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Michel Francois.


Michel Francois's enigmatic art functions in those gray areas between such oppositions as nature/culture, interior/exterior, private/public, and fragility/strength. Assembling all manner of materials and objects--plaster casts, videos, newspaper clippings, photographs, flowers, even water--into large-scale, site-specific installations, the artist blurs the distinction between institutional and intimate space. For the Bern exhibition, organized by Kunsthalle director Bernhard Fibicher, Francois transforms the five-room gallery into the prototype of a generic "artist's home." Fibicher and Haus der Kunst curator Hubertus Gassner penned essays for the catalogue, which documents the installation in both its Bern and (later) Munich incarnations. Sept. 2-Oct. 15; Haus der Kunst, Munich, Dec. 1, 2000--Feb. 18, 2001.
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Author:Janus, Elizabeth
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Date:Sep 1, 2000
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