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MetraTech Brings Profitability to Emerging Web Services World.

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WALTHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 15, 2001

Company rolls out first Web services billing and profit acceleration

platform built from the ground up in XML

MetraTech, the Web services billing and revenue-sharing pioneer, today announced the first billing platform designed to bring profitability to the fluid partnerships of the emerging Web services world.

MetraTech's software solves the growing problem of billing and revenue sharing for basic and value-added services, as well as for the next generation of XML-based Web services. Many companies are beginning to announce products built on Web services platforms such as Microsoft's .NET and Sun's SunOne. MetraTech lets these companies bill customers and share revenue equitably with their partners for the Web services that they use. MetraTech's XML architecture allows service providers and multi-vendor partners to share revenue and bill granularly for hosted applications, such as e-mail or Web conferencing, delivered over the Web in an a la carte fashion. This gives Web services vendors the agility to add new services as quickly as the market demands.

"The full impact of the Web services explosion is only beginning to penetrate mainstream business," said Jason Briggs, senior analyst with the Yankee Group. "As the delivery of content and services on the Web becomes more prevalent, solutions like MetraTech's Web-centric product platform will become increasingly vital to profitable customer and partner relationships."

A circulatory system for managing revenue on the Internet, MetraTech's applications track, bill, share revenue and settle transactions among Web services providers. MetraTech's products meet the challenge of molecular billing - the complex settlements, revenue sharing, and reporting of dynamic services from multiple service providers. To ensure cross-platform interoperability with customer and partner technology, MetraTech has integrated Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000 into its core Web services platform.

"Extensible billing solutions will be crucial in the highly distributed, dynamic environment of Web services, where service providers may partner with several vendors and hosting companies, and where the physical location of an application is no longer a meaningful issue," said Bob Crowley, president and CEO of Web services pioneer Bowstreet. "MetraTech builds revenue sharing and dynamic billing directly into partnerships so that the resulting business complexity is inherently manageable."

MetraTech's billing, customer care, and revenue-sharing platform includes tools that let end customers access an unprecedented line-by-line, service-by-service view of who used and who provided services for how long - immediately following the usage.

"MetraTech's solution helps us seamlessly integrate third party applications into enterprise customers' online environments," said Ed Daly, vice president of sales and marketing for Web services provider DigitalWork. "With MetraTech, DigitalWork can use one billing solution for over 35 integrated Web-based services that we syndicated out to more than 25 major Web sites. MetraTech's billing solution nicely complements our ability to integrate and syndicate Web services with a consistent enterprise customer Web site look and feel while meeting unified log-in and branded customer service requirements."

MetraTech lets service providers deploy new services and bill for them immediately at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional client/server solutions. This agility is critical to new Web service providers to launch their products and for traditional service providers to remain competitive and grow revenues. MetraTech is the first and only company in its market space to offer a solution built from the ground up in XML expressly for the emerging Web services economy. Competing operational and business support system and electronic billing vendors have failed to meet this challenge with anything other than retooled client/server applications to which they've added a veneer of XML.

"We realized four years ago the only way to provide true business model agility was to create a radical provisioning and billing architecture that integrated software components via a document protocol - at first it was SGML, which led us right into the current XML standard underlying the Web services revolution," said MetraTech president and CEO Scott Swartz. "Packaged software's days are numbered, and Internet-distributed applications are the future. If Web services providers implement molecular billing to make this new wave of computing profitable, we will avoid repeating the dot-coms' failures."

MetraTech's products allow its customers to manage complex business models, maximize service revenue, reduce cost, and improve customer retention. All these elements combine to increase service provider profitability. MetraTech's products include:

--MetraBill - The first and only billing solution built from the ground up in XML expressly for the new world of Web services.

--MetraPartner - The first XML revenue sharing and partner management solution to make it possible to share revenue equitably and precisely among the multiple vendors delivering collaborative Web services.

--MetraView - The first interactive, real-time bill presentation platform for unifying complex Web services billing transactions.

--MetraCare - Web-based customer self-care.

--MetraPay - A component that seamlessly integrates multiple payment and settlement methods with MetraBill, MetraPartner and MetraView.

--MetraSDK - A multi-platform toolkit for XML integration with MetraTech's Web services billing solution.

--QuickStart - A fast-track implementation package for ASPs that delivers all of the essential elements from MetraTech's products in a fast, cost-effective implementation without headaches or unpleasant surprises.

About MetraTech

MetraTech accelerates profitability for service providers with the first Web services billing solution. MetraTech's native XML platform enables business model agility, revenue development, partner management and revenue sharing, and usage-based pricing, while seamlessly integrating with existing business processes. Companies using the MetraTech billing solution include application service providers (ASP), application infrastructure providers (AIP), and enhanced communications service providers. With headquarters in Waltham, Mass., MetraTech also has offices in London, UK. For additional information, visit or call 781-839-8300.

Without billing, it's just a hobby! (TM)

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 15, 2001
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