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Microsoft Delays Mac IE5 as It Tussles With 'Tasman'.

Microsoft Corp has confirmed that it is delaying the release of the Macintosh version of Internet Explorer 5 (IE5) until December, while it tweaks the new 'Tasman' rendering engine and other features of the browser. The Mac IE5, which made a big splash at MacWorld in New York this summer, had been due to make its debut this fall. Microsoft talked up the application at the show, saying that it would have features not available in Windows.

The rendering engine is claimed to enable Mac users to view all of the pages available on the net. The differing color palates available on Windows-based machines and Macs means that its is difficult view content created on Windows via Mac - IE5 seeks to address this. Microsoft also has also promised support for the latest versions of HTML variants, such as Dynamic HTML in the software. According to a Microsoft spokesperson Outlook Express 5.0 for the Mac - which was also unveiled at MacWorld - will ship this fall, as planned.
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Date:Sep 10, 1999
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