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Micro X-ray Fluorescence.

Expression of Interest for Micro X-ray Fluorescence

understanding of the market, technology, pricing structure, and level of market interest in participating in any future IAEA bidding process for MXRF spectrometers.


This document lists the requirements for a Microfocussing X-Ray Fluorescence

(MXRF) spectrometer, capable of analysing cotton swipes used to collect environmental

samples inside nuclear facilities.

Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations

The following definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations shall apply throughout this

Specification unless defined otherwise hereinafter:

EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility

ESS Environmental Sampling for safeguards

SDD Silicon Drift Detector


The contractor shall provide the MXRF as an integrated instrument capable of performing

all functions required for the surface analysis of ESS (cotton swipe), controlled and operated

with a PC (hereinafter referred to as the instrument ), resulting in quantitative mapping of

the element distribution on the ESS.

Two configurations are of interest to the IAEA:

(i) A configuration which can be installed as resident in the Lab, and

(ii) A transportable, modular configuration which can be carried and used in the field.

User requirements for both configurations are listed in the following Sections.


Address : PO Box 100 1400 Vienna

Country :Austria

Email :

Tender notice number : EOI-288329-SK

Notice type : Prequalification

Open date : 2019-09-09

Project name : N/A

Tender documents : T446559962.html

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Aug 19, 2019
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