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Meyer, Joyce. Battlefield of the mind.

MEYER, Joyce. Battlefield of the mind. Read by Pat Lentz. 6 cds. 7.5 hrs. Hachette Audio. 2006. 1-58621-534-5. $29.98. Cardboard; content, author notes. SA

Meyers writes a valuable and convincing primer on what Buddhists would call "mindfulness" from a dedicated Christian perspective. Using a rich scriptural context, she convinces listeners "to think what you are thinking about." Sharing the pain of her abusive childhood and the unhappiness of her married life, even after becoming a Christian. Meyers points to the "strongholds" that can be created by "the enemy" such as negative thinking, low self-esteem, and depression. Filled with many anecdotes from ministry, her points are made in an accessible and personable style. The psychology is sound though ensconced in conservative Christian language. Happily, Meyers encourages meditation, both on scripture and in prayer as a way to be in the moment. The only jarring note for me was when, in the encouragement of meditation, she notes that many Christians fear it because of its association with "pagan and occult traditions." That any meditative tradition other than a Christian tradition may be considered in such terms is small-minded. For conservative Christians, however, this is a sound blending of mind. spirit, and body. Nancy Chaplin, Libn., VCCW, Goochland, VA

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Author:Chaplin, Nancy
Date:May 1, 2007
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