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Miami police, UAIG fight fraud together.

The United Automobile Insurance Group (UAIG) has joined forces with Florida's Miami Police Department in an effort to help combat auto theft in the state.

UAIG recently donated $7,200 to the police department for the purchase of a LoJack tracking system. The high-tech equipment is used by the police department to track and recover stolen vehicles. Cars equipped with LoJack have a small radio frequency transceiver hidden on them that is activated when a car is reported stolen, enabling law enforcement authorities to easily track and recover the vehicles.

The LoJack equipment was attached to a helicopter owned by the police department and was on display on the roof of police headquarters to show representatives from UAIG and the National Insurance Crime Bureau how the equipment operates.

"Due to this generous donation by UAIG the Police Department's EC-120 helicopter will now be able to locate stolen vehicles while flying regular scheduled Homeland Security missions over the City of Miami," said Tony Utset, senior executive assistant.

"At United Auto, we strive to develop close relationships with the local police, which is the first line of defense against auto theft and insurance fraud," said Beau Parrillo, executive vice president of UAIG.

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Title Annotation:FLORIDA
Date:Jan 1, 2007
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