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Microcalc - Financial Calculator Library.

Microcalc - Financial Calculator Library

Microcalc, Inc., 318 Mendocino Avenue, Suite 22, Santa Rosa, CA

This software was designed into a series of customized 85 calculator models that offer all of the "most commonly used financial formulas in ready to use form" for real estate, accounting, financial planning, home budgets, business and educational use. The custom calculators are formatted to calculate and display from four to eight sets of financial answers, offering an alternative to other financial software or hand held/desk top calculator. These formulas allow the user to get answers to: monthly payments, interest rates, present values, future values, rates of return, financial ratios, break even points, monthly cash flow analysis, amortization and more. Microcalc specializes in end user marketing. The real estate calculators double as predesigned marketing tools for the real estate professional. The system requires an IBM or compatible computer, 512K minimum RAM (memory), DOS 2.0 or higher, and a hard disk. For the Macintosh version, it requires Microsoft Excel or Works, 1MB of RAM, one 800K disk drive and a hard disk.
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Publication:The National Public Accountant
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Date:Nov 1, 1990
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