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Metric conversion chart.


To Convert ...            To ...                Multiply by ...
U.S. System               Metric System

mil                       millimeter            0.0254
inch                      millimeter            25.4
inch                      centimeter            2.54
foot                      centimeter            30.48
foot                      meter                 0.3048
yard                      meter                 0.9144

[inch.sup.2]              [millimeter.sup.2]    645.16
[inch.sup.2]              [centimeter.sup.2]    6.4516
[foot.sup.2]              [centimeter.sup.2]    929.03
[foot.sup.2]              [meter.sup.2]         0.0929
[yard.sup.2]              [meter.sup.2]         0.8361

[inch.sup.3]              [centimeter.sup.3]    16.3871
fluid ounce               [centimeter.sup.3]    29.5735
quart (liquid)            [decimeter.sup.3]
                            (liter)             0.9464
gallon (U.S.)             [decimeter.sup.3]
                            (liter)             3.7854
gallon (U.S.)             [meter.sup.3]         0.0038
[foot.sup.3]              [decimeter.sup.3]     28.3169
[foot.sup.3]              [meter.sup.3]         0.0283
[yard.sup.3]              [meter.sup.3]         0.7646
[in.sup.3]/lb             [m.sup.3]/kg          0.000036
[ft.sup.3]/lb             [m.sup.3]/kg          0.0624

ounce (avdp.)             gram                  28.3495
pound                     gram                  453.5924
pound                     kilogram              0.454
pound                     metric ton            0.00045
U.S. ton (short)          metric ton            0.9072

lbf                       N                     4.448
lb/[in.sup.3]             kg/[m.sup.3]          27,680
lb/[ft.sup.3]             g/[cm.sup.3]          0.0160
lb/[ft.sup.3]             kg/[m.sup.3]          16.0185
lb/[in.sup.3]             g/[cm.sup.3]          27.68

in/(in x [degrees]F)      m/(m x [degrees]C)    1.8
[degrees]F                [degrees]C            ([degrees]F - 32)/(1.8)
[degrees]F                K                     ([degrees]F + 459.67)/

psi                       kPa                   6.8948
psi                       MPa                   0.00689
psi                       GPa                   0.0000069
psi                       bar                   0.0689

Energy and Power
ft x lbf                  J                     1.3558
ft x lbf                  J                     0.113
ft x lbf/in               J/m                   53.4
ft x lbf/in               J/cm                  0.534
ft x lbf/[in.sup.2]       kJ/[m.sup.2]          2.103
kW                        metric horsepower     1.3596
U.S. horsepower           kW                    0.7457
Btu (a)                   J                     1055.1
Btu (a)                   W x h                 0.2931
Btu (a) x in/
  (h x [ft.sup.2] x
  [degrees]F)             W/(m x K)             0.1442
Btu (a)/lb                kJ/kg                 2.326
Btu (a)/(lb x [degrees]
  F)                      J/(kg x [degrees]C)   4187
V/mil                     MV/m                  0.0394

lb/min                    g/s                   7.560
lb/h                      kg/h                  0.4536

in/min                    cm/s                  0.0423
ft/s                      m/s                   0.3048

poise                     Pa x s                0.1

To Convert ...            To ...                Multiply by ...
Metric System             U.S. System

millimeter                mil                   39.37
millimeter                inch                  0.0394
centimeter                inch                  0.3937
centimeter                foot                  0.0328
meter                     foot                  3.2808
meter                     yard                  1.0936

[millimeter.sup.2]        [inch.sup.2]          0.0016
[centimeter.sup.2]        [inch.sup.2]          0.115
[centimeter.sup.2]        [foot.sup.2]          0.0011
[meter.sup.2]             [foot.sup.2]          10.7639
[meter.sup.2]             [yard.sup.2]          1.1960

[centimeter.sup.3]        [inch.sup.3]          0.061
[centimeter.sup.3]        fluid ounce           0.0338
  (liter)                 quart (liquid)        1.0567
  (liter)                 gallon (U.S.)         0.2642
[meter.sup.3]             gallon (U.S.)         264.17
[decimeter.sup.3]         [foot.sup.3]          0.0353
[meter.sup.3]             [foot.sup.3]          35.3147
[meter.sup.3]             [yard.sup.3]          1.3079
[m.sup.3]/kg              [in.sup.3]/lb         27,680
[m.sup.3]/kg              [ft.sup.3]/lb         16.018

gram                      ounce (avdp.)         0.03527
gram                      pound                 0.0022
kilogram                  pound                 2.2046
metric ton                pound                 2204.6
metric ton                U.S. ton (short)      1.1023

N                         lbf                   0.225
kg/[m.sup.3]              lb/[in.sup.3]         0.000036
g/[cm.sup.3]              lb/[ft.sup.3]
kg/[m.sup.3]              lb/[ft.sup.3]         0.0624
g/[cm.sup.3]              lb/[in.sup.3]         0.03613

m/(m x [degrees]C)        in/(in x [degrees]
                            F)                  0.556
[degrees]C                [degrees]F            1.8[degrees]C + 32
K                         [degrees]F            1.8K - 459.67

kPa                       psi                   0.145
MPa                       psi                   145
GPa                       psi                   145,038
bar                       psi                   14.51

Energy and Power
J                         ft x lbf              0.7376
J                         in x lbf              0.850
J/m                       ft x lbf/in           0.0187
J/cm                      ft x lbf/in           1.87
kJ/[m.sup.2]              ft x lbf/[in.sup.2]   0.4755
metric horsepower         kW                    0.7355
kW                        U.S. horsepower       1.3419
J                         Btu (a)               0.00095
W x h                     Btu (a)               3.412
W/(m x K)                 Btu (a) x in/
                            (h x [ft.sup.2] x
                            [degrees]F)         6.933
kJ/kg                     Btu (a)/lb            0.4299
J/(kg x [degrees]C)       Btu (a)/(lb x
                            [degrees]F)         0.000239
MV/m                      V/mil                 25.4

g/s                       lb/min                0.1323
kg/h                      lb/h                  2.2046

cm/s                      in/min                23.6220
m/s                       ft/s                  3.2808

Pa x s                    poise                 10

(a) International table

Standard Metric Symbols

A      ampere
bar    bar
cd     candela
C      celsius (a)
g      gram
h      hour
Hz     hertz
J      joule
K      kelvin
kg     kilogram
L      liter
m      meter
N      newton
Pa     pascal
S      siemens
s      second
t      metric ton
V      volt
W      watt

Metric Prefixes (b)

Numerical Value    Term     Symbol

10                 deca     da
[10.sup.2]         hecto    h
[10.sup.3]         kilo     k
[10.sup.6]         mega     M
[10.sup.9]         giga     G
[10.sup.12]        tera     T
[10.sup.-1]        deci     d
[10.sup.-2]        centi    c
[10.sup.-3]        milli    m
[10.sup.-6]        micro    [micro]
[10.sup.-9]        nano     n
[10.sup.-12]       Pico     P

(a) Formerly called centigrade

(b) These prefixes may be used with all metric units
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