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Micro Vane builds customer base.

Micro Vane Builds Customer Base

According to Micro Vane Inc., the company has sold its dBEV Beverage Management System to more than 730 beverage wholesalers nationwide. The company reports that it was recognized as one of Michigan's 100 fastest growing private companies for the past three years by Corporate Detroit Magazine.

"We are able to maintain our growth rate because of our excellent customers," says Bob Pursel, Micro Vane's vice president of marketing. "We only employ two salespeople out of 21 employees because our emphasis is on support, not sales. By focusing on customer service, we figure we have 730 people out there selling for us, instead of only two."

Micro Vane has announced a new format for customer seminars in 1991, holding

one seminar each quarter at select regional sites around the country. "Customers who attended our seminars were anxious to extend their knowledge of dBEV Version 8.0 and view benefits of the newly-released Version 8.1 enhanced system," Pursel says.

According to Micro Vane, Version 8.1 boasts an array of new features. New selections for daily reports have been added to help reduce/eliminate printing of unwanted data; Search windows were added to easily locate reporting criteria and facilitate history and distribution reporting and additional menu selections made available (parameters were added to history and distribution reports to further refine data before printing).

Once reporting selections have been made in Version 8.1, Microvane reports, the user can "store" the selections under a chosen report name for easy recall at a future date. In addition, all printed reports available in dBEV can now be viewed on-screen, allowing review of grand totals without having to print the entire report.

A new menu-driven "search routine" has been added, whereby the operator selects specific information needed on reports, and the program displays all the reports and inquiries that fulfill the reporting requirements. A sample of each is displayed on-screen with the touch of a key.

A new commission module has also been introduced, giving wholesalers a means of handling the many ways that drivers, sales representatives, helpers and supervisors are paid commission.

According to Micro Vane, customer interest in Norand Route Commanders is very high, due in part to the recently available "Route Book" software available for these portable terminals. "We now have approximately 130 customers benefiting from handheld terminals," Pursel says, "and we expect to see our sales increase in '92 as more and more wholesalers realize the value of these units to their business."

Pursel notes that users were helpful in providing ideas to enhance Micro Vane's point-of-sale "Tracker" module and competitive tap module. New versions of each were released in 1991.

For more information, contact Bob Pursel, vice president of marketing, Micro Vane, Inc. 8135 Cox's Drive. Kalamazoo, MI 49002. Tel: (800) 222-0677.

PHOTO : A Micro Vane user works with the company's dBEV program.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jan 20, 1992
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