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(1752) A philosophic tale by Voltaire that discusses the relativity of dimensions and the insignificance of mankind in the universe. Written in imitation of Cyrano de Bergerac 's Histoire comique and of Jonathan Swift 's Gulliver ' s Travels, its protagonists are Micromegas, a 120,000 - foot - tall inhabitant of the star Sirius, and his friend from Saturn, a " dwarf " 6,000 feet tall. They visit the earth and are impressed with the scientific knowledge of humans but are horrified by the stupidity of religious wars and dogmas. The work is a satire on the philosophic systems of Descartes,

Leibnitz, and Nicolas de Malebranche.

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Publication:Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia, 3rd ed.
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Date:Jan 1, 1987
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