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Metso Says Test Verifies Scalability of HRC Technology.

Process equipment supplier Metso recently reported that the scalability potential of its HRC high-pressure grinding technology has successfully been proven in pilot tests conducted during 2016-2017 at a customer's pilot plant in Chile.

According to Metso, the pilot plant testing confirmed that an HRC 800 high-pressure grinding roll can handle the expected capacity requirements for the application, and that the scale factor defined by Metso in the laboratory environment proved to be correct, independent of the ore type. Metso's modeling and simulation was proven, and the necessary equipment for the customer's plant expansion was specified. The pilot plant processed copper and gold at a rate of 50 metric tons per hour.

HRC technology is an alternative to conventional high-pressure grinding rolls. Based on the pilot tests, Metso claims the technology enables savings in operational expenses of 10%-20%, depending on the ore type.

Metso said additional pilot plant testing with HRC technology was scheduled to take place in Chile in November.

Caption: Testing of Metso's HRC technology took place at this 50-mt/h pilot plant.

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Date:Jan 1, 2018
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