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Metro fare dodgers are fined pounds 39,000.

Here is the latest list of Metro fare dodgers, who will have their names displayed on posters across the network.

In November, Metro operator Nexus caught 274 people using the system without paying.

They were ordered to pay a total of pounds 39,405 in fines and costs ranging from pounds 25 to pounds 485.

Katrina Heywood, aged 21, of Ferndale Avenue, pounds 50; Sarah Kirby, aged 20, of Wansbeck Road, pounds 25; Kevin D Ross, aged 29, of Shaftoe Court, pounds 195; David Simmonds, aged 22, of Etal Place, pounds 170; Michael Simmonds, aged 18, of Etal Place, pounds 450; Carolina Urrubia, aged 26, of Kirkley Lodge, pounds 110.

Kacey Dunn, aged 20, of Goodwood Road, pounds 145.


Michael S Pickering, aged 21, of Tyneside Foyer, pounds 145.

Shahzad Akhmed, aged 24, of Sefton Avenue, pounds 130; Jacqueline Carrick, aged 21, of Warton Terrace, pounds 120; John Nellis, aged 21, of Simonside Terrace, pounds 100 ; Roy L Wears, aged 26, of Stratford Grove, pounds 150.

Karina Barker, aged 18, of Sullivan Walk, pounds 110; Matthew D Burn, aged 19, of Hexham Avenue, pounds 140; Donna Griffiths, aged 22, of Walsh Avenue, pounds 120; Lee Harwood, aged 18, of Eastbourne Parade, pounds 70

Kirsty Robinson, aged 18, of Coppergate Court, pounds 140; Paul Scullion, aged 25, of Red House Road, pounds 170; Philip Stephenson, aged 20, of Coleridge Square, pounds 130; Amanda J Stevens, aged 18, of Station Road, pounds 110.

Shareen A Farrer, aged 18, of St Edmund Drive, pounds 60; Cheryl C Francis, aged 18, of St Edmund Drive, pounds 130.


Mark Byers, aged 34, of Ecclestone Road, pounds 120.

Maxine Fell, aged 32, of Brough Gardens, pounds 120; Terry Johnson, aged 20, of Derwent Gardens, pounds 120; Robert Philips, aged 23, of Elizabeth Road, pounds 220; David Ruddick, aged 19, of Ravensworth Street, pounds 150.

Johnathan Bulman, aged 21, of Lanark Drive, pounds 120; Leslie Carr, aged 21, of Green Bank, pounds 120; Beth Charlton, aged 18, of Maple Street, pounds 120; Samantha Emmerson, aged 20, of Saxon Way, pounds 145; Leslie Harvey, aged 42, of Morpeth Avenue, pounds 140; Pauline Hill, aged 42, of Bishop Crescent, pounds 140; David Humphreys, aged 18, of Connaught Terrace, pounds 140; Wayne P Johnson, aged 22, of Concorde Way, pounds 145; Tracy Kennedy, aged 24, of Summerhill, pounds 120; Kenneth McGuigan, aged 18, of Albert Road, pounds 95; Gavin N Meek, aged 23, of Bideford Gardens, pounds 260; Gary Miller, aged 19, of Bishop Crescent, pounds 285; Hayley Miller, aged 34, of Kielder Gardens, pounds 145; Melanie D Pattison, aged 22, of St Pauls Road, pounds 170; Lee R Pollard, aged 34, of Ellison Street, pounds 140; Claire Ramshaw, aged 20, of Milton Street, pounds 120; Kirsty M Roberts, aged 18, of Brixham Crescent, pounds 100; Anthony M Spugatis, aged 21, of Broomfield, pounds 470.

Lee Waterston, aged 34, of Buxton Close, pounds 145; Lloyd White, aged 19, of Albert Road, pounds 130; Brian Wilson, aged 38, of Breamish Street, pounds 140; Kelly A Wynne, aged 22, of Palmer Crescent, pounds 95.

Daniel Lovedale, aged 19, of Reid Park Road, pounds 50; Joseph B McCormick, aged 22, of Tevistock Road, pounds 110; Ned McEvoy, aged 21, of Deuchar Street, pounds 100; Eric Nialongoi, aged 38, of Caldbeck Avenue, pounds 40; Shaughan J Rick, aged 20, of Devonshire Place, pounds 120.

Caroline McLachlan, aged 31, of Edgefield Avenue, pounds 120; Ross Smith, aged 18, of Banbury Road, pounds 170; Stacey Smith, aged 21, of Colgrove Place, pounds 120.


Maureen Rogers, aged 37, of Hartburn Walk, pounds 100.

James Walker, aged 24, of The Paddock, pounds 110.

Stuart Campbell, aged 25, of Fairways Avenue, pounds 170; Johnathan Dunne, aged 33, of Goathland Avenue, pounds 170; Robert S Gibbons, aged 25, of West Farm Avenue, pounds 110; Zoe Holmes, aged 21, of The Byeways, pounds 190; Michael Lowrey, aged 18, of Haversham Close, pounds 80; Jamie M Pattison, aged 18, of Lutterworth Road, pounds 140; Derek Ramsay, aged 20, of Lythe Way, pounds 110; Angela Thompson, aged 22, of Chesters Avenue, pounds 220; Malcolm Thompson, aged 29, of Deerbolt Place, pounds 170.


David F White, aged 22, of Lyndhurst Grove, pounds 130.

Scott Jennison, aged 23, of Banbury Way, pounds 120.

Christopher J Clarke, aged 30, of The Fold, pounds 170.

Kevin Abdou, aged 24, of Westgate Road, pounds 145; Sarah Brown, aged 20, of Sandyford Road, pounds 110; Salvatore Deriv, aged 38, of Leazes Court, pounds 120; David Hazel, aged 22, of Vallum Court, pounds 120; Paul A Taylor, aged 25, of Clayton Road, pounds 75.


David Bates, aged 19, of Banbury Road, pounds 140; Jason Bennett, aged 29, of Newlyn Road, pounds 170; Ian Dodd, aged 18, of Banbury Road, pounds 110; Anthony Dodsworth, aged 20, of Banbury Road, pounds 300; Samantha Hutchinson, aged 18, of Fernlea Green, pounds 120; Stephen Johnson, aged 34, of Ryal Walk, pounds 170; Leanne Little, aged 21, of Mostyne Green North, pounds 120; James H Walker, aged 18, of Banbury Road, pounds 80; Andrew Young, aged 18, of Banbury Road, pounds 50.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Dec 2, 2004
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