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Michigan County's solid waste plan update headed for public review.

A proposed update to Lenawee County's solid waste plan is being presented for public comment at a hearing, two years after a committee started a rewrite in response to the closing of the Adrian Landfill.

A solid waste planning committee voted 8-0 to send the draft plan to the public comment and hearing steps. The committee will meet again in late June or early July for the public hearing and to vote about whether to send the plan to the county commission, said Grant Bauman, principal planner for the Region 2 Planning Commission.

He has been guiding the committee through the amendment process.

There are no easy solutions in the plan to fund recycling and environmental programs that were financed in the past with landfill revenue, said committee chairwoman Judith Holcomb.

Lenawee County is using reserve money from landfill revenue to operate a recycling collection center in Adrian and provide collections of scrap tires, electronics and other materials each spring and fall. Those reserves are expected to be used up this year.

All potential sources of revenue are listed in the amended solid waste plan, Holcomb said. The options include using the county's general fund, seeking grants and donations and a county millage, and a potential re-opening of the mothballed landfill.

Recycling services are also provided by local communities in Lenawee County, Holcomb said. Bauman said the planning committee is leaving it to the county commission to decide on funding for county-run recycling and solid waste programs.

The county commission will be the next stop for the solid waste plan amendment if the committee votes to recommend its adoption after the public hearing. If the commission votes approval, it would go next to the townships, cities and villages to gather approval from at least two-thirds of the local governments.

Final consideration must come from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

Source: Dennis Pelham, Daily Telegram

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Publication:Solid Waste Report
Date:Feb 23, 2016
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