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Metropolitan area projections of income, employment, and population to the year 2000.

THIS article presents metropolitan area projections to the year 2000 of total personal income, per capita personal income, employment, and population. These projections are consistent with the State projections that appeared in an article in the May 1985 SURVEY OF CURRENT BUSINESS.

Table 1 shows projections for 330 metropolitan areas recognized by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for Federal statistical purposes. Most of the areas are classified as Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA's). However, if an area has more than 1 million residents and meets other criteria, it is classified as a Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area (CMSA), consisting of two or more Primary Metropolitan Statistical Areas (PMSA's).

Metropolitan areas are defined in terms of counties in all regions except New England, where cities and towns are the primary units. In this region, OMB recognizes alternative county-based definitions, termed New Endland County Metropolitan Areas (NECMA's). Because there are insufficient data to estimate economic activity for New England cities and towns, the NECMA definitions are used in the projections.

The 330 metropolitan areas in table 1 consist of 243 MSA's, 15 NECMA's, and 17 CMSA's comprising 55 PMSA's. The table lists the metropolitan areas in alphabetical order, with CMSA's first, followed by the other metropolitan areas.
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Publication:Survey of Current Business
Date:Oct 1, 1985
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