail Hamilton, vice president of marketing for Microtec Research. "The VRTXsa kernel exhibits increased performance and reduced interrupt latency by providing full support for i960 processor features such as interrupt vector caching and instruction and data caches."

"Microtec's 80960 software development offerings provide customers with a complete development environment. The VRTX operating system, coupled with XRAY MasterWorks, enables customers to get their products to market faster, with better code generation," said Phil Ames, Intel's Solutions960 manager.

"We selected Microtec for i960 development because they offer a highly integrated development solution. With their open architecture, we now have the option of using the Microtec tools independently or integrated with our new VRTX-based applications and with our legacy systems," said Michael Williams, director core technology for Gandalf Technologies, Inc. "In addition, we are now able to use a common toolchain across multiple platforms and development teams."

The VRTX kernel has been further optimized for increased speed by taking full advantage of pipeline instruction and superscaler instruction scheduling. In addition to the kernel, the VRTX real-time operating system also includes SNX STREAMS-based networking for excellent portability and real-time response and IFX, a device-independent I/O suitable for multitasking real-time environments. IFX further assists in the integration of devices, such as RAM disks, clocks, and serial communication devices into the user's system.

Spectra is an open cross-development backplane that represents the first and most complete application of a client-server architecture to real-time and embedded software development. It permits company-wide standardization by supporting development for a wide range of environments and its open interfaces increase extensibility and facilitate the preservation of existing code. When used with XRAY MasterWorks, developers will receive the many benefits of rapid edit-compile-debug combined with versatile host/target connectivity. Users also gain the ability to debug optimized C applications with full knowledge of the run-time environment.

Support will be available in October 1995 for the CA and CF versions of the i960 processor with a Heurikon HK80/V960D board support package. Support for the Jx version, C++, and the Cyclone EP80960 board is expected first quarter, 1996. Starting price is $10,045.

Microtec Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTEC), a leading supplier of software products for the development of embedded systems, offers a broad, integrated product line and extensive support network. The company is committed to open systems and provides a full line of high-performance C/C++ cross compilers, assemblers, source-level XRAY Debugger, and the well-known VRTX/OS operating system. These products speed software development and streamline hardware integration for thousands of demanding embedded applications. With the XRAY MasterWorks integrated C/C++ development environment and the Spectra backplane developers have access to versatile embedded software products that speed the edit-compiler-debug cycle and improve host-target connectivity.

Microtec Research has its headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif., and maintains offices in London, Munich, Osaka, Paris, Stockholm, Seoul, Tokyo, Kyoto, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Orlando, San Diego, Nashua, and New York, with distributors worldwide. -0-

Note to Editors: Microtec, Spectra, VRTX, XRAY and XRAY MasterWorks are registered trademarks of Microtec Research, Inc. VRTXsa and Source Explorer are trademarks of Microtec Research. i960 is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Sep 11, 1995
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