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Metro news column.

Metro News Column. Merceries Olivera. The Dallas Morning News. May 6, 2006 ( "The first time 11-year-old Christian Gomez saw a real robot, it was two months ago at NASA's Johnson Space Center. He was impressed. But he decided he doesn't trust robots. 'Someday they're going to build them with artificial intelligence, and terrorists might take control of them and use them to hurt us,' he said this week. It's a very precocious observation. But his reaction about the trip to NASA was very typical: 'It was the most important thing I've ever done.' That's how the test of the 11 students from Obadiah Knight Elementary School also felt about the annual field trip to Houston.... It was the high point in the school year for the students who are in the school's talented and gifted program and who had been studying a space-centered curriculum.... For the past 12 years, Southwest Airlines has funded the trip to help students see firsthand the wonders of science."

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Title Annotation:AI in the news
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Date:Jun 22, 2006
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