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Micro leak detector.

New from PBI-Dansensor is the LeakPointer, an automatic, nondestructive detector for micro leaks. This tabletop system completes PBI-Dansensor's product range of on- and off-line C[O.sub.2] leak testers for modified atmosphere packed products where C[O.sub.2] often is a part of the gas composition used. The basic principle of all PBI-Dansensor's leak detectors is identical: the package is placed inside a test chamber and a user-defined vacuum is created. The vacuum in the test chamber will establish a pressure difference between the inside of the package and the test chamber causing C[O.sub.2] from the package to enter the test chamber through the smallest leak. A highly sensitive sensor is able to measure all changes in the C[O.sub.2] content and will detect micro leaks. The purchase and operating costs are low compared to helium leak detectors. Telephone: 45-57-66-00-88; Fax: 45-57-66-00-99.
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Comment:Micro leak detector.(Supplier's corner: the latest news from suppliers)
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Date:Aug 1, 2003
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