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Michigan Literary Luminaries: From Elmore Leonard to Robert Hayden.

Michigan Literary Luminaries: From Elmore Leonard to Robert Hayden


Charleston, SC: The History Press, $19.99

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Detroiter Dudley Randall revolutionized American literature by doing for poets what Motown Records did for musicians. Saginaw greenhouses shaped the life of Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Theodore Roethke. And in Kalamazoo, "you can't throw a rock without hitting a poet." From Ernest Hemingway's rural adventures to the gritty fiction of Joyce Carol Oates, Michigan's landscape has inspired generations of the nation's greatest storytellers. In "Michigan Literary Luminaries," author Anna Clark shines a spotlight on this rich heritage of the Great Lakes State, revealing its written culture through a mixture of history, literary criticism, and original reporting.

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Publication:Michigan History Magazine
Article Type:Brief article
Date:Mar 1, 2016
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