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Metoda T.I.M.P--ghid neconvenfional in probleme legate de alcool (METHOD T.I.M.P. An unconventional guide to the alcohol addiction)--Ovidiu Alexinschi.

The series of No Addict guides is an initiative of Ovidiu Alexinschi MD, PhD, senior psychiatrist to offer quality materials in accessible and meaningful language to those who need it and their families, in a Romanian reality wallpapered with whole books of specialized books, but sometimes inadequate to the dynamics of our society.

The first in the series--METHOD T.I.M.P. An unconventional guide to the alcohol addiction of Ovidiu Alexinschi briefly presents, in an accessible style, the steps to follow when someone has alcohol problems, from making the decision to maintaining abstinence. The guide captures and describes significant and comprehensive aspects of alcohol consumption and provides important information to address this issue, which is still one of the most important causes of illness and death throughout the Western world. The method that is described in the guide in its essential phases, the awakening, the initiative to change, the maintenance and prevention of relapses is the way each person and his family have to navigate the medical system to solve the problem and to recreate a family and environment social life, in which to develop their potential and good human and professional qualities. The work is particularly interesting both in terms of novelty and accessibility, and the author succeeds in sharing in accessible language the steps of change in the perspective of another behavioral pattern. The guide also includes guidelines on treatment evaluation and planning. Evidence based on psychotherapeutic treatments for alcohol abuse, including cognitive-behavioral therapy and motivation enhancement therapy, also plays a major role in treatment. In addition, joint support groups and other programs are helpful for many patients (in Romania, the multi-family approach to the Hudolin method implemented by the author). The author compresses in an easy to remember acronym--T.I.M.P. the steps to manage alcohol addiction (or alcohol problems), the whole lifestyle change being circumscribed in ... time.


I--The Change Initiative


P--Prevention of relapse

Also, the scientific descriptions are scattered with examples and experiences of the most illustrative beneficiaries for the reader, in better understanding the dimensions of addiction--as a loss of freedom from the substance/behavior.

In synthesis, this guideline addresses both professionals and individuals and families of alcoholics, wanting to be a true "self-help guide" as concise as possible, bringing a little light into the existential darkness of alcohol addiction.

Vasile Chirifa--MD, PhD, Senior Psychiatrist, Professor, Onorary Member of Romanian Academy

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Author:Chirifa, Vasile
Publication:Bulletin of Integrative Psychiatry
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jun 1, 2018
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