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MicroBeam releases ASAP! file transfer software.

MicroBeam Corporation has released MicroBeam ASAP!, an easy, fast, secure way to send and receive files. ASAP!'s drag and drop interface permits sending of files by selecting the file and dragging it to the sender icon, which can be customized with the logo or name of the receiver. Users needn't know anything about telecommunications. No passwords or Ids are required, yet ASAP! automatically prevents non-authorized parties from entry into your system for completely secure file transfer.

ASAP! performs automatic transparent compression and decompression to reduce file transfer time and save on telephone charges, but performs integrity checks to ensure that data are not lost.

ASAP! automatically handles an array of BBS housekeeping chores. Without passwords to keep track of, user Ids to issue, and files to be strewn throughout the system, ASAP! makes file handling easy. Each transmission is stored' in its own folder, containing the name and address of the sending party, as well as the file contents, size, and creator type. A built-in NoteWriter permits instructions to be attached to the job. There is automatic protection against two users sending a file with the same name and having the first one overwritten, as ASAP! notes the duplicate name and appends a unique identifier to the folder name.

ASAP! supports a wide array of modems and communications tools, including X Modem and ISDN. A proprietary Z modem tool will also be made available. Purchasers of ASAP! are entitled to free unlimited distribution of the ASAP! Sender. ASAP! has a suggested retail price of $695 and is available now.

For more information, contact MicroBeam, 11350 66th St. North, Suite 116, Largo, FL 34643, 813/546-2727.

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Date:Apr 1, 1995
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