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Mexico,United States : Providing intelligent data to measure and drive the impact of Country Digitization.

Cisco Mexico developed Country Digitization Analytics Platform (CDAP), a platform that will help Mexico Conectado - a program from the Mexican Secretariat of Communications and Transportation - to get analytics about the usage of the initiative, and not only raw information regarding the usage of the network.

Mexico Conectado is a program developed by the Mexican Federal government that helps to guarantee the constitutional right to access broadband Internet by working to reduce the digital gap in the country. The program was developed by the Mexican Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) and implemented through the Coordination of the Information and Knowledge Society (CSIC- Coordinacin de la Sociedad de la Informacin y el Conocimiento).

The main objective of the Mexico Conectado program is to bring broadband Internet, free of charge, to low income populations through the deployment of more than 100,000 sites and public spaces. It is distributed nationwide, primarily in schools, health centers, libraries, community centers, public parks, and government buildings.

The Country Digitization Analytics Platform (CDAP) is an open Government Analytics and Intelligence Platform, developed by Cisco engineers, leveraging the cloud-based functionalities of Cisco Meraki technology in a multi-carrier and multi-service provider environment.

The CDAP takes data from Mexico Conectado sites and converts it into relevant information that facilitates measurement of the impact that Country Digitization is having through the program. Specifically, the CDAP provides intelligence on the sustainability, social impact, influence, and future fine-tuning of the federal initiative.

The CDAP allows the consolidation and/or correlation of data from different management and use domains, transforming this data into highly valuable analytics with which to measure the Key Usability Indicators of Country Digitization. These include the number of Mexican citizens using public Internet, external/internal hotspot access distribution, consumption of bandwidth, and consumption of government sites through public Internet, among other indicators.

One of the most significant features that CDAP offers to Mexico Conectados officers is the possibility of correlating the use of information with social, poverty, geographical, and government indexes to create specific reports on sophisticated queries. The result is useful political and strategic intelligence for the program and the development of public policies to benefit citizens.

Supporting Quotes:

Javier Lizrraga Galindo, Coordinator of the Information and Knowledge Society

"This analytics tool will offer valuable information about the use of networks in Mexico Conectado. It will also help with intelligent decision taking according to the real needs of the users, thus focusing our efforts in the design of the Mexico Conectado networks to deliver the best service.

Rogelio Velasco, Vice-President and General Manager of Cisco Mxico

"The Country Digitization Analytics Platform will provide Mexico Conectado with knowledge on the use of the network, as well as on the impact that the program has nationwide, by enabling the development of intelligent information records on different indicators, said Rogelio Velasco, Vice president and General Manager of Cisco Mxico. The CDAP has been developed by our engineers in Mexico to meet Mexico Conectados requirements of data analysis".

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Publication:Mena Report
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Date:May 6, 2017
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