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Metrology: From Physics Fundamentals to Quality of Life.


Metrology: From Physics Fundamentals to Quality of Life

Edited by P. Tavella, M.J.T. Milton, M. Inguscio, and N. De Leo

IOS Press


498 pages



Proceedings of the International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi:; Course 196


The sixth Enrico Fermi Summer School to address metrology met in Varenna in June and July 2016, and marked two major developments in the field. The first was preparation for a possible re-definition of four of the base units of the SI in 2018; the second was the impact on science, citizens, and society of applying metrology to chemical measurements in such areas as quality of life, global climate change, and clinical and food analysis. Another innovation of the gathering was dividing the lectures into three modules: all students attended Fundamentals of Metrology, then could choose between Metrology for Quality of Life and Physical Metrology and Fundamental Constant to attend seven days, or could attend both to attend 10 days. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Date:Jun 1, 2018
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