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"White House political strategist Karl Rove is offering lawmakers new details of an administration-backed guest worker program that would temporarily legalize the status of millions of illegal workers, according to Republicans who have attended the meetings," reported the September 23 Los Angeles Times.

Under the Bush plan, illegals would be designated "guest workers" for a period of six years, after which they supposedly would be required to return to their home countries and apply for legal readmission into the United States. As pertains to illegal immigrants from Mexico, this would be tantamount to unconditional amnesty, given that the U.S./Mexico/Canada "Security and Prosperity Partnership" (SPP) is slated to be completed by 2010 --a year before Mexican illegals would supposedly be required to leave. The SPP calls for the effective consolidation of the three countries into a single entity called "North America," in which present national borders would become as insignificant as state lines are in the United States.

The SPP blueprint was approved by President Bush, along with his Mexican counterpart Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, at a March summit in Waco, Texas. Just prior to that summit, the Mexico-U.S. Business Committee (MEXUS), a project of the Rockefeller-founded Council of the Americas, published a report entitled "A Compact for North American Competitiveness." The MEXUS report fleshed out some critical details, particularly with respect to an envisioned "Development Fund for Mexico" (DFM).

The Development Fund, predictably, would be underwritten "with proportional contributions from all three nations"--meaning, in practice, that the U.S. taxpayer will bear most of the costs. It would be earmarked for expanding Mexico's "infrastructure," a term that encompasses not only highways, bridges, manufacturing plants, schools, and hospitals, but also the enrichment of that nation's unfathomably corrupt political class. One key revenue source for the DFM, significantly, would be the Social Security taxes collected on labor performed by illegal immigrants.

Social Security taxes collected from illegals and others who use bogus Social Security numbers are dumped into the "Earnings Suspense File," which as of last spring totaled more than $463 billion. MEXUS suggests that "a portion of this fund, say, one percent annually of the total fund, could be allocated to the Development Fund for Mexico." Once the "guest worker" program (read: amnesty) is in place, those who hire Mexican migrant workers "would be required to pay the equivalent of social security into the Development Fund for Mexico"--thereby becoming tax farmers on behalf of Mexico's degenerate, quasi-socialist elite.
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Date:Oct 17, 2005
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