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Microphone suits unpredictable sound fields.


Bruel & Kjaer has developed the world's first multi-field measuring microphone. It can cover many measuring scenarios that would otherwise require three different conventional half-inch mics.

The device is suitable for situations where the nature of the sound field is unknown, or can change over time. The microphone also suits complex spaces with non-stationary or multiple sources that need to be measured in one go.

Type 4961, is the only quarter-inch measuring microphone with a 20dB noise floor and sensitivity exceeding 50mV/Pa. This enables it to take accurate measurements in free, diffuse or diverse sound fields.

It has the same low noise floor as a half-inch microphone and optimised multifield response. This means that it can get accurate measurements in a wide range of conditions.

"Because Type 4961 is small and relatively insensitive to the angle of incidence, it simplifies the process of taking complex sound measurements," said Bruel & Kjaer. "This saves a lot of valuable time."

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Title Annotation:TECHNOLOGY
Publication:Environmental Engineering
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Date:Jun 22, 2009
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