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Michael Gordon, Freeing Ali: The Human Face of the Pacific Solution (UNSW Press, September 2005).

The Age national editor expands on the newspaper articles and interviews that brought an enormous reaction to conditions at the Australian Government's detention centre on the Pacific island of Nauru. Gordon was the first journalist to gain unrestricted access to the detention centre, where he interviewed more than half of the detainees. Freeing Ali gives a face to these people, something the 'Pacific Solution' never did. It introduces Afghani asylum seeker Ali Mullaie, who spent over three years as a detainee and a volunteer teacher in the Nauruan education system before been granted genuine refugee status by the Australian Government. Gordon traces Ali's story from Afghanistan to Nauru and ultimately to Melbourne, and recounts the tragedies of the survivors of 'Siev X' and the 'children overboard' affair.
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Title Annotation:Notable Publications; Freeing Ali: The Human Face of the Pacific Solution
Author:Coster, Alice
Publication:Arena Magazine
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Dec 1, 2005
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