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Microbial Food Poisoning.

Including the editor, who authored six of the chapters, four other contributors have produced material for this book. The chapters are entitled: Introduction; Infective bacterial food poisoning; Toxic bacterial food poisoning; Other bacterial pathogens; Mycotoxic fungi; Viruses and protozoa; Laboratory diagnosis; Epidemiology; Microbiological control of food production; and Food safety and food legislation.

The safety of food suddenly became a very topical subject just a few short years ago. Immediately it was in the public domain, there appeared to be more cases of food poisoning being reported and everyone began to look for scapegoats and blamed the use of additives, the government and anyone but their own lack of understanding of the whole interlinked business of food hygiene and safety.

This book came into being because the author could not find a book on the topic that was suitable for use by medical students, although as his writing proceeded, it became a wider-based piece of prose. He even found that a single definition of food poisoning did no appear to exist so he has set out his own. Following on from this, he has set out the modes of pathogenesis of organisms and discussed the pathogens that now seem to be emerging as causal agents.

Chapters beside those written by Dr Eley were contributed by expert microbiologists. With all this information set down in one slim volume, it has been possible to draw conclusions that will ensure stricter hygiene levels can be put in place by ensuring that we all understand the need for such action.
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Date:Mar 1, 1993
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