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Microsoft develops foot-mat for e-mail users.

Worldwide Computer Products News-2 March 2006-Microsoft develops foot-mat for e-mail users(C)1995-2006 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD

Researchers at software company Microsoft are working to develop a pad with buttons, which PC users place on the floor and tap on with their feet to perform routine computer tasks.

The researchers said the foot interface has been developed to provide an alternative way of working for information workers having to sit at desks and deal with e-mail. The pad is expected to enable users to scroll through their inbox and open, delete and close messages.

The mat has been adapted by Microsoft from the mat developed by Konami, a game company, for its Dance Dance Revolution game, which involves players stepping on sensors on the mat to copy the moves shown on screen. The Microsoft mat will offer six sensors and will require a double-foot stamp to delete junk e-mail.

The mat is expected to help PC users with limited hand movements to use their computers, give people a rest from keyboard and mouse work and help reduce repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

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Date:Mar 2, 2006
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