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Mic power.

Boy NH Dem Chair Ray Buckley's sure has been trying hard to win over people--specifically 224 people, a majority of the 447 members of the Dem Nat'l Committee.

Consider that a few days back, RB apparently had what one person called a "drop the mic" moment at a gathering of the candidates for DNC chair. It came during a rif about how, essentially, the Dems in 2016 "did not offer a positive message to anyone I'm related to. We did not offer a message to my neighbors. We did not offer a message to the people in Indiana or Ohio or Pennsylvania or Kentucky. What we did was we said, 'How offensive.' Grow up. That's not reality for most of America."

Quite a show--and quite a salary for a guy who grew up in "the lowest of the white working class" (as he described it during his preamble to his dropping the mic). Last check, it was $174k, at least thaf s what they paid Debbie Wasserman-Schuitz, whose screwups as chair led to the race to find a new one.

Caption: Buckley: 'Reality' check

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Date:Feb 17, 2017
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