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MicNews at 02 pm.

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Daily service of translated articles from the press and electronic media in Albanian language in Macedonia.

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* Koha (daily)


Kosovo Prime Minister Enver Hoxhaj informed on the social networks when the border-crossing Belanovce-Stancik will be opened.

"After many years of postponement and stagnation, I am happy that the border-crossing Belanovce-Stancik is ready and will be opened for citizens this weekend. I extend my gratitude to the Kosovo State Commission for marking the border and maintenance and to the other institutions for the cooperation and the Macedonian Government, that finalized this project, which was blocked for some time, in one year, thanks to the political will," he said.


The law on resolving the "ghosts" problem is under parliamentary procedure and is expected to be adopted soon, Deputy Labor and Social Policy Minister Sanela Shkrijej said in her presentation today at "Alsat Ekonomski Magazin."

She points out that part of the procedure is to have teams on the ground to identify persons who; they are not registered in the birth registry at all and are invisible to the state.

"The law itself requires them to be listed in a separate book that will allow them access to health, education, social care and employment. This is the first phase of solving their problem, "said Shkrijej. (

* Zhurnal (daily)


The Republic of Macedonia welcomes the extensive efforts of the US under the leadership of President Trump, reflected in his plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the government's press office said.

"The status quo is not sustainable, we hope that through negotiations we will be able to come up with the long-awaited solution for the two countries based on the vision of peace in the Middle East. We call on Israeli and Palestinian leaders to seize this momentum and demonstrate a clear commitment to reaching a negotiated solution to this protracted conflict," the government's press-release reads.

North Macedonia is said to be committed to achieving lasting peace and stability in the Middle East, a sustainable and fair resolution of the conflict, which respects the legitimate interests of both sides and takes relevant UN resolutions into account.


BDI President Ali Ahmeti in Cair urged the opposition to unite in order for the Albanian votes not to be lost.

"Everyone says I will win the election. I think BD's next victory will not be based on either folklore or excessive optimism. The point is not that BDI wins but that Albanians win with BDI's victory. It is important for Albanians to feel proud. We have said openly that we will participate in the elections independently, the small ones can unite because they are small, but not create illusions that they will defeat BDI," said Ali Ahmeti.

* Lajm (daily)


The European Commission has approved its work program for 2020, setting out the priorities for the start of accession negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania.

They are ecological transition, digital society, greater sustainability of the economy and the European Union's more powerful role on the global stage. It is in this area that the enlargement and beginning of the negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania in 2020 is set.

The European Commission promises to "continue to exercise pressure for the start of accession negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania", while focusing on improving the EU accession process through a new methodology and a stronger investment framework.

* Alsat TV

- According to Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Bujar Osmani, it's unacceptable that accession negotiations with Macedonia should begin after the April election in order to not influence the election campaign and the election outcome. The Secretariat for European Affairs expects Brussels to open negotiations immediately after the new methodology is adopted. It would not be good for the credibility of the EU to use the election as an excuse to delay the start of negotiations again, Osmani said.

- Economy Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi has no intention of withdrawing the proposed mineral deposit law from the parliamentary procedure. He refused the allegations of the Mining Association as unfounded. Bekteshi says that the government is going to suspend exploitation concessions only in cases when a company breaks the rules.

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