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Articles from Michigan Academician (September 22, 2019)

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"A mad scramble for identity": The Core Self of Marvel's Loki. 233
"A man loyal to nothing except the dream": Captain America's Audit of a Post-Authoritarian America. 214
"I would but I can't." Refusal Strategies among Bilingual Adolescents with Hearing Loss vs. Bilingual Adolescents with Typical Hearing. 234
"Stretching" Out to Kids: Yoga and Mindfulness for Adolescents in Regard to Social/Emotional Development in Schools. 221
"The beauty! The beauty!": Conquering the Female Body in Heart Of Darkness and The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao. 221
"The Desert". 213
(De)colonization and Library Partnerships in Indonesia. 179
A Bayesian Model for the Career Trajectory of a Chess Player's ELO Rating. 203
A Case of Congenital Aphantasia: Is Imagery Apparent in Visual Brain Areas? 233
A Cellular and Attentional Networks Explanation of Consciousness. 211
A Comparison of the Accounting Standard Setting Process in the United States vs. the European Union. 120
A Curve Satisfying [tau]/[kappa]=1/S with Constant [kappa] >0. 127
A Forum on State and Regional Conferences: An Ideological Criticism. Conference news 215
A Longitudinal Study of Second Language Development in Two Learning Contexts. Clinical report 232
A Predator-Prey Model for Bald Eagles and Seabirds. 112
A Prospective Competitive Effects Analysis of the AT&T/Time Warner Merger. 165
A Quantitative Method For Measuring Nematode Lethality of Botanical Extract. 222
A Record of Seasonal Sand Movement from a Charlevoix County, Michigan Foredune. 195
A Revision for the Role of Religion in Contemporary Society. 182
A Study on Simulation of Building Performance: How Air Distribution Systems and Building Envelope Design Affect Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency in Educational Buildings. 226
A Survey of Michigan School Superintendents' Assessment of Faculty and Staff Professional Development Needs. 147
A Text Analysis and Raters' Perspectives of a Promotional Genre: Exploring Fulbright ETA Application Statements. 225
A Three-Dimensional Approach to Software Testing. 214
Adam, Eve and Darwin Walk into the Garden of Eden: How Scientists Reconcile Evolution and Religion. 198
Addressing the Gap: A Community Based Research Approach to Preserve Traditional Medicine in Kenya. 215
Advanced College ESL Writing Textbooks Vs. First-Year Writing Textbooks at Three Michigan Institutions: What Qualitative Content Analysis (QCA) Reveals. 221
Affecting Touch: Haptic Encounters with Identity and Alterity in Everyday Life. 212
Aggregation Induced Emission in PAMAM Dendrimers. 195
An Environmental History of Beaver Island, Michigan. 192
An Ethnographic Study: Andrews University Lady Cardinals Soccer Team and Group Dynamics. Report 217
An Examination of the Mother-Baby Relationship. 203
An Experimental Design: Impact of Synergistic Endocrine Disruption on Morphology, Physiology, and Behavior in the Norway Rat (Rattus Norvegicus). 184
Analysis of DI-Amino Acids Ratios in Eggshells Using Reverse Phase-High Pressure Liquid Chromatography. 205
Analysis of Trends for Inquiry and Risk Taking in Facilitating Teacher Leadership. 159
Analyzing Demand for Weekly Live-Streamed Content on Social Media. 182
Anomic Approach to Investigate Depressive Symptoms, Biological Factors and Preterm Birth in Pregnant African American Women. 248
Anxiolytic Effects of Floatation-REST Therapy. Clinical report 196
Applying Acoustic Reverberations to Detect Oil Under Ice. 157
Archival Networking: Anna Maria van Schurman's Manuscript Letters to French and English Women Scholars and Artists. 135
Are Florida Manatees Thicker than Caribbean Manatees? An Investigation into Body Shape between the Two Subspecies. 230
Assessment of an Agarose Hydrogel for Three-Dimensional Bioprinting. 189
Assigning Shakespeare's Texts. 211
Astrobiology and the Early Earth--An Exhibit Development Project at Cranbrook Institute of Science. 239
Automatic Author Identification Using Machine Learning Tools. 170
Avatars of Suffering: Killmonger and Beloved are the Antagonists We Need. 215
Best Practices for Development and Implementation of an Honor Code. 235
Beyond Recognition of Gender and Sexual Orientation: Reducing Stigma, Anxiety and Depression on Asexual and Other Sexually Non-Conforming Populations. 238
Board Effectiveness, Gender Diversity and Financial Vulnerability in the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities. 236
Born Again with Trump: The Portrayal of Evangelicals in the Media. 216
Can a Symbol Take You to Heaven? Noetic Exegesis and Teleology in the Early Church. 209
Can Cirsium pitcheri patterns be used to assess blowout activity? 226
Can Wisdom Be Taught? 135
Career Counseling for Ethnic Minorities. 228
Carrot Cloning. 207
Cellphones and Socialization: Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Accounts. 191
CEO Social Engagement and the Integration of Social Media Strategy. 107
Chaos and Disorder: China's Fragile and Uncertain Foreign Policy Since the Opium Wars. 235
Chemical Reaction Rate Calculations on an NVIDIA Graphics Card. 154
Cherry-picking Clean Burning Biodiesel by Azeotropic Distillation. 108
Childhood Trauma and Adult Attachment: A Review of Recent Literature. 208
Cholera in Great Britain's First Industrial Revolution. 197
Collaborative Teams Technology: Increasing ROI in Sales Training. 217
Combining Survey and Observational Methods to Examine Coalitional Psychology. 215
Common Law vs Black Letter Law: The First Political War of the American Revolution. 200
Communication Disrupters: Entrepreneurs Versus Intrapreneurs. 188
Communicative Power: Overcoming the Divide Between the Language Philosophies of Pierre Bourdieu and Jurgen Habermas. 218
Community Review of a Teacher-Friendly Version of the Stratigraphic Column of Michigan. Column 121
Comparing Culture in Chinese Language Textbooks. 200
Comparison of Beach and Dune Sediments Composition in Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. 222
Comparison of Compression Strength of Hydrated Meteorites. 214
Considering Management for a Blowout in Kitchel-Lindquist-Hartger Dunes Preserve. 214
Constructing and "Rhetoricizing" National Identity in Henry V and Oroonoko; Or, The Royal Slave. 218
Correlates of Retrospective Parental Environment Perceptions in Emerging Adults. 224
Correlating Neural and Behavioral Responses in Acheta domesticus. 202
Correlation of Highly Active Retrotransposon Families and Speciation in Peromyscus. 199
Counting Our Blessings: Contrasting Community Needs Perceptions of Pastors from Resource-Rich and Resource-Poor Communities. 200
Covenant and Female Sexuality in Howard Jacobson's Shylock Is My Name and Elizabeth Nunez's Prospero's Daughter. 212
Crafting Identity: German Dialect(s) in Bavarian and Austrian Advertisements. 170
Creativity and Innovation in Leadership Education: A Case Study of Innovation in a Graduate Leadership Program. 224
Describing the Variation in Modern Neonate White Shark (Carcharodon Carcharias) Teeth to Aid in Fossil Tooth Identification. 219
Design of a Novel Isoxazoline as a Potential PAM-Agonist. 203
Designing Net-Zero Energy Buildings for the Future. 204
Detection of Pathogenic Bacteria in Poultry Using PCR. 236
Developing a Chinese Culture Curriculum. 167
Developing a Mobile Application for Electrochemiluminescent Biosensor Control and Analysis. 170
Developing and Hosting Distributed Applications on Google Cloud. 187
Dialect and Authenticity in the Grimms' Kinder und Hausmarchen. 176
Diffusion of Mountain Pine Beetle in Alberta, Canada: 2005 - 2017. 148
Digital Humanities, Data+Text+Visual Literacies, and the Emerging Landscape for Archives. 218
Disciplinarity, Interdisciplinarity, or Transdisciplinarity? Exploring the Long-Term Value of Engaged Learning Across Disciplines: A Mixed Methods Case Study. Case study 181
Distribution of Tsuga Canadensis and Adelges Tsugae Infestation on a Michigan Coastal Dune. 229
Diversity and Inclusion in Collection Development. 173
DNA Fingerprinting of Walleye Sander Vitreum from Saginaw Bay: Genetic Effects of Stocking. 214
Do 30-day Readmission-Rates Matter to Patient Satisfaction of Inpatient Acute-Care Hospitals in the United States? 230
Does the Extent of Hybridization in "Olympic Gulls" Influence Nest Location or Timing of Clutch Initiation? 162
Early Learning Experience and High School Environment Shape Career Orientations of Women in STEM. 231
Effect of Bisphenol Analogs on Development and Reproductive Ability of C. Elegans. 183
Effect of HHR Demolitions on Crime Distribution Throughout Greater Saginaw. 158
Effect of Soil Chemistry on Abundance and Leaf Chemistry of Native and Invasive Shrubs in a Southeast Michigan Forest. 152
Effectiveness of Radiation Via Tumor Interstitial Fluid Pressure. 235
Effects of Ambiguous Gravity on Metamorphic Milestones of Development in the Fruitfly Drosophila melanogaster. 189
Effects of Doping Concentration in Sol-Gel Synthesis of Strontium-Doped Lanthanum Manganate for Applications in Temperature-Controlled Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia. 248
Effects of Environmental Interactions on Autism Spectrum Disorder. 211
Effects of Fandom on Parasocial Relationships. 115
Egg Cannibalism in Gulls: If the First-Laid Egg in a Nest Has Been Cannibalized, Is the Second-Laid Egg Likely to Be Cannibalized? 127
Emerging Adulthood Meets Generation Z: Who Are These Students? 207
Emotions and the Entrepreneur: An Evaluation of the Connection Between Emotions and Mindset in Entrepreneurial Success. 225
Epistemic and Deontic Modals as Stance Markers in Antagonistic Discourse. 240
Evaporative Loss of Groundwater by Agricultural Irrigation: A Stable Isotope Approach. 207
Examine the Gene Expression and Functions of Two SLEEPY-1 Homologs in Soybean. 223
Examining Anglo-Kalinago Relations through Myth: The Legend of Ding-A-Ding Nook and the Tale of Indian Warner. 218
Examining the Relationship among Hospitalist Continuing Education, Hospitalist Communication Competency, and Stroke Patient Outcomes. 225
Experiencing Pregnancy and Childbirth in a Natural Birthing Center: A Thematic Analysis of Birth Stories From India. 215
Explaining the Financial Crisis of 2007: Insights of Thorstein Veblen. 149
Exploring a Non-Traditional Educational Model in Restoring Hope to Expelled and Suspended High School Students: The Phenomenon of Success at Rise Above. 216
Exploring Soil Texture Effects on Mustard Seed Meal Suppression of the Weed Velvetleaf. 180
Exploring the Effects of Succession Planning on Leadership Attrition in Medical Groups Across the United States. 224
Exploring the Impact of Diet on Depression and Anxiety among College Students. 163
Extraction and Characterization of Sulforaphane from Broccoli Florets, Sprouts, and Seeds for Use in Stimulating the Nrf2 Pathway. 218
Factors that Influence the Support for the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana. 139
Faculty, Students and Staff Involvement in Fifty Years of Study of the Parasitic Mites of Of Insects, Family Podapolipidae (Acari: Prostigmata). 207
Failure Is in the Eye of the Beholder: Moderating Effects of Subjective Failure Experiences on Psychological Outcomes. 220
Fair Performance Appraisal Using Proposed Conceptual Model and Performance Matrix. 223
Farming Alone: Factors Influencing Farmland Conversion Along the Rural-Urban Fringe. 214
Feeding the Philistine City. An Isotopic Investigation of Animal Resources at Ashkelon in The Iron I. 231
Female Athletic Directors' Job Commitment. 222
Flipping the Composition Classroom: Making Room for Rhetoric. 199
Ford Motor Company and the Evolution of Corporate Campus Urbanism. 218
Fostering K-12 Principal Well-Being: Insights for Districts and Principal Preparation Programs. 159
Fostering Productive Uncertainty in Information Literacy Classrooms. 219
Freedom in a Hole: Muslim Women and Image Reproduction in the West. 213
Gender Roles and Hierarchy in The Beauty and The Beast as Adapted by Jean Cocteau and Christophe Gans. 206
Glacial History of the Houghton Lake Basin as Revealed by Till Textures. 205
Globalization and the Transformation of Political Attitudes Structures at the Party Level in the Arab World:Iinsights From the Cases of Egypt and Jordan. 236
GMO OMG: Detecting Transgenes from Genetically Modified Organisms in Local Crops and Processed Foods. 191
Harnessing Wind Energy in Michigan. 127
Historical Evidence for Rapid Dune Deflation and Wetland Formation in the Saugatuck Harbor Natural Area. 221
Histories, Stories & Signs: Language in the Novels of Claude Simon. 230
Homosexual Desire, Revolution, and Sublimation. 197
Housing Assessment Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS): A Case Study of Community Engagement from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Case study 242
How Creativity Can Help Public Speakers Touch the Hearts and Minds of Listeners. 183
How Does Consuming High-Fructose Corn Syrup Made from Genetically-Engineered Corn Link to Obesity and Diabetes in the United States? 230
How to Interpret Positive Troponin Tests in CKD. 185
Implementing a Non-Parametric Overlap Index with R and Testing It in Three Forest Communities. 218
Impregnation of Walnut Husk Extract and Quercetin into Polyethylene Film. 181
Improving the Discovery of Mutagenic Arginine-Based Heterocyclic Amines. 212
Increasing Energy Efficiency Through Passive Design. 220
Indexing "Michigan Botanist" / "Great Lakes Botanist": Procedure and Findings. 210
Information as Ecological Resource in a Convergent Era: Ethics of Laissez-Faire Data Policy in Noncompetitive Markets. 165
Insanity's Quiet Side: Poverty's Impact on Women in Developed Countries. 180
Inside Out and Outside In: Lispector's Postmodern Depiction of Society And Mental Health. 190
Integrity and Recognition. 203
Interactions of Late Wisconsin, Saginaw and Michigan Glacial Ice-Lobes in Michigan. 231
Interior Design in Relation to Autistic Children's Learning Environment. 205
Investigating Adolescent Gender Differences in the Association between Emotion Dysregulation and Food Addiction When Mediated by Coping. 226
Investigating the Link between Eye Movements and Related Speech Under Working Memory Load. 214
Investigation of Electrochemistry Using Echem in a Box. 209
Investigation of the Relationship between Community Service and Alcohol Consumption in College Students. 210
Iridium(O) Nanoparticle Synthesis for Transfer Hydrogenation Reaction. 206
Is There a Humanitarian Mandate? An Evaluation of the Parable of the Good Samaritan--Luke 10:25-37. 135
Jefferson Davis and American Indians. 190
Johann Gerhard's Critique of the Socinian Rejection of Substitutionary Atonement. 108
Justice for Whom and How? Immigration Policy and the Role of Faith-Based Legal Services in Southwest Michigan. 233
Kant Touch This: Discourse on Aesthetics and Ethics in High School. 161
Kenosis and Self-Denial in Jean-Luc Marion's Formulations on the Language of the Doctrine of God. 236
Kierkegaard, Habermas, and Contemporary Social Media. 199
La Fonction de L'habillement Dans les Romans de George Sand. 196
La Marginalidad Espacio-Temporal en el Relato "La Extranjera" de Ines Arredondo. 213
Laryngeal Cancer: Global Socioeconomic Trends in Disease Burden and Smoking Habits. 248
Legends and Monsters in Mexican Animated Films. 146
Les Representations de la Societe Quebecois et L'impact de (Couleur Du Temps) Par Michelle Le Normand. 126
Linking Land Use and Poverty as a Multidisciplinary Model for Mitigating Chagas Disease in El Salvador. 224
Listening and Making Places and Spaces for Effective Interviews During Fieldwork. 213
Local Appeal: Understanding the Factors Contributing to Increased Republican Presidential Vote Margins in 2016. 140
Looking Back to Move Forward. 189
Loss of Innocence in the Short Stories of Jose Emilio Pacheco. 144
Lost in Paradise: North Korean Defectors in South Korea. 212
Louise Labe: Feminist Voice of the French Renaissance. 211
Madagascar's Community-Based Organizations Can Be Integrated In Humanitarian Action. 223
Making the Personal, Political: Understanding the Evolution of Feminism and Sexual Assault in Light of #MeToo. 225
Mapping Hegel and Nietzsche's Conceptions of Culture on to Third Culture Kids. 208
Marital Satisfaction among Nigerians Living in America (NLA). 214
Marketing an Industrial Utopia: Decentralized Planning and Henry Ford's Village Industries. 207
Martin and Luther: The Reformer and His Name-Saint. 201
Mathematical Models of Chagas Disease Dynamics. 111
Medical Crowdfunding: Who Gets Funded and Why? 185
Methodologies for Evaluating Pollinator Deserts in Detroit. 217
Michigan Public Universities' Undergraduate Enrollments Market Shares from 1988-2016. 112
Michigan's Domestic Violence Services and Their Inclusivity with the Hispanic/Latinx Population. 210
Michigan's Indian Summer Revisited. 178
Microbial Responses to Green Infrastructure in the Plaster Creek Watershed. 194
Mobile Phone Based ECL Sensor for Dopamine Detection. 193
Model for Gull-Egg Laying Behavior: Tracking the Egg Order. 133
Modeling the Impact of Bat Dispersal on White-Nose Syndrome Control Strategies. 199
Modelling the Effects of Site-Dependent Mutation Rates on Intraorganism Genetic Heterogeneity within Apple Trees. 220
Modulation of Mutagenicity Of Phip (2-Amino-l-MethyI-6-Phenylimidazo[4,5-B]Pyridine) and Apoptosis in Colon Cancer Cells (HCT116) By Chinese Medicinal Herb (Scutellaria Barbata). 243
Monastic Entrepreneurship: Business Activity among Eastern Orthodox Monasteries in the United States. 219
Monastic Reading and Monastic Hagiography. 178
Money and Banking: From Cowrie Shells to Cryptocurrencies. 137
Monitoring Airborne Particulate Matter Produced During the Demolition of a University Building. 201
Mount Pleasant Indian Industrial Boarding School: How a Community Retaliated and Began Healing. 213
MSA Economic Growth: The Impact of Innovative Diversity Versus Specialization. 143
Multi-layered Security in Vehicular Embedded Systems. 232
Mycelium Running with Students: Mycology Club Synthesis and Evolution. 218
Narrative Preservation Strategies in the Digital Archives of the LGBTQ+ Community. 224
New Fossil Evidence from the Canadian Arctic Expands Our Knowledge of Environmental Conditions during the Eocene 'Greenhouse Earth' Interval. 217
New LiDAR-derived DEMs Provide New Insights into the Landscape History of Muskegon and Oceana Counties, Michigan. 228
Nonlinear Propagation of Ultrasound in Tissue-Mimicking Material. 188
North Korean Women's Role: Why the Defector Rate Varies by Gender. 213
Novel Hybrid Benzothiazole Screening in U87-MG Glioblastoma Cell Line. 203
Occurrence of Potash-Bearing Strata (Sylvinite) in the Salina A-1 Evaporite in the Central Michigan Basin. 224
On the Effects of Inflation and Unemployment on Income Distribution in Urban China and the Russian Federation: A Comparative Study. 247
Ongoing Michigan-Shanghai College Teaching Experience. 103
Online Freak Show: Rethinking the Registry. 189
Organizational Effectiveness. 156
Pedagogy or Placement? An Analysis of Student Success in Basic Writing. 197
Performative Rhetoric of Abortion in China. 231
Periphery and Centrality: A Description of Social Networks in a First Year College Class. 159
Piloting a Writing-About-Writing Pedagogy in First-Year Composition. 185
Pitch Accuracy Revisited: A Look at the Relationship between Music Appreciation and Reproduction. 147
Pluralism & Irregular Migrants in a Muslim-Majority Nation: Sub-Saharan Refugees in Morocco. 213
Political Lessons from Revolutionary America. 209
Pontiac Community Survey: An Assessment Tool for Strategic Program Planning. Survey 208
Pontiac Prescription for Health Pilot Program: Reflections and Recommendations. 215
Positive Solutions to General Predator-Prey System with Combined Self-Limitation and Competition. 107
Predator-Prey Dynamics of Bald Eagles and Glaucous-winged Gulls. 217
Predictors of Casual Sex Regret in University Students. 132
Preliminary Investigation of Mechanistic Roles and Gold Nanoparticle Delivery of aRu(II) Mono-Arene Anti-Cancer Complex to Skbr3 Human Breast Cancer Cells. 256
Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome among African American Women in Benton Harbor, Michigan. 231
Prevalence of Spinal Arthritis in Maya Populations in Central Belize. 161
Psychocinematic Analysis of Marble Hornets. 231
Psychological Perceptions of Disaster Misconceptions: Exploring the Acceptance of Disaster Myths in Relation to Psychological Well-Being, Resilience and Conspiracist Ideation. 225
Public Toilets: The Implications in/for Architecture. 227
Puff Puff Passing Recreational Cannabis in Michigan: The Perspectives of Shop Owners. 163
Putting Yourself in Front of the Flood: Managing Patron-Driven Streaming Costs Through Mediated Access. 207
Rawls', Transparency, and Boxing: A New Freedom of Information Act. 216
Reciprocal Teaching Strategy Instruction: A Mixed Methods Case Study of a Mutually Beneficial Partnership. 142
Recovering Blood Impressions from Decedent Skin during Early Stages of Decomposition. 233
Refinements of an Alu-Based DNA Marker for Advancing Studies of Human Populations. 120
Reinvent the Textbook: A New OER Approach to the Teaching of Modern Languages. 161
Reinventing Higher Education Practices for Today's Adult Student. 220
Relational Sociology Analysis of Life Experiences of Transwoman Actresses in Existence of Transphobia in Turkey. 152
Relationship of Chewing Rate and Body Mass in West Indian Manatees. 230
Religiously Devoted to Gain: How Some Christians View Speculation. 112
Repeatable Testing for Sustain Characteristics Using the Tapping Technique for Electric Guitar. 218
Representation Matters: Exploring Diversity Residency Programs in Academic Libraries. 172
Robbing Peter to Pay Paul: Coup-Proofing Policy and Military Effectiveness in Interstate War. 230
Role of Catalytic Domain Disulfide Bonds in PACE4 Frafficking and Function. 223
Searching for the Function of Ecm 14, a Fungal Pseudopeptidase, Using a Synthetic Lethal Assay. 221
SERS Based Detection of Cocaine Hcl Using Portable Raman Spectrometer. 198
Sexual Minorities and Poverty in the United States: An Analysis. 200
Sexual Orientation, Mental Health and Ethnicity in a Church-Affiliated University. 222
Shinola: Fulfilling an American Entrepreneurial Dream. 223
Should Prisons Be Considered Cases for Environmental Justice? A GIS Study. Report 202
Similar Mouth Different Result: Variation in Manatee Tooth Wear and Number between Populations. 250
Skulls, Metal, Wings... and Religious Things: A Study of Avenged Sevenfold Fan Tattoos and Art Imagery. 160
Social Facilitation of Night-Time Occupancy in Gulls. 202
Socially Motivated Shifts Toward a Supra-Regional Vowel System in Metro Detroit: Updated Evidence from Style-Shifting among Jewish Women. 232
Spatial Analysis on the Health Effect of Economic Recession in Michigan. 161
Spatio-Textural Distribution and Clay Mineralogy of Saginaw Lobe Tills, Central Lower Michigan. 136
Stop Kicking the Can Down the Road! 201
Strengthening Classroom Social Bonds and Feelings of Belonging. 221
Stress Reduction and Art Making: Relaxation Response and Flow State. 172
Striving to Thrive: Task Self-Redesign for Positive Work Experiences. 232
Students' Affective Experiences in Undergraduate Science Laboratories. 164
Students' Perspectives on Learning Difficulty of the Six-Week Chinese Short Course. 225
Study on Integration of The Good Society Film Series into Undergraduate Business Courses. 120
Sustainable Agriculture Requires Agroecology to Truly Be Sustainable. 234
Synergistic Effect of Zingiber Officinale Oil and Intermediate Antibiotics Against MRSA. 235
Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity of Aspirin Analogs. 174
Synthesis of PAMAM Dendrimers with Perylenediimide Cores. 192
System of Tradition: A Study of Family in North Korean Society. 178
Teachers/Clinicians/Students: Madness in Education. 218
Teaching American Sign Language to Children on the Autism Spectrum. 206
The "Conscious Capitalism" Leadership paradigm. A Review of the Literature, Perspectives of Key Saginaw Business Practitioners and Recommendations. 226
The (Too) Intuitiveness of Deism: A Cognitive Science of Religion Analysis. 203
The Anticancer Investigation of Novel Hybrid 1,4 Dihydropyridine Derivatives in the U87-MG Glioblastoma Cell Line. 203
The Biblical Account and Memory of Heshbon. 231
The Broken Mirror of Memory: Textual Reconstruction and Ritual in Cronica De Una Muerte Anunciada. 208
The Case for Character Education in Today's High Schools. 174
The Community Structure and Diversity of Urban Trees in Palmer Park, Detroit. 222
The Comparison of the Positioning of New York City Ballet and the Bolshoi Theater. 213
The Correlation between the Milk Somatic Cell Count and the Differential Leukocyte Count in the Blood of Cows that Have a Positive Milk ELISA Test for Antibodies to the Bovine Leukosis Virus. 244
The Decline of the UAW 1979-1984: Bankruptcy, Bailout, and Betrayal. 169
The Effect of Octopamine on Phonotaxis in Unexposed Female Acheta domesticus. 152
The Effect of Skilled Labor Growth on Business Services Trade: An Analysis of South Korea and the United States. 224
The Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Parenting Practices. 211
The Effects of Astym Treatment on Chronic Achilles Tendinopathy. 216
The Effects of Lineup Instructions on Eyewitness Identification Rates in Real World Settings. 218
The Effects of Male Exposure on the Phonotaxis of Female Acheta domesticus. 193
The Effects of the North Korean Education System. 188
The Essential Is Invisible to the Eye: A Matter of Viewpoint in Mark Osborne's Little Prince. 156
The Evolution of Cave Dwellings in the Nafusa Mountains Libya. 136
The Evolution of Geometry as It Pertained to Parallelism. 148
The Experimental Design and Goals of Research Examining the Effects of Ambiguous Gravity on Organismal Development. 205
The Feedback of Online Chinese Courses by Learners. 204
The Impact of Colorism on Racial Identity Development for Multiracial Individuals. 229
The Impact of Shame on Barriers to Treatment among Veterans. 210
The Impact of the 2017 Jobs and Tax Cut Act on Businesses. 212
The Increasingly Economic Imperative of K-12 Schools. 159

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