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Articles from Michigan Academician (March 22, 2002)

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"Forming" an Argument: Mr. Smith's Plea for Conservatism. (Cinema Studies). Brief Article 250
"I'll Fix You!": Breaking Traditional Stereotypes within 'The Pot of Marjoram'. (Language and Literature). Diehl, Angela M. Brief Article 232
"Res Publica": The Political Vindication in The Three Musketeers. (French & Italian Language & Literature). Petit-Rasselle, Roxane Brief Article 242
"Serving Neither Gods nor Friends": Sin and the Passions in the Pseudo-Dionysius. (Religious Studies). Brief Article 110
"Why Attempted She My Mordre?": Pertelote vs. Chanticleer. (Medieval Studies). Kennedy, Robin J. Brief Article 156
'Edward Scissorhands': Misunderstood and Unprotected in Suburbia. (Language and Literature). Pruett, Shelley Brief Article 197
'Edward Scissorhands': Vivo Apparatus. (Language and Literature). Gilmour, Nicole M. Brief Article 197
'Oh, You Beautiful Doll!': Icon, Image, and Culture in Works by Alvarez, Cisneros, and Morrison. (Language and Literature). Frever, Trinna S. Brief Article 240
A Broken Heart Feels No Pain: The Tragic Cycle of Abuse in 'Hans the Hedgehog' and 'The Juniper Tree'. (Language and Literature). Weller, Julie Brief Article 197
A Collection Divided: Eastern Michigan University's Educational Resource Center. (Library and Information Sciences). Nims, Julia K. Brief Article 212
A Comparison of Two Possible Astroblemes in Southern Michigan: The Ordovician Age Calvin & Reading Cryptoexplosive Structures. (Geography). Brady, Robert V. Brief Article 149
A Forgotten "Dialogue": Galdos's Marianela and Valera's Las ilusiones del doctor Faustino. (Spanish Language, Literature, & Culture). Brief Article 228
A History of Social Facilitation Research. (History of Science & Technology). 162
A Matter of Feeling: Moral Imagination and the Motion Picture. (Cinema Studies). Brief Article 155
A Murine Animal Model of Tinnitus. (Psychology). Rolig, Kristin; Prosen, Cynthia A.; Arduin, Stephanie; Hudson, Diane Brief Article 187
A Network of Military Educators: The Promotion of Teaching at Antebellum Military Academies. (History). 199
A Nineteenth Century Effort to Reforest the Sand Barrens of Upper Michigan. (History of Science & Technology). Brief Article 218
A Paleontologic Analysis of the Middle Devonian Bell Shale, Michigan. (Environmental Science & Ecology). Tatomir, Jennifer Brief Article 163
A Study of Parental Mediation and its Role in Future Reactions to Violence. (Psychology). Schafer, Amanda; Peterson, Gerald Brief Article 206
A Study of Terrorism in the Middle East. (Political Science). Brief Article 128
A Traffic Model for Reduced Jamming. (Computers). Brief Article 111
A Triptych of Heraldic Shields by Homer, Virgil, and W. H. Auden. (Language & Literature). Van Der Weele, Steve Brief Article 238
A Visual Survey of the Design History of the Motorcycle. (History of Science & Technology). Brief Article 247
Active Learning in Library Instruction: A Survey of Techniques. (Library & Information Sciences). Vest, Stephen Brief Article 123
Active Use of Molecular Models in Teaching Biochemistry. (Biochemistry/Molecular Biology). Brief Article 212
Acts of the Apostles and Southern Race Relations: Progressive Protestants and the Civil Rights Movement. (Religious Studies). Brief Article 190
Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds and Neopagan Feminist Spirituality. (Cinema Studies). Brief Article 215
Alternatives for Programming under Windows Environment for Undergraduate Graphics Courses. (Computers). Brief Article 194
An Approach to Teaching American Studies in China. (Philosophy). Tomaszek, Terri 228
An Empirical Evaluation of Effective Population Size Estimates. (Zoology). Brief Article 217
An International Comparative Study of Library and Information Science Distance Learning in Africa and the United States. (Library & Information Sciences). Middleton, Vanessa D. Brief Article 225
An Online Delivery Method in a Coordinated Program in Dietetics Education. (Health & Human Services). Brooks, Judi Brief Article 227
An Update to the Vascular Flora of Hog Island, Charlevoix County, Michigan. (Botany & Plant Ecology). Brief Article 176
Analysis of Amino Acid and Protein Insecticides for Transgenic Crops. (Botany & Plant Ecology). Brief Article 203
Asymmetrical to Symmetrical: The New Instructor and Constructing Effective Response. (Rhetoric & Composition). Brief Article 222
Baltic Rim Cinema: An Emerging Redefinition and Search for Artistic Vision by a New Generation in the Former Soviet Republics of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. (Cinema Studies). Brief Article 202
Barely Understood: A Qualitative Ethnic Analysis of Midwestern Women's Opinions Regarding Nudity in Advertising. (Anthropology). Brief Article 227
Beyond Walls: Teaching E-Health Resources for the Community in the Community. (Library & Information Sciences). Elis-Danquah, La Ventra Brief Article 234
Binding of a Fluorescent Ligand to Dimeric Bovine Phenol Sulfotransferase (bSULT1A1) is Biphasic, pH-, and Temperature Dependent. (Biochemistry/Molecular Biology). Brief Article 218
Bioaccumulation of Toxins in Rodents Residing on "Highway Islands" in Michigan's Saginaw and Bay Counties. (Environmental Science & Ecology). Brief Article 213
Black-throated Blue Warbler Foraging Strategies: Effects of Habitat Alteration Due to Browsing by White-tailed Deer. (Environmental Science & Ecology). Brief Article 239
Body Image and Unfolding Subjectivity in Aire tan dulce by Elvira Orphee. (Spanish Language, Literature, & Culture). Brief Article 229
Bourgeois Materialism and the Response of Spanish Romanticism. (Spanish Language, Literature, & Culture). Brief Article 226
Breaking the Mirror and Loving the Native Body: Pi'ilani's Challenge to Jack London's Mutilations. (Language & Literature). Flores, Evelyn Brief Article 255
Centennial Celebration of Nobel's Legacy. (History of Science & Technology). 115
Characterization of Riboflavin Binding Protein Gene Structure. (Biochemistry/Molecular Biology). Brief Article 88
Colonial Rule and Its Effects on Countries such as Rwanda, Indonesia, and East Timor. (Political Science). Brief Article 166
Commemoration and the City: The American Revolution Bicentennial and Urban Redevelopment in Detroit, 1968-1976. (History). Longo, Julie Brief Article 214
Communicating Class. (Sociology). Brief Article 234
Community Mental Health Services for At-Risk Youth and Families: RN/BSN Completion Students as Court Nurse Interns. (Health & Human Services). Brief Article 139
Competitive Relations of Purple Loosestrife and Cattail. (Botany & Plant Ecology). Brief Article 164
Computer Security Issues in Libraries. (Library & Information Sciences). Ferrer, Daniel Fidel; Mead, Mary Brief Article 203
Conceptual Obstacles in Teaching History of Science and Technology to Engineering Students. (History of Science & Technology). Brief Article 243
Conceptualizacion arqueologica en la obra de Cesar Vallejo. (Spanish Language, Literature, & Culture). Brief Article 124
Condition of Women in Hindu Civilization and Classical Indian Poetry. (Women's Studies). Brief Article 180
Cribbing Cleopatra, or How to Turn an Acclaimed Novel Into a Bad TV Movie. (Cinema Studies). Brief Article 165
Cultural and Religious Determinates of Sexual Behaviors: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of the Available Literature. (Anthropology). Brief Article 182
Currency and Narration in Brown's Edgar Huntly. (Language and Literature). Freeman, John C., III Brief Article 145
Current Concerns for People of Different Age Groups in India and United States. (Psychology). Kamau, Flora; Smith, Rachel; Dutta, Ranjana Brief Article 249
Cyclodextrin Enhancement of Hydrophobic Pollutant Biodegradation. (Botany & Plant Ecology). Brief Article 181
De azul y blanco and Detras de la colina by Jose Luis Garcia Suarez. (Spanish Language, Literature, & Culture). Brief Article 232
De oriente: Images of Islam in the Old French Epics. (Medieval Studies). Minadeo, Halina Brief Article 236
Desire and Restraint: Conflicting Views of Women in the Poetry of William Carlos Williams. (Language & Literature). Ellet, Nicole L. Brief Article 178
Determining User Satisfaction at the Kalamazoo County Parks. (Geography). Brief Article 130
Developing Students' Leadership Effectiveness in the New Millennium. (Administration). Brief Article 211
Differential Memory for Gender-Stereotyped Events in 24-Month-Old Children. (Psychology). Sen, Maya G.; Markham, Jessica L.; Seablom, Karen Brief Article 195
Dihydroxycoumarin Probes the Active Site of SULT1A1. (Biochemistry/Molecular Biology). Brief Article 206
Discriminacion y fortaleza: La Mujer negra en Chambacu, corral de negros de Manuel Zapata Olivella. (Spanish Language, Literature, & Culture). Brief Article 160
Do Students Have Writing Theories? (Rhetoric & Composition). Brief Article 215
Does Practice Really Make Perfect? Self-Reflections from a Second-Year Community-Based Writing Instructor Regarding Issues of Class and Race. (Rhetoric & Composition). Brief Article 238
Dowagiac Loam: Linear Regression Analysis of Soil Moisture on Spectral Reflectance. (Geography). Forfinski, Nicholas A. Brief Article 178
Editing Manuscripts in the New English: Forward to the Past. (Language & Literature). Sullivan, James P. Brief Article 205
Effects of a Non-Ortho-Substituted Polychiorinated Biphenyl Congener (3,3'4,4'-tetrachlorobiphenyl) on Sexual Maturation and Behavior in the Offspring of Female Rats. (Zoology). Brief Article 253
Effects of Cultural Practices on Japanese Beetle in Michigan Blueberries. (Environmental Science & Ecology). Brief Article 165
Effects of Long-Term Exposure to Gingko biloba Extracts on the Heart and Testes in Aged, Male Rats (Rattus norvegicus). (Zoology). Brief Article 173
Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation on Drosophila melanogaster Larval and Pupal Development. (Zoology). Brief Article 214
Effects on the Zollner Illusion of Orientation, Proximity, and Intersection between Target and Inducing Lines. (Psychology). Brief Article 233
El quantum y el espacio textual: "El rastro de la mariposa" de Eunice Odjo. (Spanish Language, Literature, & Culture). Brief Article 111
Elementary School Children Need Health Care: A Call for Action. (Health & Human Services). Brief Article 186
Emergency Nurse Practitioners in Scotland: A Study of Growing Services in Accident and Emergency Settings. (Health & Human Services). Brief Article 217
Enablers, Scapegoats, and Lecherous Fathers: The Family's Role in 'The Juniper Tree' and 'Allerleirauh'. (Language and Literature). Francisco, Nicole 193
Engineering of Plants for Symbiotic PCB Biodegradation. (Botany & Plant Ecology). Brief Article 189
Erudition as a Constant in the Protean Poetry of Washington Benavides. (Spanish Language, Literature, & Culture). Brief Article 232
Evaluating the "Representative Reach" Component of Rapid Bioassessment Protocol: Variation among Candidate Stream Reaches. (Environmental Science & Ecology). Brief Article 228
Evolving Accounting Practices for Intangible Assets. (Administration). Brief Article 254
Examination of President John Quincy Adams: Honest John. (Political Science). Brief Article 209
Exogenous [Fe.sup.+2] Fails to Enhance Ethanol-Induced Lipid Peroxidation in Developing Chick Brains. (Biochemistry/Molecular Biology). Brief Article 250
Exploring the Multidimensional Window of Metafiction. (Spanish Language, Literature, & Culture). Brief Article 183
Faith Puts Me There with Him: The Double Action of the Word in the Poetry of George Herbert. (Language & Literature). Brief Article 159
Floral Development in the Capparales: Lepidium virginicum L. (Brassicaceae) and Tropaeolum majus L. (Tropaeloaceae). (Botany & Plant Ecology). Brief Article 216
Fluvial Toponyms in Michigan. (Geography). Brief Article 178
Foraging Behavior of Double-crested Cormorants (Phalacrocorax auritus) in Relation to Smallmouth Bass (Micropterus dolomieu) Habitats in Beaver Island Archipelago in Northern Lake Michigan. (Zoology). Brief Article 248
Forty Years Using Learning Technologies in Teaching Writing: A Personal Look Back--and Ahead. (Rhetoric & Composition). Brief Article 156
Foucault's Ausgang. (Philosophy). Wolf, Kirk Brief Article 163
Francis's Stigmata and Women Saints. (Medieval Studies). Renna, Thomas J. Brief Article 211
French Films as Realia: Introducing Students to French Culture. (French & Italian Language & Literature). Donohue, Bernadette Brief Article 154
From Delight to Disaster: Images of New York City in Feature Films. (Cinema Studies). Brief Article 190
Gender and Library Management: Historical and Social Perspectives. (Library & Information Sciences). Ladenson, Sharon Brief Article 236
Gender Differences on a Mental Rotation Task: The Effects of Stereotype Threat. (Psychology). Burns, Sheila L.; Peterson, Holly; Bass, Hope; Pascoe, Neil Brief Article 235
Generation of Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells Stably Overexpressing Proprotein Convertase 7. (Biochemistry/Molecular Biology). Brief Article 241
Genomic Analysis of Chino del Tomate Virus Using Agroinfection. (Botany & Plant Ecology). Brief Article 252
Geographie der verraumlichten deutschen Innerlichkeit. (Germanic Languages & Literature). Brief Article 170
George W. Crockett, Jr., and the Politics of Fair Practice. (History). Mullins, Angelia D. Brief Article 230
Giovanni Francesco Gemelli Careri: A Discourse of Materiality and Pleasure. (Spanish Language, Literature, & Culture). Brief Article 245
Globalization and Movie Emotions. (Cinema Studies). Brief Article 190
Grapevine Compensation to Foliar Herbivory: Timing Matters. (Environmental Science & Ecology). Brief Article 231
Gravitropism and Phototropism of the Internodal Cells of Chara corallina. (Botany & Plant Ecology). Brief Article 232
Guadalupe Loaeza's "Madame Pipi": A Satirical Approach to Feminine Space and Sexual Taboos in Mexican Society. (Spanish Language, Literature, & Culture). Brief Article 152
Guilt, Blackmail, and the Writing Conference: Realigning Theory and Practice. (Rhetoric & Composition). Brief Article 222
Health Care Reform in Puerto Rico: A Critical Analysis. (Health & Human Services). Brief Article 201
Heavy Metal Tolerance Using a Yeast Metallothionein and a Synthetic Phytochelatin. (Botany & Plant Ecology). Brief Article 244
Helisenne de Crenne's Feminine Writing: Transgressing, Escaping, or Warning? (French & Italian Language & Literature). Junel, Caroline Brief Article 222
Hidden Barriers for Blind and Visually Impaired Users in the Modern Academic Library: A Case Study of Waldo Library, Western Michigan University. (Library & Information Sciences). Walker, Albert; Rike, Galen E. Brief Article 169
Hispanic Population Change in Michigan, 1990-2000. (Geography). Brief Article 99
Historical Trends in Deer-Vehicle Collisions in Michigan: The Kent County Case Study. (Environmental Science & Ecology). Brief Article 188
Hmong Health and the U.S. Health Care System. (Health & Human Services). Brief Article 219
Homicide-Suicides in Fiji: Offense Patterns, Situational Factors, and Sociocultural Contexts. (Sociology). Brief Article 128
Hybrid Situations, Thought Theory, and the Paradox of Fiction. (Philosophy). Huston, Mark R. Brief Article 170
Identifying and Tracking the Importation of Dogwood Anthracnose in Michigan. (Botany & Plant Ecology). Brief Article 210
Identifying Undiagnosed ADD/HD in Prisoners Using Telemedicine. (Health & Human Services). Brief Article 234
Identity as a Political Construct in 'The English Patient'. (Language and Literature). Bedford, Jennifer Brief Article 231
Impact of Gaia on Ecology. (Environmental Science & Ecology). Brief Article 129
Integrating into the Global Financial Market: Latin American Economies Consider Dollarization. (Spanish Language, Literature, & Culture). Brief Article 184
Intersections of Sinking Ships: The Cases of Aulnay-sous-Bois, France, and Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA. (French & Italian Language & Literature). Hilton-Watson, Matthew A. Brief Article 248
Intuitive Decision Making and Decision Support System: A Comparative Study. (Computers). Brief Article 119
Iron Hydrogenase: A Protein Involved in the Energy Metabolism of Giardia lamblia. (Biochemistry/Molecular Biology). Brief Article 227
Islam and Muslims in France. (French & Italian Language & Literature). Daassa, Mohamed Brief Article 140
Isolation and Characterization of Bacteria that Utilize Gasoline as a Carbon Source. (Biochemistry/Molecular Biology). Brief Article 173
Isolation and Identification of the Beech Bark Disease Pathogens in Michigan. (Botany & Plant Ecology). Brief Article 167
Jewish Ethnic Identity in the United States, 1880-1920: The Historiography of Acceptance. (History). DeBruler, Ray, Jr. Brief Article 158
Keg and the Serial Position Effect: A Robust Classroom Demonstration. (Psychology). Beauchamp, Alan S.; Moore, Amy; Kimble, Pamela Brief Article 263
La religion y literatura en San Manuel Bueno, Martir de Miguel de Unamuno. (Spanish Language, Literature, & Culture). Brief Article 143
Landscape Elements Associated with Deer-Vehicle Collisions in Michigan. (Environmental Science & Ecology). Brief Article 174
Librarians Out-of-the-Box: Using Laptop Distribution as a Means to Enhance the Educational Role of Librarians on an Academic Campus. (Library & Information Sciences). Clumpner, Krista E. Brief Article 197
Martin Heidegger's Encounter Methodology. (Philosophy). Ferrer, Daniel Fidel Brief Article 157
Martyrdom and Violence: The Body as a Locus for Power Struggles. (Anthropology). Brief Article 224
Material Manifestations of Social Control. (Anthropology). Brief Article 127
Memory Distortion of Gender-Stereotype-Inconsistent Information by 2-Year-Old Children. (Psychology). Sen, Maya G.; Bass, Hope; Kelly, Erika Brief Article 227
Michigan Changing: Diversity in Hispanic Populations in Southwest Michigan. (Geography). Brief Article 188
Microhabitat Selection by the Eastern Hognose Snake, Heterodon platirhinos. (Zoology). Brief Article 205
Mid-Nineteenth Century Chippewa (Ojibwa) Subsistence: Interpreting the Archaeological and Historical Evidence from Central Michigan. (Anthropology). Brief Article 187
Midwest Student Pacifists, 1934-1940: A Problem in Public Perception. (History). Cochran, Joshua D. Brief Article 189
Missing Ingredient of Internet Design: Communication Component. (Administration). Brief Article 159
Molecular Markers for Estimating Genetic Diversity in Pine River Fish Populations Contaminated with DDT. (Biochemistry/Molecular Biology). Brief Article 201
Molecular Markers for Estimating the Effects of Inbreeding and Genetic Drift in Highway Island Vole Populations. (Biochemistry/Molecular Biology). Brief Article 213
Mothers on the Run: Fight and Flight in Spanish Drama. (Spanish Language, Literature & Culture). Brief Article 216
Multitasking at the Multiplex: Watching Timecode. (Cinema Studies). Brief Article 160
N. M. Karamzin, S. M. Eisenstein, and the Fall of Kazan. (Slavic & East European Studies). Brief Article 163
National and International Failure of Deforestation Policy in Costa Rica. (Political Science). Brief Article 204
Nazi Body Aesthetics and Nazi Hellenic Associations in Leni Riefenstalil's 1936 Olympic Films. (History). Carison, Andrew R. Brief Article 202
Nesting Ecology of the Red-shouldered Hawk in Pigeon River Country State Forest. (Zoology). Brief Article 185
Northern Leopard Frog Declines in Caribou National Forest: Using Modeling to Assess Habitat Availability? (Environmental Science & Ecology). Brief Article 227
Novel Soybean Glutaredoxin Gene Responds to Aluminum Toxicity in Soil. (Botany & Plant Ecology). Brief Article 211
Novelist or Supreme Court Justice?: The Literary Flair of John D. Voelker's Legal Writings. (Language and Literature). Volz, William H. Brief Article 170
Of Apples and Traders: A Small Fur Trade Period Encampment on Apple Island, Oakland County, Michigan. (Anthropology). Brief Article 178
Olesksander Opanasovych Potebnia and the Kharkiv School. (Slavic & East European Studies). Brief Article 193
Open Workshop: When Teaching Film Studies Goes Digital. (Cinema Studies). Brief Article 218
Ophelia's Distorted Marriage Rites in Shakespeare's Hamlet. (Language & Literature). Brief Article 212
Orchestrating a Business Advisory Board. (Administration). Brief Article 210
Over-expression, Purification, and Initial Characterization of the Rat IsI-1 Homeodomain. (Biochemistry/Molecular Biology). Brief Article 218
Paleocene Turtles and Crocodilians Directly above the Cretaceous/Tertiary Boundary in Pulaski County, Illinois. (Zoology). Brief Article 247
Palestine and Pan-Arabism: Toward Post-Gulf War National Identity in Jordan. (Anthropology). Brief Article 180
Palm Trees and Sugar Cane: Richard Henry Dana's To Cuba and Back. (Language & Literature). Kucera, Paul Q. Brief Article 208
Parameters of Feminine Space in Mujeres de marmol by Amparo Serrano de Haro. (Spanish Language, Literature, & Culture). Brief Article 95
Pattern of Sand Transport and Deposition in an Actively Migrating Parabolic Dune Southwest of Holland, Michigan. (Environmental Science & Ecology). Brief Article 211
Peer-Response Groups and Self-Sponsored Writing Groups: What They Can Learn from Each Other. (Rhetoric & Composition). Brief Article 230
Perceived versus Actual Delayed Judgments of Learning for Fan Concepts: A Test of Metamemory Models. (Psychology). McGuire, Michael J.; Bass, Hope; Bren, Jill; Hudson, Diana; Seablom, Karen 200
Perilous Precedents: How Parochial Michigan Politics Have Undermined State Water Diversion Law. (Political Science). Brief Article 164
Phylogenetic Relationships in Cantua (Polemoniaceae): Inferences from cpDNA, nrDNA ITS, and Pollen Morphology. (Botany & Plant Ecology). Brief Article 214
Playing on an Uneven Field: How Working-Class Students Negotiate Positions in the Composition Classroom. (Rhetoric & Composition). Brief Article 235
Political Clubs in Michigan Election Campaigns: A Comparison of the 1896 Pingree and 1978 Griffin Campaigns. (Political Science). Brief Article 216
Political Humor in the Former USSR. (Slavic & East European Studies). Brief Article 121
Politics, Economics, Science, and El Nino: Political Ecology and the Peruvian Anchovy Fishery 1950-2000. (Geography). Brief Article 170
Pontiac Redux: Reconsiderations of the Man and the Image. (History). Beauchamp, Helene; Walsh, Martin W.; Atkin, Graham Brief Article 249
Population Dynamics of Turtles in the Campus Lake at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. (Environmental Science & Ecology). Brief Article 208
Portraits of Class, Rank and Reputation: An Ethnography of Three Fiji Secondary Schools. (Anthropology). Brief Article 228
Preliminary Investigations of Faunal Material from the Late Woodland Site of Dieffenderfer (20SJ179). (Anthropology). Brief Article 199
Premature Hearing Loss: A Behavioral Assessment of Hearing in C57BL/6J Mice. (Psychology). Prosen, Cynthia; Proscoe, Neil; Peterson, Holly Brief Article 211
Presidents and Congress: Institutional Incentives and Legislative Leadership. (Political Science). 96
Privacy, the Individual, and the 'Good' Society. (Philosophy). Watkins, Tamara E. Brief Article 141
Private Languages and Private Persons?: A Wittgensteinian Analysis. (Philosophy). Forsberg, Ralph P. Brief Article 230
Problem Solving and Problem Shelving in 'Hans the Hedgehog' and 'Tabagnino the Hunchback'. (Language and Literature). Klimaszewski, Jennifer Brief Article 208
Purpose in Life and Legacies People Wish to Leave Behind: The Big Picture in Different Age-Groups in India and United States. (Psychology). Kamau, Flora; Dutta, Ranjana Brief Article 238
Ralph Ellison and the Construction of Identity in 'The Invisible Man'. (Language and Literature). Barnes, Michael L. Brief Article 162
Reading and Writing the Image in the Composition Classroom. (Rhetoric & Composition). Brief Article 189
Redefining Boundaries: Slack Women, Loose Girls, and Compulsory Heterosexuality in Morrison's Paradise. (Women's Studies). Brief Article 257
Reflection and Relationships: Rethinking the Framework for Multicultural Literature. (Language and Literature). Hasbrook, Melissa Brief Article 185
Reflections of the Vietnam War through Oral Histories. (History). Brief Article 206
Reparations and Restorative Justice: What Do We Owe to Victims of Slavery? (Philosophy). Hughes, Paul M. Brief Article 182
Reported and Unreported Deer-Vehicle Collisions in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, Region. (Environmental Science & Ecology). Brief Article 193
Research Productivity and Student Evaluations of Teaching. (Sociology). Brief Article 221
Richard Wright's Blue Prose. (Language & Literature). Brief Article 211
Role of the World Trade Organization in Effects of Globalization on Developed and Underdeveloped Nations. (Political Science). Brief Article 226
Romanian Post-Communism, Media, and Civil Society. (Slavic & East European Studies). Brief Article 200
Roost Selection and Movements of the Endangered Indiana Bat. (Zoology). Brief Article 186
Routing for Wireless and Mobile Hosts. (Computers). Brief Article 153
Scenarios of Nuclear Terrorism. (Cinema Studies). Brief Article 224
Selling the Community: Local Responses to Deindustrialization and Downsizing. (Anthropology). Brief Article 210
September 11th as a Wakeup Call for the Discipline of Geography. (Geography). Gordon, Jeffrey J. Brief Article 232
Shakespeare's Distracted Globe and Hamlet's Theory of Theatre. (Language & Literature). Brief Article 232
Shakespeare's Others as Witnesses: The Role of Thersites in Troilus and Cressida. (Language & Literature). Brief Article 213
Shopping/Entertainment Complexes as Foundations for Regional Tourism Development: The Case of Great Lakes Crossing. (Geography). Brief Article 212
Shostakovich's Fifth Symphony: Dilemma of a Genius in Stalinist Russia. (Slavic & East European Studies). Brief Article 221
Slavery, Silence, and Song: Compulsory Heterosexuality in Gayl Jones's Corregidora. (Women's Studies). Brief Article 240
State of Emergency: The Psychiatric Reform in Spain. (Health & Human Services). Brief Article 191
Statistically Ascertainable Differences in Creative Styles in Relation to Religious Variables. (Religious Studies). Brief Article 241
Still Waters Run Deep: John Janovy's Contribution to American Nature Writing. (Language and Literature). Cullen, John Brief Article 198
Students as Customers and Compatriots: Enhancing Student Interaction and Feedback through an Electronic Bulletin Board System. (Administration). Brief Article 183
Substrate-Dependent Color Variation of the Painted Turtle, Chrysemys picta. (Zoology). Brief Article 212
System Boundaries: Wallerstein's World-Systems vs. Frank's World Systems (unhyphenated), A Paradigm Implodes? (Sociology). Brief Article 228
Systematic Surface Collections and GIS Intrasite Spatial Analysis: The Coy Mound Site, Arkansas. (Anthropology). Brief Article 217
Systematics of Amanita: An Exploration of Molecular Methods. (Botany & Plant Ecology). Brief Article 207
Teaching Reverence for the Real: Cautionary Values in Contemporary Docudrama. (Cinema Studies). Brief Article 248
The "Old Lad of the Castle": Character Nomenclature, Censorship, and their Effects on Contemporary Shakespeare Studies. (Language & Literature). Brief Article 235
The Alma College Recycling Program: The First Step Towards Sustainability. (Environmental Science & Ecology). LaCroix, April Joy Brief Article 216
The Analysis of Drought Susceptibility in South Korea, 2001. (Geography). Brief Article 145
The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) and Reintegrating Post-War Vets. (Cinema Studies). Brief Article 237
The Big 6[TM] Model and Information Literacy. (Library & Information Sciences). Nichols, Janet; Spang, Lothar Brief Article 129
The Cadillac Expedition's Route to Detroit, June-July 1701. (History). Brief Article 185
The Challenge of Bringing Environmental Sustainability to a Michigan Campus. (Environmental Science & Ecology). Brief Article 217
The Changing Structure of Automotive Retailing. (Sociology). Brief Article 157
The Darker Side of Electronic Resources. (Library & Information Sciences). Gedeon, Randle J. Brief Article 138
The Detroit Movie Scene: Visual Pleasure and the Black Spectator, 1910-1930. (Cinema Studies). Brief Article 184
The Effect of the Dis-integrin Peptide Arginine-Glycine-Aspartic Acid on Protoplasts of Boergesenia forbesii. (Botany & Plant Ecology). Brief Article 225
The Effects of Exogenous Ethanol and Vitamin E on SOD and Catalase Activities in Developing Chick Brain and Liver. (Biochemistry/Molecular Biology). Brief Article 248
The Effects of Globalization on the U. S. Steel Industry. (Political Science). Brief Article 242
The Effects of the Ganzfeld on the Detection of Tactual Stimuli. (Psychology). Streeter, Kurt D.; Joles, Chris; Thayer, Anne Brief Article 162
The Ethics of Disclosure of Medical Mistakes. (Health & Human Services). Brief Article 173
The Ethics of the Bhagavad Gita in the Context of the Mahabharata. (Philosophy). Hinderer, Drew E. Brief Article 144
The Function of Cochlear Efferent Inneration: A Comparison of CBA/J and [alpha]-9 Hearing Abilities. (Psychology). Prosen, Cynthia A.; Duchane, Ryan; Kimble, Pamela Brief Article 245
The Herpetofauna of Garden Island, Charlevoix County, Michigan: Past, Present, and Future. (Zoology). Brief Article 226
The Image of Peter the Great in the Works of Nestor Vasil'evich Kukol'nik. (Slavic & East European Studies). Brief Article 188
The Image of the Poet and Civic Ideas of the Decembrist Poets. (Slavic & East European Studies). Brief Article 197
The Influence of Genotype, Soil Type, and Location on Growth and Reproductive Parameters of Reciprocal Transplants in the Big Sagebrush Hybrid Zone (Artemisia tridentata tridentata x A. t. vaseyana) of Salt Creek Canyon, Utah. (Botany & Plant Ecology). Brief Article 279
The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda: Challenges, Triumphs, and Future Implications. (Political Science). Brief Article 226
The Isabella Indian Reservation. (Geography). Keenan, Hudson; Kiefer, Wayne Brief Article 207
The Literature of Patronage at the End of the Sixteenth Century. (French & Italian Language & Literature). Eschrich, Gabriella Scarlatta Brief Article 199
The Moscow Mathematical Society and the Development of Russian Mathematics in the 1860s and 1870s. (History of Science & Technology). 236
The Nuremberg Funnel and Other Metaphors We Teach By. (Germanic Languages & Literature). Brief Article 93
The Prosecution of Terrorists and the Constitution. (Political Science). Brief Article 237
The Re-Gendering of Mythic Figures in Three Shakespearean Dramas. (Language & Literature). Brief Article 217
The Social Integration of Elderly Widows. (Sociology). Brief Article 219
The Stability of Student Perceptions of Professorial Excellence: A Time Lab Design. (Psychology). Beauchamp, Alan S.; Moore, Amy; Seablom, Karen Brief Article 199
The Third-Generation Democratic Elections in Hungary, 2002. (Slavic & East European Studies). Brief Article 182
The Women's Voice in Sir Orfeo. (Medieval Studies). Porter, Dorothy C. Brief Article 224
Theophile de Viau's La Maison de Silvie: Garden as Word-Landscape. (French & Italian Language & Literature). Arnold, Julie Wegner Brief Article 140
This Aggression Will Not Stand, Man: Searching for Agency in 'The Big Lebowski'. (Language and Literature). Comer, Todd A. Brief Article 198
Thomas Mann und der Kampf um Wagner im Dritten Reich. (Germanic Languages & Literature). Brief Article 188
Threatened Homoptera of Michigan's Prairies: Rare or Elusive? (Environmental Science & Ecology). Brief Article 193
Three Cultures, Three Types of Language Planning: Liberalism vs. Legislating in Quebec, Catalonia (Spain), and Belgium. (Spanish Language, Literature, & Culture). Brief Article 237
Three Dimensional Distribution of Grape Berry Moth, Endopiza viteana Clemens (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae), within Vineyards and Adjacent Habitats. (Environmental Science & Ecology). Brief Article 249
To Be Grateful or Suicidal, That Is the Question: Representations of Rape in Folk and Fairy Tales. (Language and Literature). Flikshteyn, Marina Brief Article 193
Traditional Medicine in Rural Philippines. (Geography). Brief Article 105
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