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Meyer, Carolyn. Doomed Queen Anne.

MEYER, Carolyn. Doomed Queen Anne. (Young Royals Series.) Harcourt, Gulliver. 230p. c2002.0-15-205086-8. $5.95. J

YA readers will be front-row witnesses to Anne Boleyn's rise to power and her manipulative schemes to secure and maintain the position of queen, as well as her final beheading on Tower Green in 1536. The book takes readers full circle, beginning and ending with Anne's inner dialogue before her execution. It would be a perfect accompaniment to any historical studies of the time period, or it might be ideal supplementary material for motivated students wishing to know more about this fascinating woman. I found myself shaking my head at Anne's desperate ploys for love and agreeing with her comments about her "wasted life." Her thoughts and actions at times are so manipulative that it is difficult at the end of the book to sympathize with the injustice of the execution verdict. Her interactions seem a complicated chess match, her own destiny one move away from checkmate.

Though it is frustrating at times to be a witness to this woman's life, students will inevitably enjoy the theme of love/ lust, her quest for power and control, and the ultimate betrayal that cost her life. Annette Wells, Komachin Middle School, Lacey, WA
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Author:Wells, Annette
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jul 1, 2004
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