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Micro-Epsilon offers mix-and-match controls choice.

Precision sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon has extended its CapaNCDT 6200 high resolution capacitive measurement range to include the DL6230 demodulator, which offers up to 10 times higher resolution and can synchronise measurements from multiple banks of controllers.

This means users can mix-and-match controllers, demodulators and capacitive sensors to suit the application.

The CapaNCDT 6200 controller for non-contact capacitive displacement and position sensors provides a modular, measurement system suitable for R&D, test, OEM and production environments, where flexibility to expand the measurement system and high precision measurement are key. The base unit can be expanded to include up to four measurement channels.

The CapaNCDT 6200 can be expanded by simply adding a DL6220 demodulator, which provides an Ethernet interface, supporting fast and easy configuration through a web browser. No additional software has to be installed. The Ethernet interface maximises the accuracy of measurement readings, as there is no signal "noise" compared to analogue outputs, resulting in true nanometre resolutions.

The DL6230 unit can now also be added to the controller or the DL6220 demodulator as an expansion module. As well as an Ethernet interface, the DL6230 provides an EtherCAT interface and as well as synchronising the four measurement channels, it can now synchronise multiple banks of controllers/demodulators.

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Title Annotation:Technology
Publication:Environmental Engineering
Date:Jun 1, 2014
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