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Micro-XRF Elemental Analyzer.

The Eagle [Mu]-Probe combines the Eagle micro-spot XRF elemental analyzer with the advanced Phoenix energy-dispersive X-ray analyzer system. It uses sophisticated capillary optics to concentrate the X-ray beam size down to a 100 [Mu]m diameter on the sample. The high intensity optics coupled with a 10 mm working distance, DDC video imaging cameras, and motorized XYZ stage, allow non-destructive, simultaneous multi-element analysis of the widest variety of solid objects, liquids and powders. Phoenix analyzer component of the system provides 8 processing time constants to allow user to achieve optimum detector resolution with X-ray counts as high as 100,000/sec. Applications include forensics, high-tech materials, failure analysis, and reverse engineering. EDAX, Inc., Mahwah, NJ 07430.

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Date:Jun 1, 2000
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