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Micro drive excludes on-line snoops.

A thumb-size storage device that came on the market several months ago permits web surfing with no fingerprints in one's personal computer and protects the user's personal information, credit cards and financial transactions from on-line inspection.

The device is an upgraded version of Stealth Ideas Inc.'s StealthSurfer. The drive relies on flash storage and identify protection to prevent identity theft and total privacy protection from on-line hackers. The Newport Beach, Calif., technology company offers StealthSurfer II with memory capacity of 128 megabytes to one gigabyte.

It comes loaded with its own web browser that stores cookies, cached files and images are captured on the removable device that accesses lap tops or desktops via a universal serial buss.

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Title Annotation:TECH TALK; Stealth Ideas Inc.
Author:Williams, Robert H.
Publication:National Defense
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Date:Aug 1, 2005
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