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Mexican Housing Day: 2012, a New Stage of Sustainable Growth and Consolidation for the Housing Industry.

- Authorities and experts presented the housing market's dynamics, public policy and forecasts of Mexico's housing market in the ninth edition of the Mexican Housing Day.

- The housing sector in Mexico has grown strongly and is reaching a natural level of maturity, but there is still an important housing deficit to attend: Jose Antonio Meade, Finance Minister

MEXICO CITY, March 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- In a stable macroeconomic context and a solid financial system, the Mexican housing sector consolidates a new stage of sustainable growth supported by public policies and institutions which give strength and long-term certainty, promote sustainability and quality of life, and offer better housing options for Mexicans.

The Ninth edition of the Mexican Housing Day featured the participation of Jose Antonio Meade, Minister of Finance; Ariel Cano, National Housing Commission's (CONAVI) General Manager; Jesus Gomez Dorantes, INFONAVIT's Administration and Finance Deputy General Manager; Manuel Perez Cardenas, FOVISSSTE's Executive Director; Javier Gavito Mohar; Federal Mortgage Society's General Manager; Jaime Ruiz Sacristan, President of the Mexican Bank Association; Daniel Leal, Mexican Mortgage Society's General Manager and Governor Carlos Lozano de la Torre, head of the National Governor Conference Housing Committee.

Minister Meade said that "the housing sector in Mexico has grown strongly and is reaching a natural level of maturity, but there is still an important housing deficit to attend, mainly in workers non-affiliated to the social security institutes. This year, the government will continue working on the development and implementation of subsidies public policies, the promotion of sustainable projects, the assistance of non-affiliated workers and the implementation of the INFONAVIT reform, by which the subsequent mortgage will increase financing alternatives for the private sector."

Meanwhile, Ariel Cano, head of the National Housing Committee (CONAVI), stated that "reiterating the commitment and collaboration with the private sector, the federal government will continue promoting competitive and sustainable housing through public policies that support urban planning and sustainable construction with a pool of incentives, investments on infrastructure and services, and an exclusive budget for subsidies to low income workers."

Housing developers met with international investors to expose and explain the housing industry's short and long-term growth strategies. The event's assistance exceeded the one of past years, reaffirming the interest of investors on Mexico's housing sector.

"In a coordinated effort, private and public entities presented their vision on housing for the next five years in the most important financial centers of the world, New York and London. The housing industry will continue being a strategic engine of growth for the country, based on the increasing demand, the institutionalization of public policies on urban planning and sustainability and a robust financial system led by INFONAVIT, FOVISSSTE and the Federal Mortgage Society, and complemented by the banking private sector. As a result, millions of Mexican families will assure a better quality of life," concluded, Arturo Sanchez, from SARE.

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