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Metrics Inc. a pharmaceutical development company.

Metrics Inc.

1240 Sugg Parkway

Greenville, NC 27834

Tel: 252.752.3800

Fax: 252.758.8522



Vital Statistics

Year Founded: 1994

Number of Employees: Nearly 300

Contact: Jeff Basham, vice president, business development

Who We Are

METRICS INC. is one of the most respected contract pharmaceutical research, development and manufacturing companies in the United States today.

Started as an analytical laboratory in 1994, Metrics has evolved into a full-service provider of: Quality pharmaceutical formulation development, First-time-in-man (FTIM) formulations, Clinical material manufacturing (CTM) for Phase I, II and III trials, Commercial manufacturing and Analytical method development and validation services.

Metrics proudly operates as a subsidiary of Mayne Pharma Group Limited, a publicly traded pharmaceutical company in Melbourne, Australia.


Services Offered

METRICS has developed expertise in a number of key areas, including:

* Formulation development. Our formulation development scientists offer expert recommendations on insoluble and unstable actives, potent and toxic actives, and small molecule delivery.


* Potent and cytotoxic products. Our cGMP dedicated and segregated facility features custom-engineered total containment. With no open processes or PAPRs, and one-way material flow, containment is achieved at < =30 nanograms cpm.

* Fast-track development. With our industry-leading ratio of four analytical chemists for every formulator, Metrics can meet accelerated timelines and deliver from NCE to first-time-in-man within six months.

* Analytical methods development and validation. With 130+ analytical chemists on staff, Metrics' services include chromatography (LC and GC), dissolution (UV and LC finish), moisture, particle size, ion chromatography, AA/ICP, FTIR, titrations, particulate matter (HIAC), cleaning methods (LC and TOC), and LCMS.

* Clinical trial manufacturing. Metrics has the expert personnel, facilities and equipment to deliver materials for Phase I, H and HI clinical trials. In the past five years, Metrics conducted more than 75 FTIM projects for different chemical entities and simultaneously developed 700-plus batches of CTM.

Housing the latest development and analytical equipment within a state-of-the-art and cGMP 92,000-square-foot facility, Metrics also provides commercial manufacturing, stability storage and testing, raw materials testing, trace materials analysis and microbiological testing.


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Date:Dec 1, 2012
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