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Microsoft blocks 2nd wave of attacks by Blaster worm.

TOKYO, Aug. 16 Kyodo

Microsoft Corp. engineers successfully managed to avoid a second wave of attacks from the Blaster computer worm, which has infected more than 250,000 computers worldwide, computer experts said Saturday.

The worm was programmed to use the infected computers to bombard Microsoft's Windows Update Web site from the stroke of midnight in each country Saturday. The attacks were intended to fling a huge amount of data at the site that helps Windows users protect their machines from computer viruses.

Microsoft experts have taken measures to protect the site by revising data on a server the worm was to target, said Masakazu Takahashi, an official at the Japan unit of Internet Security Systems of the United States.

An official of the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications said the current attack on Microsoft is too insignificant to affect the entire Internet system.

Japanese government agencies and Internet service providers were on high alert ahead of the anticipated midnight Blaster attack.

Japan and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region would have suffered the attack before countries in any other region due to the time difference.

Blaster, which exploits a common flaw in the Microsoft personal computer operating system, targets Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Microsoft Co., the Japan unit of the U.S. computer software giant, said it has reinforced security measures at the Windows Update site.
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Publication:Japan Computer Industry Scan
Geographic Code:9JAPA
Date:Aug 18, 2003
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