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Metro technology centers.

METRO TECHNOLOGY CENTERS IS A CAREER AND TECHNOLOGY education district with five campuses serving the greater Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Offering training and career programs to high school students, adults, and business and industry, Metro Tech has 80 full-time programs, hundreds of short-term and online courses, and customized training for business and industry. Metro Tech recently was honored with the Oklahoma Quality Award for Excellence. It also has received the Oklahoma Association of Technology Centers (PATO Gold Star Award for 12 consecutive years. Requirements for winning the award include an 80 percent student completion rate, an 82.5 percent student job-placement rate. 35 percent total enrollment and 50 percent student participation in student organizations. Metro Tech meets and surpasses these requirements.

Among Metro Tech's campuses is the Aviation Career Campus, which offers high-quality training to prepare aviation maintenance professionals in a nationally acclaimed facility that includes classrooms, practical labs, separate airframe and powerplant hangars, and a tarmac.

The 18-month Aviation Maintenance Technician program at Metro Tech is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and has an FAA-approved and -supervised curriculum, which includes courses in math, basic physics, aerodynamics and electricity. The students also learn about tools, precision-measuring instruments, aircraft hardware, structural materials, fuel systems, electrical systems, hydraulics and pneumatics, communication and navigation systems, and engine and propeller systems. They learn skills such as inspecting and servicing batteries, structural repair and powerplant wiring. The students also learn about inspection, troubleshooting, and removal, repair, overhaul, and installation of turbine engines and reciprocating engines. Another course provides them with information they will need concerning FAA regulations, publications and records. Data on student results shows that Metro Tech graduates consistently achieve "best in class" results on national FAA evaluations, ranking in the it 10 in comparison to more than 200 programs nationwide.

In a rapidly growing city and in an industry with deep historic roots in aviation, Metro Tech has offered local students a great opportunity to start on their career path in aviation while still in high school. The Aerospace Maintenance Foundations major is open to high school juniors and seniors and is designed to prepare them for working with airframes and for performing assembly, repair, rigging and inspections on a variety of control systems. This major launches them on their journey to becoming certified aviation maintenance technicians, and they can continue that journey in Metro Tech's Airframe Mechanic program, which is open to high school juniors and seniors, as well as adults. Students can continue their training in adult-student programs to earn certificates as airframe and power plant mechanics or aviation maintenance technicians.

Metro Tech is part of the Oklahoma City Aviation/Aerospace Alliance--a confederation of public education needs bring 21th century technology to the classroom, and making institutions, involved in training and academic degree programs in the field of aviation and aerospace, and its partnerships enable high school students to continue in two-year programs or go on to earn bachelor's degrees without haying to duplicate courses. In a long partnership with Tinker Air Force Base. Metro Tech has put more than 1,200 people into great jobs in this industry since 2001, and in the past 10 years, the direct economic impact of this training relationship exceeds $200 million.

With its renowned Aviation Career Campus facility, its excellent instructional equipment, and its FAA-approved and -certified curriculum, Metro Tech is preparing technicians who will become vital members of the teams that keep us safe whenever we fly.

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Author:Reese, Susan
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Date:Nov 1, 2013
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