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Microbiology - an Introduction.


An Introduction by Gerard J Tortora, Berdell R Funke and Christine L Case. 3rd edition.

Whilst the first text was published as recently as 1982, this title is estimated to have been read by around 200,000 students already. Having said that, it is obvious that the book is aimed squarely at students of the subject. Nevertheless, the aim remains to provide clear coverage of the topic and naturally it has been updated where necessary. This edition includes more photomicrographs and illustrations, and the whole book has been redesigned to improve its presentation.

Divided into five parts, the text is set out as chapters with titles: The microbial world and you; Chemical principles; Observing microorganisms through a microscope; Functional anatomy of procaryotic and eucaryotic cells; Microbial metabolism; Microbial growth; Microbial genetics; Classification of microorganisms; Bacteria; Fungi, algae, protozoans and multicellular parasites; Viruses; Principles of disease and epidemiology; Mechanisms of pathogenicity; Non specific defences of the host; Specific defences of the host - the immune response; Practical applications of immunology; Disorders associated with the immune system; Anti-microbial drugs; Microbial diseases of the skin and eyes; Microbial diseases of the nervous system; Microbial diseases of the cardiovascular system; Microbial diseases of the respiratory system; Microbial diseases of the digestive system; Microbial diseases of the urinary and reproductive systems; Soil and water microbiology; and Applied microbiology and biotechnology. These chapters are followed by no fewer than six appendices. As before, basic principles are given greater emphasis than applications, and health-related applications are emphasized. With this new presentation, the publishers feel the reader's understanding has been greatly improved, and there are plenty of references to further reading.
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Date:Jun 1, 1990
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